OMG it's that day again! Two weeks from now the whole world is about to celebrate another round of what could be the happiest or the saddest day in their life. It's FREAKING VALENTINE'S DAY!

I don't know about you, but I am like VERY single and I did have that sad moments where I really want to have someone who love me and vice versa, especially when I am travelling solo, but you know what, I don't wanna stress about it anymore, and I think staying busy and have a lot in your plate can really distract you from thinking about it, well that works for me!

I love saying this to you: the idea of being single is totally underrated, when you really think about it, there are actually a lot of things that I can freely do when I am single, for example travelling anytime or with my best friens, or short to say, living my life to the fullest, what I am trying to say is that just because you're not in a relationship doesn't mean you are literally alone. Look to your left and right and there has to be at least one person, a friend or a family members that's there for you, or maybe, myself? ;)

A quick recap to the restaurants opening in 2015, I looked at my blog archive and actually scrolled down my Instagram feed until like 30 weeks ago (stopped at 30 hands tired leh) and noticed that most of the new places are casual cafes or casual restaurants, not much of the romantic and fancy places and I personally need that for Valentine's Day, so a few names on this list are the ones who have appeared on my Valentine's Dinner list years before. Normally I would give all of my favorite restaurants recommendations but now I just want to give my personal favorites of the most romantic restaurants in Jakarta, and as usual, this is NOT a ranking list! List is sorted on an alphabetical order, and click on the name of the restaurants for the full review.

Fairmont Hotel 3rd fl. (Across Sapori Deli)
Jalan Asia Afrika No. 8
GBK Senayan, Jakarta Selatan 10270
021 - 2903 9179
Opening Hours: 11:30 AM - 10 PM


Average spending: $$$ - IDR 1 mil for two
Credit cards and cash accepted
Dresscode: smart casual

1945 is probably the only Indonesian restaurant on this list and it deserves to be here! A fine dining restaurant in a classy setting serving customers who want to be catered with fine Indonesian food in Rijstafel style serving, where guests are pleased to choose the courses and the traditionally dressed waiters will be in line to serve you personally. 1945 is the brainchild of Sari Rasa Group which heads some of Jakarta's most famous restaurants like Sate Khas Senayan and Tesate. Their Lobster Thermidor is one of the must haves here.

MD Place Building/Penthouse, Level 12
Jl. Setiabudi Selatan No. 7 (near to Four Seasons Jakarta)
Setiabudi, South Jakarta
021 - 2904 0777 / 0857 7778 8777
Pricing: $$$$ - IDR 2 mil for two
Dresscode: smart attire
Akira Back is on my list of everything! I have fallen deeply for it since that very first bite of Tuna Pizza and their short ribs, which make them my personal must try recommendation for you guys, or to be honest, every single dish on their finely curated menu, This  restaurant setting is fancy, and a bit of a hefty price tag, but they can assure you that you'll get a nice dining experience here. Akira Back is GOOD.

Giving you guys the preview of their Valentine’s dinner set menu that I had earlier today and will be yours when you dine here for V-day! Intentionally kept this article unpublished for this one cause it’s totally worth it! Everything you’re about to see is FABULOSO FANTASTICO, big zero negative thing to say, just perfect. Come book your seats here! See more on my Snapchat and Instagram!

Office Park Thamrin City Block AA-01
Jl. Thamrin Boulevard
Central Jakarta
Ph. +6221 29625878
Pricing: $$$ - IDR 400k for two
Dresscode: Smart casual
Avec Moi means “with me” in English, and boy damn right you gotta dine with them! Avec Moi is the perfect option if you’re looking for an awesome & affordable French dining experience. You just can’t miss their “Salade Avec Moi” with their signature Sesame dressing that’s so damn good, they’re quite popular for their pastas, and their steaks, I've tried like 70% of the menus here and none is disappointing! Avec Moi might not be the biggest on the social media, but the word of mouth of this French bistro spreads like virus, fully booked tables during weekends are something they’re used to, if you wanna dine here, I suggest fast & early bookings!

Menara Rajawali, 1st fl.
Jl. Dr. Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung LOT #5.1
Kawasan Lingkar Mega Kuningan
Jakarta Selatan 12950
021 - 2902 3418
Pricing: $$$ - IDR 1,5 mil for two
Dresscode: smart casual
I have been raving so much about E&O to the point that everyone knows I do! E&O is that kind of restaurant that's out of most restaurant's league. There's something so good about it and in a sense you kinda feel the humbleness to it that reflects well on their food. Asian fusion dishes made beautiful for most people's palate! Will Meyrick is a champ when it comes to seasonings and pork! Their pork belly is too crazy to miss, and your fabulous dinner with their signature and best selling Durian Pannacotta or the peanut butter chocolate dessert with honeycomb on top!

Sampoerna Strategic Square
South Tower, GF Unit 7-8
Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav. 45-46
Jakarta Selatan 12950
021 - 5795 3300
Pricing: $$$ - IDR 500k for two
Dresscode: smart casual
GIA is well –known for having good Italian cuisine, even more for the fact that it’s located at the Sampoerna Strategic Square, hence the look must be pretty! GIA rings fancy, but in some ways, humble at the same time. The head chef here is Chef Tomasso, who used to head the Pepenero Bali kitchen for around 4 years and Safehouse Kuningan. I’ve been to GIA twice, the food here is quite decent, even though personally not my favorite favorite, but I guess when you’re looking for a beautiful restaurant which can occupy big seating, have good Italian cuisine and in the same time, has that romantic value to it. GIA it is! 

Jalan Pela Raya No. 212
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan 12140
021 - 2905 4899
Opening hours: 8 AM-11 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 600k
Dresscode: sporty casual

Recently, I had lunch with a good friend of mine at the restaurant which she highly recommended called Javanegra. This restaurant had no signage in front of its building, but it’s located at Jalan Kramat Pela and if you make your way from Panglima Polim, keep straight until you see the “Jalan Kramat Pela” signage and it’s located PRECISELY BESIDE THE SIGNAGE. When I would say that Javanegra looks and feels more like a family restaurant, but I can still imagine two people having a romantic dinner here. The food here is nothing really fancy, typical home cook but ones where it’s perfectly executed! Don’t forget to try their fabulous steaks, seafood dishes and the angel hair dish with sea urchin! BOMB! Javanegra is definitely a freaking hidden gem I’m more than happy to discover! 

Jl. Gunawarman No. 34
Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta
021 - 7278 8001

Pricing: $$$ - IDR 500k for two
Dresscode: smart casual
You can't just mention "romantic restaurants in Jakarta" and not mention Le Quartier in your list. To cut things short, Le Quartier is one of the restaurants that Jakarta should be proud of having. Amazing food with good (somehow more to the formal) service, it's like a well-mannered feast here! What to order? Pan Seared Barramundi and obviously their steaks!

Hotel Mulia Senayan Jakarta
Jalan Asia Afrika Senayan
Jakarta Selatan 10270
021 - 574 7777

Pricing: $$$ - IDR 1 mil for two
Dresscode: sporty casual
If you’re looking for something grand, in terms of venue, food and ambiance with very classy and expensive feeling to it, I suggest look no further to either Chateau Blanc or Orient 8. Orient 8 is made for the eye, tummy and Instagram (LOL). The food in Orient 8 is nothing to worry about, because when you know that a brand as magestic as Mulia is backing you up, you can rule the world. Won’t say much.

The Plaza Tower, 46th fl.
Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav. 28-30
Jakarta 10350
Opening Hours: 11 AM - 11 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 1,5 mil for two
Dresscode: sporty casual
Vue 46 is a newly opened French fine dining restaurant located in the 46th floor of The Plaza tower and brought to Indonesia by the people behind Les Amis group. Vue 46 is one of the big players in the F&B biz at the moment, as from the first day it opened for public, tickets to their lunch and dinner have been sold and packed. The menu may vary depending of what they have to offer, but I guarantee that your meals at Vue 46 won’t be disappointing. Make sure to check out their fabulous “Cold Truffled Angel Hair With Caviar”, top notch!
I really want to put several names inside the list such as Amuz, Emilie GAIA, Salt Grill and Valentino on the list, but the thing is, I haven’t been to these restaurants for quite some time so I really have no clue about their menu and all, but I believe they must be good or else they are not surviving, especially Valentino, because I never tried it, but I heard they serve good food and the ambiance is pretty romantic. Gotta check that out sometime!

I am taking this moment to say goodbye and wishing Chateau Blanc a good rest in peace. You were special.

Well, I hope this list could help you in deciding where to go on this year's Valentine's day. I gave you the best of the best options some might be very pricey and will cost you a little fortune, but that's not the point of this post, I want you to always remember that you need to be real and stay true to yourself, don't poor yourself just for the sake of making your favorite person happy, Valentine specifically or love in general is beyond that and hopefully you're with someone who wants to stick with you for what you are.


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