A few days ago I did a little research just for myself, I noticed that last month (in January 2016), I received like bizillion Martabak stores opening, and it got me wondering exactly how many new martabak shops opening every month, well the answer may vary to each month, but I looked at those that tagged me on Instagram, the number of invitations and an info from a friend, last month alone, there are 6 new martabak stores opening in Jakarta! Remember, the number may vary, I might never know the exact number.

But “6” is already a fantastic number, especially when you add that number with all martabak shops in Jakarta, and I believe the number will wow you out! It’s almost fascinating when you think about the fact that they are still in the game and doing well (well seriously, good for them). A couple of weeks ago, I went to this newly opened Martabak shop called “Martabak Fatguy” in Apartemen Mediterania 2, probably being as Indonesian as I can, martabak is one of the many Indonesian food that I can’t deny, especially when I heard that they have the “Speculoos” martabak!!! DAMN.
Their outlet was not spacious and looked more like a space with several tables, kitchen and a pantry, not much happening with the design, if you know Open Door, keep straight and then turn right, not far after the turn, you’ll find a little connecting gate to Apartment Mediterania 2, cross it and then turn left, Martabak Fatguy will be at the right side.
Martabak is definitely their specialty, but here you also can find various drink creations such as blended smoothies, teas and mocktails to accompany your favorite martabak. I came with my sister and a friend of hers and together we share several mini martabaks, one large Speculoos martabak and some drinks! Nuff yakking let’s browse what we had that day!

Ovomaltine Milkshake (Mudbrawl) - IDR 25k
A drink with bold Ovomaltine and chocolate flavor.
Nutella and Snickers Milkshake (Nutcracker) - IDR 25k
My favorite one has got to be their Nutella and Snickers Milkshake! Well the ingredients said it all, two unbeatable ingredients blended in a single drink!
For those who desire a different kind of sweet (still refreshing tho), you can opt for their sweet flavored tea and house mocktail. They’re not too sweet, yet I personally love the creamier ones.

Refresher – IDR 18k
Mix of strawberry, lychee, lime, freshmilk and a little spark from the soda water on top. 
Strawberry Swing – IDR 15k
Their Martabak ranges from IDR 30k (mini) to IDR 100k (large)
Mini Martabak – IDR 30k each
Cream Cheese, Taro Cheese, Speculoos and Cadbury Chocolate mini martabak! I did not try the cream cheese one, but according to my sister and her friend, it was pretty good, and they can taste the saltiness from the cheese, the sweetness of the martabak altogether without making them feel bloated, maybe it’s the mini size too.

They guarantee that they don’t use any artificial ingredient for the topping and the jam, They even make their own taro jam.
The Taro jam was not bad at all to be honest, the homemade ones always tasted (in a sense) more real comparing to the mass produce one, well you know, the bubble drink powders kinda stuff. You can feel the rawness of the jam, the gritty and lumpy texture, but still pretty much a good topping for a martabak. The cadbury chocolate however has got to be my least favorite. Cadbury makes beautiful chocolate drink, and I think they should stop there. The chocolate jam was lacking the interesting point, it was just flat.

Martabak Speculoos Lotus – IDR 35k (mini)/IDR 100k (large)
The Speculoos Martabak was indeed the star of the day! First, I am such a crazy fan of Speculoos, and Speculoos is so versatile that you can have it with every dessert and even drinks. I have a good feeling that Speculoos is going to be a growing trend pretty soon (just wait), and it’s good that Martabak Fatguy pioneers it.
The texture of the martabak was pretty decent and just how I like it. It’s still pretty much fragrant when it got served to my table, and the coating has this crunchy texture with moist center. The thing that I was expecting more from the martabak is probably the thickness, but texture and base flavor wise were already pretty ok.
Being a die hard Speculoos fan, of course I found myself liking this UNCONDITIONALLY. I couldn’t stop eating it, I think I like the combination of the floury and eggy martabak flavor with the Speculoos which tastes like a cookie with a hint of ginger, it’s just so mouthwatering. Besides Speculoos and the flavors mentioned above, they also have different various toppings such as Crunchy Peanutbutter, Greentea Crunchy Homemade, Cheesy The good ol Nutella, Ovomaltine and Toblerone, pair the jam with toppings such as Marshmallow, Chocolate Candy, Cheese, Oreo and Snickers for IDR 5k (mini), and IDR 10k (large).
 Appreciate the idea of providing plastic gloves to the guests.
The fact that they open until late is such a teriffic news for me, and especially the Mediterania apartement citizens. Talk about late night guilty pleasure.

Martabak Fatguy
Komplek Apartemen Mediterania 2
Jalan Tanjung Duren Timur No. 18
Jakarta Barat 11470
0878 7526 6116/0818 0836 4236
Opening hours:
Weekdays: 3 PM-11 PM
Weekends: 4 PM-12 PM
Dresscode: casual
Average spending for two: IDR 100k


Map for Apartemen Mediterania 2

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