Sejiwa is one of the newcomers on Bandung's growing coffee scene and based on my visit I already had great feeling that this is going to be the next 'it' hot spot packed with more youngsters/families. Why? Keep reading.

Sejiwa is a very spacious coffee shop, one single glance at the huge building did all the talking. It's located in Jalan Progo which also is the neighborhood with a lot of cafes along the way, my friend told me that the owner of Sejiwa is also the owner of Please Please Please which apparently located very near to Sejiwa and both known for their coffees, but PPP is more the sit-down dining restaurant kind. Once you're in you'll be pampered with a white spacious space that's surrounded with glass which allow a lot of sun to shine in and very bright during the day, the vibe of the first floor was so hipster-industrial with mainly white surrounding, large coffee bar and pastry display in the center, while it's a little more neat on the second floor, the first floor had this Blue Bottle look but not significant.

Sejiwa was pretty spacious and my assumption after scanning the whole building, it can accomodate up to 200 people, the look and the big seating capacity will make a great venue for private events.
They actually displayed two vespas on the first floor, not sure if they actually sell the vespa (but if they do comment below) because I was searching in case they have price tag and didn't find it.
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One of the things that I found refreshing to see was the fact that almost all the staffs working here wore this lab jacket with "Sejiwa Staff Uniform" written on the back!
Second floor
While coffee is their specialty, Sejiwa also has a pretty wide F&B options ranging from light bites, heavy meals (sandwiches, pastas, rice, steaks) to dessert with price ranging from IDR 15k-70k, just so fucking affordable. I just had a pretty big lunch before so I just wanna chill out for a bit & had coffee break with light bites. Ordered Iced Caramel Macchiato with Truffle Fries and Swedish Meatballs because not a lot of coffee shops that I've been actually had that on the menu.

Iced Caramel Macchiato - IDR 35k
The iced caramel macchiato was well made, the coffee was creamy with medium-body character and clean finish, the caramel defo add in sweet flavor to the coffee without overpowering the coffee flavor, short to say a good one.
Truffle Fries - IDR 30k
came with dipping sauce and lime
The truffle fries however was a little disappointing, first, it was super oily (I think it's visible from the pictures here) and they didn't cook the fries evenly, 3/4 was very brown and the other 1/4 was yellow, the bacon bits gave me this feeling that it's overcooked, they could have make it half-cooked and let the microwave did the magic, anyway gotta give it to the generous truffle oil dressing.
Swedish Meatball - IDR 55k
Because I don't see Swedish Meatball being oftenly sold in Jakarta or Bandung (unless Mangia or IKEA) so I thought this would be interesting to give a shot. Unlike the firmer IKEA kind, this one was actually fried with a tad more moisture and uneven shape, I found the texture of the mashed potato to be very sticky but the homemade gravy could help with the texture as both interacts on the palate, but I appreciate that it's not overly smooth because I like imperfect lumpy one. As for the jam, I could live without it.
Believe in unicorn! (this one is from PPP)
Sejiwa is definitely that hot new coffee shop/cafe in town that's so charming, and a place where social media kids reside because it's almost something they can brag on their social media (including me), anyway good coffee, good friendly service and OK food, most likely will be back with friends when I go to Bandung!

Thank you for reading!

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  1. dengan idr 35k setara kaya starbuck ya ka keren banget sumpah pas dengan buget ngopi aku ^_^,o iya ka ini aku mau reccomend tentang HOSTEL MURAH DI BANDUNG COCOK UNTUK BACKPACKER aku reccomed banget nih buat yang bingung cari penginapan di daerah bandung ..