One of the good new findings from my latest Bandung trip has got to be this newly opened steakhouse (as this post is written: 2 months old) located also not too far from Sejiwa. Marty's Smokehouse is located in Vio Hotel Cimanuk but I am not 100% percent sure if the restaurant is part of the hotel's F&B or the owner actually owns both property, there are two entrances to the restaurant, one's via the hotel entrance and then turn right, or you can directly go from outside where they have this tiny door directly to their semi-outdoor seating.

Space wise, Marty's Smokehouse was not crazy spacious and had this semi-outdoor feel to it, A quick glance at their restaurant especially the huge customized smoke grill and you'll understand that they're actually a Texas-inspired smokehouse and of course you can expect to find various Western grilled delicacy here such as steaks, grilled proteins (beef, poultry) to pastas. It was a Saturday evening and the crowd was packing the restaurant, basically 80% of the overall seats was occupied that evening.
The smoke machine, the BBQ here's grilled and smoked for approximately 12 hours (or known as low & slow cooking method) with the purpose to have the maximum result, spot-on marination and that tender-juicy meat! It might cost you awhile but it might worth the wait!
Sauces to pair the BBQ with! They have Caramel Glaze, Peri-Peri Hot Sauce and Original BBQ, both the Caramel Glaze and Original BBQ were a little more sweet & watery compared to the thicker Peri-Peri but if you're looking for that extra smokey flavor then go for BBQ, but the Indonesian in me wanted to have a kick of spice to my BBQ and steaks so I mostly paired them with the Peri-Peri sauce, it was thick, a tad creamy, not overly spicy with a hint of tangy.
Peri-Peri sauce
Saparella - IDR 24k
root beer like drink, defo a good match to BBQ!
Strawberry Milkshake - IDR 22k
Refreshing creamy blended drink without being overly sweet while still pretty fruity and fun with extra bubble pop!
Combo Platter - IDR 120k
If you come together with your friend (let's say 3 people) this is the menu that I am going to highly recommend ordering, their Combo Platter consist of half chicken can, beef brisket, cocktail sausages, french fries and coleslaw. My picture might not do the justice but in real life size, it's pretty generous! Talk about their chicken can, it's called that way because during the cooking and smoking process a can was used to balance the chicken up so that it would stand still, and the can was filled with various ingredients to infuse the flavor and aroma.
As for the cocktail sausages, it was beautifully cooked with tender and juicy texture along with nice seasoning, they're best paired with the beef brisket and boy the beef brisket was uber juicy and fatty just how I like it, I like that they kept the seasoning light on the brisket because the meat flavor should be the main thing! For texture, the good ol' french fries did all the work, never complain.
Look at 'em juicy brisket!
Chicken can, I just wish the chicken could've been a little more tender but no problem about the seasoning tho.
Tenderloin Steak
I didn't come here expecting to have the best steak but their Tenderloin was indeed a tender one, when it comes to steaks I am not hard to impress, just give me a very simple one where the quality of the meat is good, perfectly cooked with that pink center, sauceless and if you can execute that well I am yours at that moment. The waiter didn't ask us about how we wanted our steak to be cooked and somehow we totally forgot about it but eventually it came as a medium (which I totally appreciate), the meat was very tender and so easy to cut, and if you pay attention to the coating, you can see that juice on the meat, defo the menu that I recommend, especially if you fancy steaks!
Fettucine Carbonara 
No longer a secret that I am not a huge cheese fan and when this was served I was stunned by the generous amount of cheese garnishing the pasta, and the eggyolk was just about to make it even creamier, but I still needed to try it at least for the sake of the review and to let you guys know how the flavor was. Surpisingly after mixing everything in, it was indeed cheesy but not as bad as I thought it would turn out, the savory-salty flavor overpower the cheesy flavor in a delicious way and the more neutral eggyolk gave a bit of balance to this dish, if you love cheesy food and fancy pasta then this should be considered.
Creamy Butter Rice 
This is currently one of their latest menus, to be completely honest I was very skeptical about this due to the plain look and easy ingredient, but guess what? After that first scoop it turned out to be one of my favs, the butter rice was deliciously salty and fragrant without being too buttery and bloat you out, the sausage was tender, the gravy was creamy but not milky and buttery (more to the savory thick cream kind) and the sunny side up just made this dish even tastier.
Marty's Smokehouse is the first restaurant in Bandung to come with the Texas BBQ concept and again people go here not expecting they would've the best steaks they've ever had, but might be in Bandung alone. Based on my visit, I do think they serve good food, place might not be the most spacious but I like the fact that it wasn't, and as conclusion, it's a nice hangout place to go with your friends and considering this restaurant is new, you might want to check it out for yourself, I don't think there are a lot of steak or BBQ grill restaurants in Bandung so in the mean time this could be something worth considering. Thank you for reading!
Marty's Smokehouse
Jalan Cimanuk No. 15
Citarum, Bandung Wetan
Jawa Barat 40115
0813 - 1346 - 2179
Opening hours: 11 AM-11 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 200k
Dresscode: none


Map for Marty's Smokehouse

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