Earlier today I went to have lunch with my brother at one of the newest brunch cafes and eatery in Gading Serpong: Port Five Six in which my good friend William Gozali played a big role in here starting from the deco to of course what he does best: FOOD.

Getting here was relatively easy, the location might not be in Google Maps/Waze right now but refer to "Soto Ambengan Cak Sadli" as they both share the same building only PFS' main dining area's located on the upper floor, one more thing to avoid further confusion, take the entrance from the side of the restaurant where you'll see outdoor concrete dining area.
I had this picture in my head that Port Five Six is going to be very spacious, especially after referring to this post that I found online (the writer's name the same as me), but to my surprise it was actually not but they designed it super nicely that it's so comfy and homey with a touch of raw, earthy and industrial as well. Basically the interior consist of 80% concrete, 20% wood, have not seen a small space so Instagenic for quite some time already.

Anyway quick tip if you want to catch that awesome sunlight block pictures, be sure to come around 4 PM (golden hour).
I am seriously feeling very sick right now, after coming back from Bali I have been working non-stop and sleeping very-very late that it comes to the point (re: today) where I just felt very dizzy and desperately need to sleep asap because I am flying to my bestfriend's wedding tomorrow and it's an early one, at the moment I am going to keep this review short yet hopefully still informative. I have still more pictures of the interior taken using my phone but I seriously don't even have the energy (and lazy) to take the phone from my bag, copy and edit. OK WILL UPDATE THIS POST FOR SURE!

From 9 AM-12 PM they serve brunch menus, heavier meals aka lunch meals will be served starting from 12 AM. They serve mainly Australian inspired brunch with a touch of Japanese here and there but after a quick scan not all food consist of Japanese touch to it, they also have healthier options such as smoothie bowls and shit but I was just feeling something with more calories so NO SMOOTHIE BOWLS!
They're not trying to be an artisan coffee shop but they do serve one here. Coffee's supplied from good friends at Coffeesmith and they're using local beans here, they probably sell the cheapest iced cappuccino in the entire Gading Serpong at IDR 29k/glass. It was a little to the fruity side, but well blended with the milk, not too strong yet still quite creamy.
Watermelon Calamari Salad - IDR 50k
I had ZERO complaint about this salad because it was so good and so fresh (I think you can see the freshness of the ingredient here), there are wonderful play of texture and flavor here, mainly from the superbomb calamari (seriously dude one of the tastiest deep fried calamari!!! and they have the ala-carte one with salted egg yolk sauce). The salad's dressed with this sweet-salty nutty Goma-coconut milk dressing, a little suggestion, not a big deal actually but maybe they can cut the watermelon smaller in sizes and added more watercress to the serving. Totally a recommended menu.
Pork Five Six - IDR 98k 
Something that rhymes with the name of the outlet so I guess this should be the highlighted menu here. The Pork Five Six consist of braised fat pork belly, paired with two deep fried hashbrowns, sauteed mushrooms, watercress, celery and sunny side up. The braised pork belly was SUPERB, the meat was tender but avid pork fan's favo should be the uber juicy and very-well seasoned pork belly fat! Every element in this dish was simple yet there's a sense of thoughtfulness here. Egg is great on almost everything, the crispy and moist hash-browns gave this nice texture and that signature fried potato flavor that we all love especially when you have it with the pork belly fat! The sauteed mushroom was also executed very nicely as the juice was still wrapped inside the mushroom body and you got the goodness from each bite, and of course a little green won't hurt ya.
 Short to say, my favorite.
Not my order, didn't try it either but this pasta looked so friggin delicious maybe you want to order?

My experience and impression towards the food, coffee and service so far has been up here *hand gesture above head* but I think I need another one or two visit to really explore more menus. One doesn't need to compare, but something struck my head thinking that PFS is on this same level as Mister Sunday for the quality and food genre they're serving, if you want to know which one do you like better then go here asap ok!

Ok kthanksbye I didn't even check the grammar and shit I am typing with a slightly blurry vision if I messed up few sentences and grammar then I am sorry and will update the post with better writing! I think I curse a lot here I don't know am I?

...and WillGoz you're proving me more and more with your cooking that people should stop labelling you as this boy who just freaking graduated from MasterChef, you actually HAVE TALENT.

Port Five Six
Kelapa Gading Selatan Blok BH10 No. 5-6
Gading Serpong - Tangerang
Opening hours: 9 AM-10 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 250k
Dresscode: none


Map for Soto Ambengan Cak Sadli

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