I have been hearing so many people raved about this new hotel in Jogja prior staying here so this was my home for two nights with friends on our latest visit here. Before I move further do note that this won't exactly be a hotel review and more like a gallery post of the hotel & its surrounding as I didn't take any picture of the room interior (I totally forgot wtf), but one thing that I can tell you I had a pretty good stay and sleep for those two nights: most likely because of the comfy bed and the cloudy pillow.

Yats.Colony is currently not done with their construction as they're still building, decorating and adding details to the rooms (mainly the rooms on the second level) but to be honest they were attentive and tidy with the construction process that I didn't find the work to bother me in any way as a staying customer. If you're staying here, the check-in counter is located at the same building where the hotel's restaurant and mini store is, not exactly the largest but very well designed with tropical touch and zen vibe to it.
Yats.Colony mini store where they sell various clothes, dining utensils, ceramic and wooden crafts.
The coffee here in the restaurant's backed up by the people from Coffeesmith Jakarta. Had their iced cappuccino once and suprisingly they were good! I haven't even tried their original Jakarta outlet so I was a virgin to their coffee.
Now hotel tour!
Being in Yats.Colony literally made you feel like you're in Bali, something about the garden setting and the pool that reminded me a lot about the tropical and beautiful Bali. Again the area wasn't exactly spacious, but they managed to designed the landscape beautifully, just this beautiful continuous white, blue and green color blocking the whole time your vision see. They have 5 room types here, initially booked the KA room (their deluxe room) but it had no pool and garden facing view so I upgraded and added IDR 105k to upgrade to the CA room type! The CA room rate was around IDR 525k/night and the rate may vary depending on the season and occupancy.

Since they're still building more rooms, there are currently just less than 20 rooms existed Too bad at the moment they're not affiliated with any booking agents so you can't proceed the booking through sites like Traveloka, Booking.com, Tiket.com and you have to make the booking directly from their website and based on my experience if you're using a credit card make sure that you bring the physical credit card to the hotel as the payment's technically done when they swipe the card with their machine, so the credit card's just used to book the room but no payment's done then.
photo by: foodandfeast
photo by: foodandfeast
Your room should include breakfast for two from 7-10 AM daily, and based from the info that I got from the waiters pf the hotel's restaurant, they would serve buffet breakfast on high seasons and ala-carte on low occupancy days, never experienced this before maybe they're still pretty new so they're adapting with the current situation, anyway I was granted with ala-carte breakfast that morning and they had selections of local breakfast like fried rice and a little more Western like omelette with fruit salad and bread to start. Had their Nasi Goreng because I'm always tempted to experience different hotel's take on gourmet fried rice. Theirs was simple but nicely presented complete with a prawn cracker, pickle and homemade chili. My friend had their omelette but I didn't try it.
Iced Cappuccino - IDR 38k
Fruit salad
Yats.Colony Fried Rice
The restaurant starts operating daily from 10 AM-10 PM and some of the highlighted menus include House Speciality Beef Tengkleng and Papa Yats Ranch Fried Rice (with grilled ribs topping), range of the menu's still limited with price ranging from IDR 15k-135k, will try that on the second visit. I remember my friend ordered this French Toast dish on my first visit to Yats and it was honestly pretty good but I couldn't remember the name (but I remember it was cheap), so if you're here you might want that for dessert.

For me, their mushroom soup was pretty flavorful!
Yats.Colony is such a beautiful boutique hotel and retreat in Jogjakarta, lately I've been wondering why the hotels in Jogja are so damn gorgeous but then I proceed to think that a lot of great artists came from this city so that should make sense! Enjoyed staying here and the value's well worth it, will definitely go back and stay here, or if you happen to know any other gorgeous hotel with hipster feel, lemme know!

Thank you for reading!

Jalan Patangpuluhan No. 23
Patangpuluhan, Wirobrajan
Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55251
0274 375 948
Ajeng Anglaina: 0817 - 259 - 998 (hotel PIC)


Map for Yats.Colony

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