To my surprise, besides food and travel, gadget review is something that's sort of highly anticipated here in my blog, and everytime, I repeat EVERYTIME I post something that has to do with my photography gear or external storage, along comes the requests for a short review, just like this one when I uploaded this on my Instagram Stories and Snapchat around a week ago.

I don't really do camera reviews because apparently buying camera is not as cheap as buying KFC meals and you buy one good camera to be with you for a long time, call it a long term relationship (hoping it won't broke or yu'll pay the extra cost), but this time I'll be talking about the new WD Passport which I just got around two weeks ago.
First of all, say hello to the sleek-chic design and hot red color. This has a different appearance compared to the regular WD passport, still as handy only a better plastic built, the previous WD Passport was layered with this matte finish which to me still had its own poshness.
Ok let's unbox the new WD Passport together!

Packaging design, simple with yellow and white color blocking background. 4 TB storage size, should be perfect for regular matters. They did put more effort to the packaging compared to the previous WD Passport Ultra where you can directly see the product through the transparent plastic packaging shield.
Backside packaging
After unboxing the outer packaging, you should see another carton box where they kept the WD Passport, cables, and booklets.
This pretty little stuff! It's slightly thicker than the previous WD Passport Ultra (almost Lego like chunks), but weight wise it's barely noticeable as both are pretty light and compact (probably just 100-200 grams difference, don't tell me that cost you a lot of plain please).
Besides oxygen, money, mobile phone, internet & faith, external storage has always been an ESSENTIAL part of my life, one that I literally can't live without! My everyday life revolves around a lot of picture and video taking, especially since I just started to do vlogs and video files can cost double to triple data size! I literally just backed up my whole computer and my camera SD cards yesterday, in total that's almost 300 GB alone!

I have this habit (re: lazy) where I don't regularly back up or transfer datas from works and travel months ago, keep them packing and at certain travel occasions, I was barely left with enough data to take pictures and record videos, exactly what happened to me on this trip! I am currently in Malaysia and on my first day I only had 70 frames left on my camera and 8 mins video capacity, what the hell can you do with that?!


I am not just assuming as I literally notice the difference. To me, the previous WD Passport Ultra already did a pretty good job at transferring my files fast enough, and this was on a different level, I can say it's 1,2-1,5 times faster, backing up 300 GB worth of data cost me less than 40 minutes! I noticed from the bar that it can transfer my data to 120 mbps, not to mention the USB port is 3.0

Password Protection
Let's just admit it, bad day happens and you can lose your external storage almost anytime, so far I haven't really used the password feature as I honestly have nothing to hide from anyone or something that's really THAT private, but if you do, this could totally be a plus advantage.

Size matters (I mean the storage size)
The new WD Passport is available in four storage capacities (1-4 TB), I got the 4 TB and sometimes to me, it exceeds beyond all the design matters and stuff. This should be the point of external storage, 4 TB can save me for a couple of months, in two weeks I have transferred 300 GB worth of files, I haven't transferred all the pictures and videos from this trip.

Short to say, a relatively small Lego brick like external storage with BIG performance and that's all that matters. Definitely a GO.

PS: the new WD Passport now comes in six different colors, mainly pastel colors: BLACK, BLUE, YELLOW, WHITE, RED and ORANGE with color coordinated USB cable.

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