I think it was after this blog post that I haven't paid that much attention to the rapidly growing Kopi Susu trend in Jakarta and boy I might need to update the list now, this entry will be a brief thought about this newcomer called Kopi Kenangan which I just had earlier today. I found it interesting because they claim to be using the 8-years Arabica Aged Coffee (which got me like 'hmm...'). They have a little shop in Menara Standard Chartered but because I know that normally Kopi Susu shop will be incredibly petite and almost impossible for you to sit around so I really recommend to just have it Gojek-ed to your place.

The product? They only have two menus here which basically the same product: Es Kopi Susu Kenangan Mantan (normal) and the "Less Sugar" version, both priced at IDR 18k. Honestly just go straight to the "Less Sugar" version of this Es Kopi Susu Kenangan Mantan as I've tried both and I feel like the normal one was way too sweet for my liking and they're using palm sugar as the sweetener. I was honestly fond of their Es Kopi Susu, I found it to be creamy while not being overly milky and most importantly, as an avid fan of coffee, the character of the coffee is still pretty dominant. It has this fresh smooth aftertaste and I didn't get this burnt beans character that I found in Tuku, and oh FYI it doesn't taste like Tuku.

Anyway, your call to decide which one in town is your favorite, but this new comer is not disappointing. Approved? Yes!
Kopi Kenangan
Menara Standard Chartered
Jl. Prof. DR Satrio
Karet, Kuningan
Jakarta Selatan 12930


Map for Menara Standard Chartered

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  1. Kopi kenangan enak banget deh, kopinya kenceng.
    Kalo butuh modal usaha lebih, bisa nih ajukan pinjaman online di sini