The major food event, Taste of The World, is happening at PIK Avenue and I was invited to come check out the event on its opening day and blogging my experience for you guys, the event is here to stay until October 1st 2017 at their Main Atrium, that means you still have 6 days to come and see what they have in store.

I am digging the Italian Market look on this and quick scan of the whole area, I quickly notice that 'premium' screams pretty loud, most of the tenants here offers you their premium products to indulge, savor and most likely to take home with you, expect to see quality products of meat, poultry, cheese, bakery, dairy, wine, salts, jams, granola, gelato and more!
Kemchicks = boss of the event for occupying the largest space here, more of them as you scroll
TEH 63
The booth's located just beside Leggero Gelato not too far from the stage and their artisan tea is well known for cleansing and detoxing and recommended to consume after the series of food you've consumed that day, but this was the first one that I tried and I took it as a warm up to my palate before exploring more.
The server will show you the brewing process and serves the tea live in front of you, the tea was rich but in the same time mild with smooth aftertaste as you finish.
They also sell these special teapots in case you want to bring them home #splurge
I think Vin+ is a brand that needs no more introduction as they're already super popular, but anyway if you're stranger to this brand, they are wine specialist, suppliers, as well as a restaurant brand, they have outlets spread around Jakarta (Kemang and Pondok Indah Mall). They offer free wine tasting here so you'll have something to sample before deciding what you want to get. The Trivento Malbec seems to be the highlight here, it comes from Argentina and I was fond of the deep character of the wine, slightly bitter but aromatic still.
No stranger to this brand as I am a gelato-hoe and I am an avid fan of their Pistachio and Tiramisu, but not that day as I wanted to try different flavors that they have on their line-up!
Shout out to the boss aka Kemchicks as it's probably my FAVORITE tenant here, why? simply because they have a lot of good tasty food and extensive range of premium products (edible products, dairy products, wine) and ingredients and the followings you're about to see.
Chateau Magnol Haut-Medoc red wine!
Apothic Red
Cheese and butter counter
Say cheese!
Premium meats
Home baked breads and pastries!
Artisan sea salts!
Gourmet noodle
My favorite Bali Artisan Salt best for cooking or garnish with this clear pyramid shape!
Couldn't keep my eyes of this chunky-gigantic Roasted Turkeys and Ayam Kodok! If you're interested in bringing this home, reservation in advance is recommended.
The steak was SO GOOD and super duper tender!
Besides the ones that you're seeing here there are still a lot more to see (as I mentioned earlier around 30 tenants here) and hurry up as the event ends this October 1st, definitely not to miss!

PIK Avenue
Pantai Indah Kapuk - Kamal Muara
Penjaringan, Jakarta Utara
Dresscode: none




Map for PIK Avenue

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