I am just uber excited to blog about this restaurant that I visited LAST MONTH in Bangkok (really can't believe it's been a month tho) and it's just three more days before the restaurant opens in Jakarta and of course yours truly got the privilege to sample their best selling menus on a private tasting lunch two weeks ago, but disclaimer first, this blog post will be the mix of my experience trying the original Greyhound Cafe in Bangkok too and I can really say that after coming from the private tasting lunch, the presentation of the food here and there was exactly the same, as for the taste and impressions? Keep on scrolling.

...and do keep in mind that I am NOT paid to write about this.
Greyhound Cafe EmQuartier and Greyhound Cafe Pattaya
During my days in Bangkok last month I visited two Greyhound Cafes in Bangkok (and they have 14 in Bangkok alone!): one in EmQuartier and another one in Pattaya during our day trip there. Both were very different to one another, the EmQuartier one was a bit more simple and homey, probably since it's located inside the mall but the Pattaya one was artsy, playful, industrial and overall beautiful, two different concepts but overall very enjoyable.

Before I start the review I also want to let you guys know that I might not be able to provide you guys with the complete details on everything you're seeing here as during the lunch and dinner in Greyhound Cafe Bangkok, we could order everything we want and they also brought some food on the tables (and honestly I didn't even know the name and didn't even taste some of them), and some menus were on trials, some available at specific outlets and some even don't make it to Indonesia branch (that's what I heard), but I am giving you visuals on the food served, and maybe it could be a reference for possible future visits to Greyhound Cafe Bangkok. Price range for food here starts from IDR 60k-170k while drink starts from IDR 35k-60k.

Unfortunately on the day of the private tasting lunch the construction hasn't yet finished so no photos of the interior here, as it gets closer to the opening day maybe they're now finishing the little details, or you can definitely check out their Instagram for more details.
I swear on my existence that this might be one of THE BEST thai tea I've ever drank in my life! If not, the best so far! There's just something so creamy and how it's beautifully sweet that really made this stood out, I believe they didn't put any but my palate senses a hint of cocoa and caramel along that every sip, and the granita presentation was a bonus too! When I had this on the private tasting lunch, it tasted just the same. I wish this becomes the best selling menu here hands down, but I honestly expected the price to be slightly lower than IDR 52k.
Corn and Crab Fritters - IDR 68k
I remember getting hooked on this one mainly for its texture and moisture! This was perfectly crunchy and seasoned with generous corn and crab filling.
Salmon Carpaccio with Spicy Hot Sauce - IDR 88k
Sometimes the downside of travelling is that I sometimes return and look down at Indonesia's food scene, I am confident enough to say that I haven't found a salmon carpaccio that's crazy good at regular restaurants (and no you can't compare this to hotel standard), I used to have a really good one at the now closed Otterhound in Lotte, and to be completely frank, so far none has topped this Salmon Carpaccio from Greyhound Cafe and if they DO keep up with the quality this could easily be one of their best selling menus in Greyhound Jakarta. The salmon was uber fresh and the dressing had this beautiful balance of sour, tangy, and sweet in the same time.
Sandwich in a Bowl - IDR 88k
This salad was very simple but very delicious and the flavor got really elevated from the mayo dressing and fresh ingredients that follow. It really was like eating deconstructed tuna sandwich, only with more greens on the side.
Soft Shell Crab Salad - IDR 88k
Not everyday that I meet soft shell crab salad and glad they accomodate this. I found this pretty interesting, no question about the soft shell crab I found it very beautiful and the Romaine lettuce was fresh and the idea of honey mustard seed dressing was fab.
Vegetarian Lasagna - IDR 78k
Spaghetti with Corned Beef and Fresh Chillies - IDR 98k
For those who fancy pasta dishes then one of their highlighted menus is this spaghetti with corned beef which I was fond of, again this one is very simple but it was this corned beef (in this dish almost floss like) that really enhanced the performance of this dish. I like how this one's more to the lighter side of pasta, aglio olio style with corned beef.
Complicated Noodle - IDR 75k (non halal)
Just like its title, the presentation and serving method of this dish is not exactly complicated, but different. The Complicated Noodle consist of noodle sheets, fresh lettuce leaves, minced pork and Thai green chili sauce. Hate it when I have to travel alone and not with my sister that I didn't have anyone to help me with the shoot since I really wanted to show you guys the steps, but anyway the recommended steps is that you take the large lettuce, put the rice noodle sheets, pork, chili and cilantro, wrap together then you're good to go.
Tom Yum Goong - IDR 110k
The portion of their Tom Yum Goong is pretty large that you can share it with two, and taste wise, nom nom! It had the right sourness, spiciness (I believe you can adjust), rich soup and two fresh tiger prawns topped on it.
Not So Fried Rice with Crab - IDR 160k
I really do hope they won't fuck up this dish because it's MY NUMERO UNO FAVORITE! It literally is not a crab fried rice as it's more like a fried crab with rice as the amount of crab is super generous and it's so beautifully seasoned that it had this wok, garlicky flavor to it that I found super appetizing! When I had this on the private tasting lunch I was happy that they managed to make the exact same one that I had in Bangkok, and with all the guests that are soon to pack this place, I hope they can keep up with the quality standard!

Thank you guys for reading, I am so going to update this post with my upcoming visit to Greyhound Cafe in Grand Indonesia that's opening TOMORROW!!!

Greyhound Cafe Indonesia
Grand Indonesia Shopping Town GF West Mall #20A (beside Olivier)
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 1
Jakarta Pusat 10310
Opening Hours: 11 AM - 10 PM
Dresscode: casual
Average spending for two: IDR 350k
WiFi: Yes!


Map for Grand Indonesia

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