You can take me out of Indonesia, but you can't take the Indonesia out of me, or should I say, the Chinese blood out of me. Despite the rapidly changing food trend, the classic always stays and I am talking about good Chinese cuisine, if you ask me to name one of my favorite Chinese restaurants in town then Sin Cin is one of the top ones that flashed in my mind just like that, and I have a lot of good things to say about this restaurant.

First of all, do note this particular outlet, aka Sin Cin LINQ Kemayoran has no correlation with the other Sin Cin outlets so they're absolutely independent somehow the fact that it's located at LINQ makes it easy to find. This restaurant is considered pretty spacious as they occupy three floors and there's actually a small elevator inside (this honestly wow-ed me a bit), interior was neat and clean, just proper for a Chinese restaurant, the kind of space that's simple and comfy to dine.
Not sure whether you can book the space (aka the whole floor) for private events but I am guessing you can, just contact them for inquiry I guess.
Various Juices - IDR 25k
in frame: Avocado, Orange, Watermelon, Soursop
Not gonna hold you back from acknowledging what I had for lunch that day, quick scan of their menu and I am so glad of how they're still keeping the price tag pretty affordable, especially for today's standard. 
Talas Goreng Madu - IDR 48k
For those who fancy an interesting combo of sweet and savory on each bite, opt for this Talas Goreng Madu, crunchy on the outside and moist on the inside. Don't take too long on the pictures as it's best served warm.
Hotplate Tahu - IDR 68k
Hands down, A MUST ORDER! They homemade the tofu themselves and honestly it's silky, velvety smooth and melt in your mouth, and again don't take too long on the pictures as anything 'hotplate' should be enjoyed right away, and not to mention since it's also very saucy you need to make sure it's still hot as the tofu, pork and the sauce work together, the sauce was more to the savory side and not spicy as how red it is on the picture.
Sapo Kacang Panjang - IDR 58k
This dish was simple and I don't know, but in Chinese restaurant I take vegetable dishes more like a complement to the rice and proteins on the table, this was beautifully cooked (and seasoned beautifully): the beans were still firm and not soft-overcooked, inside you'll find mushrooms and pork meat too.
Udang Tim Bawang Putih - IDR 98k
The prawns here were uber fresh and naturally sweet and paired with light soy based sauce and garlic dressing for flavor and aroma. It's the freshness of the prawn that did most of the talking here, beause when it's accomplished, what's really there to dislike? (unless you really can't have prawns lol).
Sapo Urat Kaki Babi - IDR 98k
Another top recommendation here has got to be the Sapo Urat Kaki Babi (unfortunately non-halal stuff). Even tho this was more to the sweeter side, but I found the overall flavor to be altogether well-balance, in a bite you should find the tender pork slices wrapped in sweet and savory seasoning, saucy but dry and aromatic, and again don't be fooled by the appearance as this was not spicy. Seriously nothing better than pairing this one with warm rice. Dayum!
Lomie ala Hokkian - IDR 68k
Aside from the ala-carte dishes they also have delicious noodle dishes if you fancy one, if fried noodle feels a little too common for you then go for their Lomie ala Hokkian which I found very tasty and generous in the same time! One big portion can be shared with four people, the noodle was not too soft and soggy, and inside you'll find generous mushroom and meat to complete this lomie, the soup was really tasty and not overly thick for my liking, just spot on to my liking.

Ikan Sayur Asin - market price
You know I've actually dined here three times before actually writing this blog post and my mom's such a huge fan of their Ikan Sayur Asin, can't really spoil you the price as it depends on the market pricing and you can choose the amount of grams you want, but for the fish you can choose to have ikan kerapu or ikan gurame! The soup was so fresh, salty, savory rich and gingery in the same time, and even more comforting during rainy days (technically too we don't have winter here), the fish was perfectly cooked: again silky, soft and tender. DO HAVE THIS WHILE IT'S SEARING HOT and best for sharing too.
I really don't know what to hate about Sin Cin, truthfully I found their food pretty good and the pricing's also pretty competitive too! It's a proper Chinese restaurant with main emphasize on food without any other bullshit details and that's how a restaurant should be I guess. I just hope they can continuously keep up with the awesome performance!

Sin Cin
Ruko The LINQ No. G2 #852
Central Kemayoran, Sunter
Jakarta Utara 14410
Opening hours: 11 AM-10 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 300k
Dresscode: none


Map for LINQ Kemayoran

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