SORRY GUYS for just writing about this entry aka my experience to The World of Ghibli exhibition in Ritz-Carlton Pacific Place Jakarta which I visited around three weeks ago, sorry I've been super busy and not to mention I just went back from Hokkaido for a short summer holiday with my sister.
To get the tickets to this exhibition you guys can purchase online, via assigned agents like Traveloka or even purchase on the spot like me, and do note that the ticket counter is located beside Mothercare on the third level of Pacific Place shopping mall. They offer two types of tickets: Regular and VIP, Regular ticket is priced at IDR 300k per visit (IDR 350k on weekends), and VIP for IDR 3 million! VIP guests are more than welcome to come as often as they want until the exhibition ends (September 17th). I purchased the regular ticket and since three weeks ago they were not yet finished with the construction of the exhibition, I was allowed to enter the exhibition twice (and haven't used the complimentary visit until today and will possibly update this post after my future visit). At first I thought the ticket price was very expensive, but then I proceed to think of how they actually rent the ballroom for more than a month, the salary of the crews there and the effort to build a very interesting exhibition with exquisite details.
To be completely frank, I wasn't the biggest fan of animated arts, nor I had deep knowledge of Ghibli prior coming to the exhibition, the visit was actually pretty random and an impromptu one, my friend whom I met that day was excited knowing the fact that Ghibli Studio exhibition was held there so he asked me to accompany him and post-visiting the exhibition, I think I ended up feeling glad that he asked me to see this, I remember him mentioning Howl's Moving Castle, Laputa, Arriety and Totoro which I believe one of the most well known Ghibli character (even I know lol).
I am sorry that this post will not be giving you any information, my blog is candid and I don't want to act like a complete smart-ass when I REALLY did not know the majority of the character that I saw here, so this one will be more like a picture blog post and if you are a HUGE Ghibli fan I hope you can relate to this post, okay amateur POV, I really think they did TREMENDOUS effort in building such a gorgeous indoor exhibition, the details of the installed art were beautiful, the crews were very helpful and attentive (even at offering some help to take pictures of us) and for IDR 300k it was worth it and even more now as the construction's totally finished.

Without further ado, enjoy the photos (and short caption from this amateur) and virgin to Ghibli, and oh, cameras are more than welcome here but there are just certain spots where you need to be more careful (like you can't just step randomly anywhere) and if you need shots of you do ask for assistance.
A red umbrella is on set for photo property
One of my favorite photo spots here in the exhibition has got to be this Japanese house miniature. Pretty!
The interior details of the Japanese house is gorgeous, I love this tiny desk 
Now another favorite, located not too far from where Totoro was is this house replica which I believe (but correct me if I'm wrong) a studio and a book warehouse, this one was crazy in details, I mean all those vintage books, drawings, retro vibe to it, just adorable for the eye, for a moment it's almost like I was time travelling.
My friend told me about Gutiokipanja, the bakery in Koriko owned by Osono and her husband that you're seeing in these following photos, surely one of the best photo spots at The World of Ghibli exhibition.
We entered the exhibition pretty late (around 8:30 PM) and there wasn't a lot of people in the exhibition which kinda beneficial for us since we could go around and took as many pics as we want. I think we finished exploring the exhibition area in just one hour (or one & a half), but that was then and I don't know now, the crowd might be doubled or tripled now. Anyway thank you guys for reading, this has been very unhelpful hahaha but I hope you enjoy the pictures.


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