Better CHOCOlate Than Never Senopati

As another target of my online stalking routine, this chocolate dessert house has been on my list for quite some time and finally I got the chance to visit it! For those of you who were wondering if this has a thing or two to do with "Awfully Chocolate" (yes, the venue was previously Awfully Chocolate), then the answer's "NO". Better CHOCOlate Than Never Senopati has a different concept, different owner and it is a different brand. I got the information from the kind working staffs :). Thank you for that.

The venue was not spacial, the concept was very simple and it's majorly "decorated" with the yellow color from the branding itself and the packaging. The seating area's also simple, probably fits around 15 people inside. In a way, I kinda like the vibe of the simplicity and how not-so-crowded this place is.

For the main chocolate cakes, they only sell four variants: Classic Dark Chocolate Cake, Baby Black Forest Cake, Baby Hazelnut Fudge and Chocolate Layers Cake (but if you want this flavor, you need to order in two days before in advance), and they also have selections of Chocolate Cupcakes, Ice Creams, Cookies, Hot Beverages and Truffles! Those chocolate pleasures are made with premium chocolate ingredients without all those crappy additional inserted, so they're completely safe guilty pleasures :).

Classic Dark Chocolate
IDR 34k
Didn't order this one, just so you know how it looks :).

Baby Black Forest Cake
IDR 34k
When I ate a good cake, I almost became so stingy that I didn't want to share it with anybody, and that's the case with this goddamn freaking delicious cake! I know this might be so naive, but this one is to me, THE BEST BLACK FOREST CAKE I HAVE HAD IN MY LIFE...SO FAR! I love the presentation, texture, I love the flavor and I love every single thing about this cake. I love the Chocolate Ganache coating and inside, there's a very moist chocolate cake, the overall sweetness of this cake is fantastic. I didn't think it was "too sweet". It's just such a dreamy cake, you're too fool not having this, seriously. FYI the leaf is real and not edible.

Baby Hazelnut Fudge
IDR 34k
This cake might be just average on the presentation but don't get it wrong because it's in fact really really good. The structure of this cake's a little thicker (since it's brownie like), the chocolate flavor is rich with a little Hazelnut kick and the moisture of this cake is just impeccable. Should try this one too!

Cookies and Cream Ice Cream
IDR 28k
I am really fond of this ice cream, I think it's gorgeous, it has a great balance between the sweetness without taking away that signature "cookies and cream" flavor away. The texture is also nice, too bad I only ordered one scoop. I could probably eat the whole liter of it and having a happy diabetic.

White Chocolate Cupcake
IDR 28k
The cupcake is so moist and smooth, if the texture of this cupcake is a little fudgier (what the heck that means), thicker and fuller like a mud cake, I'll probably falling deeper for this one. Not a big fan of the White Chocolate cream on top for its milkish flavor (you know I'm not a big fan of milk), I am more of a dark chocolate type of person, but maybe for others this is good.

My visit to Better CHOCOlate Than Never Senopati was very impeccable, I would happily go back and order the same menu or order the whole cake just for myself and dig my face in hahaha. Okay it gets creepy, but seriously, this place guys, is so recommended. Everyone needs to suffer from a punch-drunk-chocolate love!

See ya on the next post! Ciao!!!

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