JJ Royal Brasserie Jakarta

My profession as an online stalker just never stops, after finding some information online, hearing from some up-do-date friends and actually looking for myself when it's still on renovation, JJ Royal Brasserie has won my mind and curiosity, this restaurant is the fresh breakthrough from the coffee empire, JJ Royal and in collaboration with Foodie Habit Group. When it's finally opening for public, I waste no more time contacting my dearest friends and having lunch here a couple days ago. Teasers from my Instagram also caught a lot of attention, asking me where this place is.

Located at the Lower Ground Floor of Lotte Shopping Avenue/LOVE/Ciputra World, this restaurant must have caught people's eye for their eye-catching colorful interior peeked from outside. My first impression was: "unique", you can see the mixture of elegance, youthful, colorful. It's a little daring for the concept. The restaurant's divided to two areas: smoking and the non-smoking areas. The non-smoking area is more colorful, more youthful and the smoking area's the more elegant one, also colorful, classy and bright at noon.

Huge painting-like-photography on the ceiling.

This girl's face is the icon of this restaurant and you can see her all over the place. The thing about this icon..it's very unique because they're setting her in varieties of dressing, as you can see here, it's more inspired from the asian culture...

While this one looks like Marie Antoinette, and there are some others inspired from the other countries, including Indonesia, but I can't seem to find a good shot of it because it's blocked by the sugar counter so I didn't upload it, it's a good surprise tho so you can go here and check them out yourself LOL.

DESSERT BAR! Where the magic lives.
It's surely inspired by Paris, The Executive Chef/Restaurant Manager Chef Eric Guilbert's explaining to us about the detailing of the restaurant and the beautiful pastries. He's one genius chef and he has tons of experience in the culinary industry, including taking the part of teacher at Le Cordon Bleu. During the night, the glass window connecting the restaurants to the outdoor's going to be opened and there will be 360 degrees bar located outdoor. If you wanna have a chilling night with your loved ones, then this might be in your consideration. 

The pastries are surely orgasmic to the eyes, they're always fresh made from the central kitchen since the morning! Note to remember: JJ Royal Brasserie opens at 7AM everyday!!! I know right, such a hardworking restaurant, by that time, you can already have the freshest pastries they're serving!!! Surely they're best eaten during that time since they're fresh from the oven and not turning saggy yet. This photo's taken around 1 PM and just look at that (still) crunchy layer of Croissants!

Cronuts craze! MWAH!

The area is dominated with white colors, along with glimpse of colors at certain points, and each table's decorated with fresh rose in a cute vase to live up the ambiance!

The food that I am showing you guys here are from their "Lunch Set" menu, so for IDR 120K++ (IDR 145k nett), you'll get to choose an appetizer, a main course, a dessert and a lovely cup of coffee to accompany your lunch! It's such a good deal and I personally think it's still on a good price for four treats (don't forget that they're serving you on real portion). I am going to start showing you the foodporns, prepare your napkins.

Home-Style Deepfried BBQ Chicken Wings
This one deserves my thumbs up, starting from the perfectly cooked chicken to the adorably generous BBQ sauce coating, this one is not disappointing at all. FYI, the BBQ sauce's not spicy, it has a great balance between sweetness and dreamy.

Chunky Salsa, Guacamole and Crispy Tortilla Chips with Fried Mexican Tomato Salsa, Mashed Avocado and Spices.
I am gladly announcing you guys that I finally found the nicest Guacamole I've found in Jakarta and this one is no crap. I have tried some others in different places but this one is the closest to my standard. The chips are crunchy, the Guacamole is just amazing, the sour cream is balancing the flavor and the Fried Mexican Tomato Salsa might be just plain in look but it's good!

Tender Chicken Fingers with Honey Mustard Mayonnaise
I guess when you named your dish, you must be pretty confident with it and this one is certainly describing the title! The chicken is so tender and the coating is really crispy. Having this one with simply chili sauce or as simple as having them with Honey Mustard Mayonnaise, the lovely flavor is not that simple to deny. Another good dish, having nothing negative to say.

Crunchy Tiger Prawns with Sweet Chili Yoghurt Sauce
As you can clearly see, the presentation's good already and this dish is another thumbs up from me. The prawns are crunchy fried but not leaving the meat dry. Trust me, simply having this with either the complimentary sauce or simply chili sauce, this one is freaking good!

Linguine Aglio Olio with Pine Nuts, Crunchy Ebi, Garlic, Chili Flakes, Fresh Olives and Chopped Parsley
Trying this one and thought straight to an Asian cuisine, maybe it's from the strong hint of Ebi and the pine nuts, short to say, this one is unique and the pasta's cooked "Al Dente".

English Fish and Chips with Pommes Fries and Tartar Sauce (Fish: Cod)

Another surprise, found out that the fish used here is Cod fish, no wonder it's very smooth! Almost the same feeling you get having the good old Dory. The skin might not be cooked very crispy, but that's for me, still a good thing or maybe the advantage of it. I personally love to recommend this one for you guys to try out :).

Nasi Goreng Special (JJ Royal Brasserie's Special Fried Rice)
I was so mouthwatered just looking at the rather simple and neat presentation. That runny Sunny Side Up just incredibly "disturbing" for the eye and mind! Trying this one and really fond of this one for sure. The flavor is just really Indonesian, almost like the good old "Nasi Goreng Kampung" only this is served with Chicken Satay. Deserve my thumbs up? Yeah yeah yeahs!

Traditional Indonesian Oxtail Soup (Customized Fried Oxtail)
I am always impressed when western themed restaurants actually put in some Indonesian cuisines inside their menu like Union or Loewy, JJ Royal Brasserie happens to do the same thing with the fried rice and this uber fabulous Oxtail Soup. Trust me, if this online thing is in 4D and I can share the Oxtail Soup in real form and you can smell the flavor and sip the soup, you'll be falling for it like I did. The meat was so tender, the soup's well seasoned. OMG I don't wanna look at the picture, it was on a very good lighting and that reflection from the soup's killing me right now. MUST TRY!

Iced Lychee Tea
IDR 30k
Since this one is not included on the set, this one is Ala Carte. A refreshing drink, however, kinda expect for more generous amount of Lychee fruit.

Cafe Latte
These adorable coffees were made by the famous barista, Ian Consulta, I have nothing to say about the coffees except "great!", also when you know you're using JJ Royal coffee + a good barista to handle your coffees, you know you're in good hands!

Ian was just nice, my cappuccino is created with bear figure latte are on top of it. Good coffee and cute presentation are just splendid.

Raspberry Cronut
Out of the three flavors (Chocolate, Raspberry, Dulche de Leche), I was tempted enough to try the Raspberry flavor because I never had one in such flavor before. The cronut was still crunchy, even though it's been sitting there for around 6 hours. The cronut's crunchy outside, moist and chewy inside. The raspberry filling was tasty, if only the flavor could be richer in the raspberry filling, it would be better.

Tarte au Chocolat (Pate Brisee, Hazelnut Crispy, Valhorna Manjari Ganache)
IDR 40k
For you chocolate lovers, you shouldn't miss this! This dessert is extremely rich in chocolate but not overpowering and leaving you feeling noxious. The Pate Brisee or shortcut pastry is baked crunchy, giving texture and contrast to the Valhorna Manjari Ganache.

Black Velvet: Chocolate Sponge Cake, Cherry Compote, Vanilla Mousseline
IDR 35k
This cake is pretty and unique at the same time. Pretty, emm I don't need to explain why, as you can see for yourself. Unique, because inside you'll find layers of Cherry compote and Vanilla Mousseline. Cake is very soft, almost baby's butt like. Should've given you the peek of what's inside but the cut wasn't impressive, making it not appealing enough LOL.

Big Red: Raspberry Marmalade, fresh Raspberries, Vanilla Brulee, Almond Macaron.
IDR 40k
Out of the desserts we're having, this one is certainly my favorite one. Okay, it's not only fabulous looking from the physique, but the taste as well! This is fruity, yummy, fragrant, fresh, and I am lost for words to emphasize this! The Raspberry Marmalade along with the fresh raspberries are the bomb of this pastry. It's unique that raspberry and almond can create such a lovely, almost unforgettable flavor. It's insane that I am typing this while still remembering how it tasted.

The pastries served above are planned to (soon) be on the display of "Sugar Gallerie", another venture from this empire and in coordination with Gulaku Group that'll be focusing on the sweet treats. It's on the construction, very excited for that!

Anyway, this beverage below is a free complimentary from the restaurant! Eric and Ian gave me this lovely latte art whose inspired was from my face. Ian took a photo of me with his cell and trying to portray my face onto the latte art. This is surely ain't easy, it might not look like my face but it's just so cute! Nice effort lah comparing to me who can't even make the simplest friggin latte art since I never studied it. Thank you, Ian. You were nice.

I had such a great great time having lunch here! I'd happily recommend you guys going here and try their fabulous menus! I find myself experiencing such foodgasm after finishing the meal, almost upset that they're finished. If I could rate, this is for me 9/10 and surely I don't give overrated reviews, but they all back depending on everyone's subjective ;).

This surely is not going to be my last visit, since I haven't tried their good looking burger and more cakes on the menu. Such a sweet tooth!

Anyway, attaching you guys the menu for you to see, so you can pre-decide what you're going to have CLICK HERE!

Thank you JJ Royal Brasserie for such a lovely lunch time. Best of luck!

Lotte Shopping Avenue (LOVE) LG Fl.
Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav. 11
Jakarta, Indonesia 12940 
021 - 2988 8980