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When it comes to food trend, Jakarta always manage to have a rapid trend for food and some of them could survive for pretty much a long period. Back then there was the red velvet, rainbow cake, you can still find those two almost everywhere, and now Cronuts and Nitrogen ice-creams are getting more and more easily accessed. Yes, in a way everything gets so mainstream, but life is a freaking bet right? Businessman don't want to miss this chance because the trend and that so-called "mainstream" is the money maker.

Anyway I sound so politic-ish, I just want to introduce you guys to this new Nitrogen Ice Cream brand that's ready to compete with the other brands on the league. Say hi to Ron's Laboratory!

Why is it "Ron's"? well one of the owner is Ronald Prasanto, and along with some friends who shared the same passion for both creative and business industry, there goes Ron's Laboratory, a venture hoping to capture a lot of hearts from ice cream worshipers.

Since the name itself is "laboratory", the concept itself is not far from the root. It's shown from the staff's uniforms, the formula writings on the glass, the utensils and the chalkboard. The area can hold up to around 25-30 people. When I got there, it was so crowded (since it's the grand opening), and the queue has been mad crazy. Good sign of a good business.

Let me take you on the tour and the production process!

Addicting to looking at the mystic smokes! I feel like I am in a real lab!

Cafe Latte
IDR 30k

IDR 30k

Avocado Espresso
IDR 50k
For me, Avocado and Espresso has always been such a lover to one another and this creation from Ron's is a decent quite succesful one. There's something about Avocado that's already coffee-ish and it even gets better when it's stronger. Loving the presentation! They're using injection to inject the shot of espresso to the gelato. Nice one!

Dark Chocolate
IDR 50k
This is another best seller, well it's chocolate, no need to explain. I was hoping the dark chocolate flavor to be stronger, because it feels more like a milk-chocolate to me, the milky flavor dominates this creation.

Lemongrass Sorbet
IDR 45k
This one is another personal favorite. Citrus has always been the loveliest ingredients for sorbet creations, especially when the natural sourness evolves! I love the fact that this one is not overpoweringly sweet, it still has that hint of sour (even though I was expecting for more), and the usage of Magic Pop Candy on top. This one is another good recommendation :).

Tape Ketan Gelato (Glutinous Rice)
IDR 45k
Overall, this one is probably the one that needs more to WOW-ed me, it's a good creation but I was hoping to have that stronger flavor from the Glutionous Rice, it's more like a vanilla ice-cream with glutinous rice and that's it.

Caramel Swirl
IDR 50k
Another personal favorite, this one is different than the "Tape Ketan" even though they're using the same base, but when Vanilla and Caramel meet on a palate, that could be a great creation! Aside from how simple this is, I was really fond of this one.

Red Velvet
IDR 60k
If you're a cheese lover then this one might fit you the best. It has that strong "Red Velvet" flavor that I am quite fond of, and it completed with cream Marscarpone cheese. This creation's really fragrant and the Red Velvet essence is quite strong.

Overall, it was a nice visit to Ron's and get the chance to try out their ice cream creations. Maybe if I can give more suggestion, toppings will be nice to add a little texture to these creations, maybe that's why I sometimes prefer eating sorbet aside from its flavor. Also, there's something about Ron's ice creams that makes them melt so fast, it's like in seconds.

For the pricing itself, well, some ice creams are pricy, but some are still pretty reasonable for me. Also they're having this flavor rolling, meaning that every month there will only be six flavors and two flavors from the previous month will be "eliminated" and substituted with the other two new flavors. As the cherry on top, you can also customize your own flavor with the ingredients you brought from home! Exciting.

I really don't know if this Nitrogen Ice Cream trend is going to stay for a long period or the opposite, but for now, it's your choice to blend or not blend with the trend, but for me, as long as it's ice creams, I am hooked!

Till the next post!

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