Cheese Festival at Rosso Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta

Rosso at Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta is no doubt one of the most well known upscale Italian dining in Jakarta. They're known for their premium authentic Italian cuisine made with love and this October, they're bringing "Cheese" as their theme of the month, trust me, so many cheese is never "cheesy".
Rosso's interior is clean and elegant with major usage of the color "red". The whole interior rings classy, elegance, but in the same time, private. There's something lovely about the ambiance of the room during the afternoon, definitely with the help of the ourdoor lighting that live up the "soul" of the venue as I would refer, this is when the color "red" helped the room to shine bright like a diamond! #notrihanna. For a more relaxed and casual day out, they also have a lounge area and minibar area.

Complimentary buffet for everyone dining here! There are tons of Italian inspired starters to choose from, my favorite one was definitely the salad, along with the smoked salmons and the hams. All the selections here are fresh, just dig in!

Complimentary bread

Behind the amazing food I'm about to share, there was definitely the magic hands behind them. Say hi to Chef Oriana Tirabassi. She's the first woman to ever achieved the title on Acrobatic Pizza Spinning in Pizza World Championship and guess what? She still hold the record for it and remains the only female chef having the honour to this day. She's very passionate about cooking as I can tell from the way she speaks and explaining the food. I love those Italian accents when it comes to explaining one thing or two about food, it makes me more dead hungry even before the courses starting to flow. It's an honour for me to meet her :).

She also declared as The Most Welcoming Chef by NOW! Jakarta (Best restaurants, Bars and Clubs awards).

Burrata Cheese Salad
As you guys probably know, I am not a huge fan of cheese, but let me tell you that this dish is stunning, especially for someone who's not too fond of cheese courses like me. The cheese is just fluffy like Buffalo Mozarella, got that hint of creamy texture like Mascarpone. The tomato garnish and the salad adds up the play of flavor to the mouth. One hell of a good dish!

Selection of Cheese, Grape, Dried Fruit, Nuts and Homemade Compotes
IDR 160k
The top one is the selection of Italian cheese while the bottom one is the France cheese.
Italian Cheeses from left to right:
- Parmigiano Reggano (36 month)
- Valtellina Casera Dop
- Mattusc Misto Carpa
- Latteria Delebio
- Scimut

France Cheeses from left to right:
- Livarot de la Perelle Calvados
- Le Bon Normand Pont Leveque
- Fermier au Lait Cru Le Granol Bornard Rebolochon
- Camembert Affine au Caulados
- Sainte Maure de Touraine Formage de Chevre au Laite Cru

Even though I am not a huge fan of cheese, I managed to taste the cheese so that I can give a brief overlook of the cheese and some were actually nice and some were actually really horror LOL. Overall, I think I am more of the Italian cheese person for their lighter and subtle taste which I consider friendlier. The texture of Italian cheeses are a little more packed for the cheese are cut from the cheese blocks. Meanwhile, the French cheeses have this creamier flavor and a lot more smelly, like OMG-it-stinks-so-bad kinda smell, especially for the "Camembert" and "Sainte Maure". I feel like I actually ate a goat that hasn't taken a bath in like a month and I have to brush my teeth after all LOL.

The idea of eating the cheeses is to have them with the grapes and the dried fruits and the compotes to reduce the intense smell. Chef Oriana herself told us that Jakartans were not really fond of the stinky cheese, and prefer the "sweeter" less fragrant cheese like Fontina, Mozarella and Cheddar.

Gnocchi with Gorgonzola Cheese, Pear, Walnuts, Black Pepper and Creamy Sauce
IDR 80k
Gorgonzola cheese is such a lover when it comes to creamy pasta, for a thicker yet chewier type of pasta like Gnocchi, the additions of pear and walnuts actually giving a good contrast and texture to the whole dish. This is such a creamy dish but there's something to it that didn't make feel bloated after all. If the cuts of the Gnocchi can be slightly smaller, this would be perfect.

Raviolli with Pumpkin, Goat Cheese and Amaretti Powder
IDR 70k
When it comes to Raviolli, one of the loveliest filling must be the pumpkin puree, especially when you know how to cook it properly like Chef Oriana. In a way, along with the cheese theme brought up this month, there's a hint of creamy cheese flavor from the pumpkin that works so well with the goat cheese and the lovely cooked skin. Amaretti which is actually Almond Meringue biscuit gave a little texture to the whole dish. Overall, this dish's pretty good.

Cheese Fondue with Selections of Steamed Vegetables and Cheese Bread
IDR 60k
I personally think that this dish should be in the appetizer menu instead of main course from the elements, portion and the presentation itself. Fond of the natural sweetness from the steamed veges, tho but other than that, it was just okay.

Beef Tenderloin with Fontina Cheese, Capers and Potato
IDR 410k
For just one bite, I knew I have to go home and update my list of the best steaks I've ever had in life! This one easily rocketed to the top of my list. The Tenderloin Filet Mignon was seasoned perfectly, the meat was beyond tender just like its name. Also loving the Mashed Potato, it was so smooth and creamy and ARGH I really don't know how to emphasize this marvelous dish! I am feeling freaking guilty right now I need a lawyer for this guilty pleasure! Must try, really really recommended.

Semifreddo al Torroncino (Nougat Semifreddo Ice Cream with Hazelnuts)
IDR 62.5k
Marvelous is such a proper word when it comes to this. Hazelnut always manage to win my heart when it comes to creations whether it's cakes, pastries, desserts or beverages. If you're familiar with the taste of Ferrero Rocher chocolate, then this one is so close to it. One thing that I adored about this is actually the ice cream filling inside the cake. Fragrant and wonderful. I wanna have another one just for myself.

THANK YOU ROSSO for inviting me over and try out this month's promotion! For a non-cheese lovers like me, I eventually feel pretty impressed with the overall creations, it's just when you know how to cook it, it can turn out becoming a stunning dish! These beautiful treats are definitely because of Chef Oriana's magic hands and I am so happy to declare that I am her new fan. She must have had tons of adorers, especially for her Tenderloin Filet Mignon. To die for!

And don't worry guys, what's the point of me making you jealous without you actually got the chance to try out these wonderful dishes! The "cheese" promotion menu is available until the end of October, so you still have around 2 weeks to fulfill your cheese cravings. Yum yum!

If you are a BCA Credit Card Holder, enjoy special complimentary EVERY WEDNESDAY, buy 3 get 4 buffet menu at Shangri-La's restaurants (SATOO, Rosso, Shang Palace and Lobby Lounge) until February 1st 2014.

CHEERS TO THE FREAKING CHEESE! Thanks again Rosso and Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta!

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