Ryo Tei Ramen Jakarta

If you're more a Fukuoka Ramen type of person, there is this new Fukuoka ramen house opening in Jakarta, (north to be exact at Kelapa Gading) called Ryo Tei Ramen. For some of you, this ramen house needs no introduction, especially for its famous existence in Sydney and Hong Kong! In Sydney, the queue for this ramen house is insane, some even wait for 1-2 hours just for a bowl of ramen. Crazy!

I had a little difficulty finding Ryo Tei because the map wasn't really clear in directing, especially for someone who doesn't go to Kelapa Gading area that often (me). It's actually located at Ruko Graha Boulevard Kelapa Gading (across the La Piazza circle and you need to turn around after you see "PONG'S", very close after that), or if you know "Kelapa Gading Sports Club", it's next to that.

The area is decorated with major usage of wood material and red color. The whole area is simple but there's a sense of Japanese from the interior, especially from the hand-written calligraphy by Ryo himself.  I would say the seating capacity probably fit around 30 people max.

First things first, before we get to the food, I gotta tell you that even though this one is Fukuoka Ramen and it's from the same origin as Ikkousha and Ikkudo, but if you expect the soup to be like Ikkousha or Ikkudo, then this one might not fit your appetite. The soup is slightly lighter but stronger in flavor for me, the soup itself is really salty, because Ryo Tei ramen has this slightly different eating concept: you're not recommended to drink the soup, but you use the soup as the dip base. The portion? Really big! I would say it's 1,5 to 2 times larger than the average ramen bowl measurements. But aside from that, who knows after a sip of soup, you'll probably end up loving this one better than the rest?

Gyokai Tonkotsu Ramen
IDR 53k
This ramen comes with fish and pork stock broth with roasted pork, egg and shallots. I told you before that the soup's lighter and salty. The garnish on top is fried spring onion. Tamagos cooked perfectly and the chasiu's on a great moisture, and the cuts were pretty thick. Even though I am more the thick-broth-lover, but this one for me was very decent. I was pretty much fond and enjoy eating this one and I didn't even use the soup as the dipping base, I drank the whole soup. It was fragrant and for me, this is a beautiful bown of ramen.

Chigire Tonkotsu Karai Abura Ramen
IDR 45k
First I was horrified by the usage of chili oil on the ramen, but when you dig your soup spoon and actually tasted it, the oil was not overpowering, and surprising enough, it was not spicy, I can even put on more chili oil inside to turn up the chili flavor. The difference with the Gyokai Tonkotsu Ramen was the soup aside from the chili soup was the broth, this one was slightly lighter than Gyokai Tonkotsu.

IDR 20k
I personally think the Gyozas need a lot of work starting from the cooking, the dumplings skin and the filling. I didn't think the skin was moisture enough and cooked well, I was expecting the fragrant from the filling and the slightly burned skin and the crisp of them. The soy sauce was too salty for my liking.

Salmon Onigiri
IDR 20k
Let me tell you that the size of this Onigiri was so huge, it's like the size of my fist! I told the owner that this was probably the biggest Onigiri I've seen in my life, but he told me that I ain't see nothing yet, the Aussie size is 2 times larger than this. I kinda like this dish, I think it has a generous amount of Salmon. The rice was fragrant, the seasoning's good too.

Tori no Karaage
IDR 20k
Another good dish but I was expecting more from the fillet's skin because most of the times, the natural crisp from the perfectly cooked karaage is the bomb! Other than that, the meat was juicy and fragrant.

Overall, I think the food served here were decent, some might need few works on the food. I was really fond of the ramen, especially the Gyokai Tonkotsu Ramen for its uniqueness! Rarely found a ramen with fish broth in it. Thumbs up for that. The pricing itself is very affordable and logical, some food even cheaper than the ones I have in other ramen houses.

I heard today is its grand opening, you can get 20% off for the food! Follow their facebook (below) for more updates :).

Ryo Tei Ramen Jakarta || WEBSITE | FACEBOOK | TWITTER
Ruko Graha Boulevard KGC No. C02
Jalan Boulevard Raya (Next to Kelapa Gading Sports Club)
Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara 14240
021 - 29375229