Loewy Kuningan Jakarta

It might be a little late to review this place but I guess it's better late than never. Loewy is one of the hippest top notch restaurants in town. In the same giant which also runs the fabulous Union and E&O, Loewy is not only promising you a nice place to hang out, but for dine in as well! 

Loewy is located at the ground floor of Oakwood Premier Cozmo in Mega Kuningan, the venue's eye-catching and let me tell you straight that this post will contain more interior photos than the food pics! It's been almost two years since its release and this restaurant's still very packed! If you have space issue, this might not be for you (joking). Lately, that's what restaurants prepared me for! I recommend making a reservation before.

Loving the ambiance during the day, it's quite crowded but less crowded than the night (definitely, it's crazy during the night), awesome for lunch.

Fresh sunflowers for each table with Coca Cola bottle as the vase. Wicked.

IDR 45k
Lovely appetizer to start the whole lunch, this course features a quite strong hint of cheese and milk fragrance. Loving the crumbs all over this dish and the Escargots were cooked lovely.

Roasted Baby Chicken with Fries
IDR 85k
My selection of main course, the chicken's skin was cooked lovely and crispy, the seasoning was great, but somehow the meat's slightly dry on certain parts, if it's juicy, this would be really good.

Warm Chocolate Tart served with Basilian Ice Cream
IDR 40k
Holy smooch, the ice cream was genius, never tried Basil ice cream before and this one, gotta admit, tasted really lovely. The chocolate tart's also decent but wasn't stand out and as impressive as the Basilian ice cream.

Rhubarb Strawberry Crumble
IDR 40k
Gotta admit, not the most adorable looking dishes, but this one's actually pretty unique in taste. If you love Rhubarb, or has tried Rhubarb creations (ex: Rhubarb Compote), then you'll probably like this one. It has the sourness, the sweetness, the texture. The strawberry ice cream's really lovely!

Had a great time at Loewy. Overall, if you want a different, slightly more impressive and fancier lunch experience with your loved ones, office buddies or maybe alone (so sad), Loewy would probably be a right choice for you. The food's nice, the ambiance's even better. definitely you'll need to prepare the budget because eating here will cost you at the very least IDR 100k (some menu even without drink). You kinda get what you paid for.

Oakwood Premier Cozmo Apartment
Lingkar Mega Kuningan
021 - 2554 2378
Monday - Friday: 11AM - 1 AM
Saturday - Sunday: 11AM - 2 AM
Public Holidays: 11AM - 12PM