Double Six Luxury Hotel Seminyak - Hotel Review

I had a splendid trip to Bali last week! I have been travelling to Bali constantly this year and this was my fifth time going to Bali in 2014! Each visit to Bali had its own impression but all of them identically-definitely made me want to go to Bali on and on again, even at the moment, as I am typing this blog post and look back to the photos! Trust me, I have spent the last 30 minutes just looking at the photos and let them "slideshow-ed" themselves. Oh Geez I miss Bali right now! *sigh*.

I spent four days in Bali on this particular trip and stayed at this new hotel called "Double Six Luxury Hotel" in Seminyak. Okay, I bet you already know what "Double Six" is, and if you don't, lemme tell you... it's a district in Seminyak and actually the name of the highly popular beach, but just like the rest of Seminyak, it's where the hip Bali acts are at! Many say Seminyak is the more elite area in Bali which I have mixed impressions about, but I do agree that Seminyak is where the fun stuff is: meaning the hippest F&B scene, the best nightlife scene and just the perfect place to go for parties!

Double Six Luxury Hotel Seminyak is located just beside the famous Cocoon Club (which also belongs to the same owner) and just across the super packed restaurant, La Plancha. This hotel was actually used to be the "Double Six Club", ask your mom and dad if they know what "Double Six Club" is and I bet you'll be surprised if that's where your parents went for when they were dating. It took years to construct, redesign, develop and furnish this area to a full blown "butterfly" and I was fortunate enough to "fly high" over their splendid hospitality.

PS: just like the rest of my travel diaries, I go crazy with the heavy photos, but you're gonna love 'em!

When I arrived at the Ngurah Rai International Airport, I was quite impressed to learn that a hotel staff was sent over to escort me with a car check-in! So basically I wouldn't have to do the usual check-in at the reception desk and finished all the check-in procedure in the car! All I need was to fill out some information in the form but you HAVE TO make sure that you have your ID with you because you're going to have to submit it to the check-in staff, also in the form, list of emergency contacts in case something unfortunate happens to you (knock on wood and spit). This was my first car check-in experience and it's surely one of the most impressive things I've seen about hotel's hospitality, cherry on top!

...and yes I didn't need to do anymore check-in, since I took the 5PM flight, I arrived quite late in Bali (around 9-ish). I was then escorted to their very own Seminyak Italian Food to have a scrumptious dinner as they have graciously booked a table (which you can read the review HERE) and the dinner was splendid!

Lobby seating area

After having dinner, I was escorted to my room by a very polite staff (forgot his name) and greeted by a refreshing welcome drink! He also gave a brief information about the room overview, explanations were easy to understand, but to be honest, I wasn't really listening to him as I was busy enough getting mesmerized by the room! I literally went "wow" on the first look!
Say hi to my room/home for the next three nights! A 80 sqm Ocean Facing Leisure Suite! Completed with a couch, a living room area, not-so-mini bar, gracefully comfortable king size bed, LED-TV (which my name displayed), super fast WiFi and overall joy for days! The room was priced at US$700/night (then).

The room was spacious! The air conditioning was perfect already when I stepped in and you can also set how you want the temperature to be. I like mine on 17 because I love when the lights are off and I snug myself in the blanket!
 Welcome drink: Sugarcane Slush Ice, Pineapple Juice and Mint Leaves. Love it!
Just when you think the room is amazing, here comes to spacious bathroom! I must humbly admit that this was one of the best hotel bathrooms I've ever seen (and experienced) in my life! I love how they separated the sink and I thought the sofa area in the middle was genius because that gave me space to fold my used clothes and to put my bags. The bath tub was also large and comfortable to be in! I was glad that they had TV so the guests to soak in while watching their favorite channels. I literally had bath-tub time (perks of staying in a luxury hotel) each and every single night of my stay, it's just funny that I have bathtub at home but I barely occupy it because I have no freaking time and when it hotels, payback time! And oh, they're using this bath amenities from my favorite brand, did a special photoshoot for that, just keep reading.

 The petite but comfortable toilet
 I love hotels with rain-showers! They indeed made the shower time way faster and more efficient.
 My bad, oops my bed!
 Can't get enough with the bed shots
 The so-called living room area... Seriously you can have your friends come along, up to 6 people and they basically could sleep anywhere (even on the carpets). If you noticed the speaker like thing on the left, you're right, that's basically it and good thing it's not only for iPhone as the connector was this audio jack plug, it amplify the music and the bass very nicely. The table also had this checkerboard pattern if you want to play around.

 MOOD LIGHTING! Loving how it turned the ambiance of the room to this romantic, flirty but mysterious vibe.

 Chossy Latu designed the bath robes and the silk bathrobe was light but warming and absolutely comfortable to wear.
 Free complimentary of fruits, teas and coffees. They're using the TWG teas which I found impressive (TWG fan right here).

Had such a pleasant sleep and rest! I've mentioned so many times how I managed to sleep incredibly well on trips and the bed in my room was unforgivable comfortable to sleep at, even I once was just lay around watching TV on the afternoon and accidentally had a quality sleep for about 15 minutes.
Room view with daylight. Which one do you prefer? Night or day look?
 Started my day having TWG tea, I have always been a fan of their teas, even as simple as the iconic English Breakfast.
 ...and some grapes. They were fresh.

I was quite free so I decided to take some shots of the hotels and took a long romantic single stroll on the beach. Strolling single was totally enjoyable, the idea of single is seriously underrated these days *getting emotional*.

I love how I can easily access the window glass anytime I want to feel the fresh air while looking at so many 'blues' and listening to the sound of the waves.

Mentioned earlier about the bath amenities and taadaa they're using HERMES bath products! They smelled so damn good with majority orange (typical Hermes) with a touch of musk. 
I can get used to this luxury!
No, it's not Miami.
The pool extended to a 120 m long. Blue water and blue sky OK I am sold! If you notice the mini bar on this photo, that's their very own Lagoon Bar.

Shots abuse. Won't stop!!!
They also have a gelato stall by the pool but unfortunately wasn't operating along my stay.

Hotel lobby with that unique cool pilars.

Unlike any other reception desks I've seen elsewhere, theirs were very simple.
Lobby entrance
24 hour buggy service is ready all the time

Cocoon Bar, another iconic spot at the Double Six area.

Found a woman doing some traditional ritual, she kinda creeped me out a bit actually because when she was praying, she suddenly stared in my camera with a fierce look for around 5 seconds and then continue. Ok bye!
Haven't seen this much blue in a while and plus, Bali's weather was the best I've ever been. Very cool and swear no sweat. 

Double Six from a distance.
Edited this one with my new Photoshop tone, I call this "This Peach is a Beach" LOL!

One of the reason I went to Bali beside spending my glorious days at this property, was to also join the pre-grand opening party on the August 15th. It's not the actual grand opening, so basically the event will feature special performances from celebrities, musician, artists, dancers and models modelling the couture. It was not the kind of party that I'm very much up to because I am not a big with social scene (loner alert), but based on what I experienced, the party was quite grand, especially the deco and the amazing sunset view! Non-stop flowing cocktails and canapes (great they had the Calamari Fritti for everyone).
Great outdoor seats, I highly recommend you sitting outdoor.
The gorgeous interior deco and the moody lights are on the later it gets.
My favorite seat! Just the perfect spot to enjoy the beautiful sunset.
Sunset abuse starts

There's somethign crazy about sunset. No matter how many times I've seen and captured sunsets, I just want to keep on shooting and shooting even though they're not technically much different with one another.
 After sunset look of the pool area.
Special harp performance by the uber talented Maya Hasan

Going to end this post with the photo of how beautiful the hotel looked during the night. It's just that a simple lighting play could create a whole new ambiance.


Staying in Double Six Luxury Hotel Seminyak is surely one of the most exciting parts of my visits to Bali. Imagine this: 80 sqm suite with gorgeous bathroom, plus the Hermes bath amenities, plus the lovely bath tub with flat screen TV, plus the huge bath tub, plus the beautiful living room area, plus the direct access to pool and beach just a stone far, all for me for four days. Tell me how can it be any cooler. Okay, gotta emphasize on the "all for myself...ALONE!" to make it sound more grand!

I forgot to mention this above so I guess I am going to do it here. Guests staying here are complimented to clothes pressing (certain number of clothes), and 24/7 butler service, you're going to be entitled with your own personal butler (king much?). I must admit I was kind of "testing" the service by asking for this and that (but swear it's simple stuffs like soap or shampoo), just for the sake of judging their performance, well, the service might not be the fastest but eventually they also provide more than what I asked :).

If you need a quick recharge, make sure to pay a visit to their very own Acqua Perla Spa to pamper yourself or stretch some stiff muscle. I didn't pay a visit to the spa hence I had no picture to show you, but you can look at the full info by logging on to their website HERE.

I would say I had an amazing time on this latest trip to Bali, things were going just right I couldn't emphasize enough unless you experience it yourself, so book your tickets to Bali and have a bliss staying at this highly recommended property!

PS: I just booked the flight to Bali so I guess see you in two weeks, Bali! Hashtag #cantgetenough LOL!

For the review of Seminyak Italian Food restaurant, click HERE.

Double Six Luxury Hotel
No. 66, Double Six Beach Road
Seminyak, Bali 80361
0361 730 466 / 0361 731 144
E: info@double-six.comPrice Range: $$$$
WiFi: Yes
Dresscode: Casual


Map for Double Six Luxury Hotel

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