Hospitalis Restaurant and Bar Jakarta

I showed the teaser of this blog post on Instagram a week ago and got a lot of people excited and asking me where this is. People are so very into cute things lately and this one is certainly one of the zillion cute things in this universe! Ladies and gents, say hi to Hospitalis! A new restaurant opening in Jalan Ahmad Dahlan just across the quite well known HEMA restaurant.

Outdoor seating/smoking area

So what's really cute about this restaurant? Well, it might be cute but for some, but it might be scary as hell to know that Hospitalis is one of (if not, the only) restaurant in town with the hospital concept! Yes you're going to feel like you're actually eating in a hospital because the decors that they're using for the interior rings "hospital" quite hard. Once you step yourself in, you're going to find a room decorated with majorly red color  (for some reasons red is really hospital-ish) with hospital amenities and elements like the wheel chairs for the chairs, eye test board, medical containers to keep the eating utensils, waiter and waitresses in doctors and nurses costumes and even the toilet signage actually look like ones in hospitals (photo below).

Venue wise, the restaurant wasn't exactly spacious, even though it looked slightly bigger than my expectation judging this restaurant from its exterior. The inside was quite clean and organized but clearly I wasn't impressed with the toilet as it was dirty and kinda turned me off. Another thing I love about this restaurant was their live kitchen concept where customers can see the cooking process where to me it looked like the staffs were actually in a surgery room doing some surgery procedures.
I sampled their new menus which will be available on the menu really-really soon and I got the first cover special for eatandtreats readers! The pricing of the food hasn't yet been decided.

Diablo Chicken Wings
The Diablo Chicken Wings was actually quite good with adorable semi-crispy coating, good seasoning and sauce glazing, not until the first bite and the fact that the chickens were not perfectly cooked turned me off right away. I got a picture to show you guys but I decided not to or else you won't be able to finish this entry. Flavor wise, it was actually pretty good it's just the cooking state that was really unfortunate.

Loving how they served this on an iron tray used in most medical procedures!

Hospitalis Ramen
Hospitalis' version of ramen was shoyu based ramen (soy-based broth) so the soup had this clearer appearance comparing to the Tonkotsu one. The broth was actually really good and savory only it was tad salty. The noodle's texture was chewy and rubbery (which I like) and the beef - which I thought was pork - was quite tender and chewy. Never really liked perfectly cooked eggs but I guess that's their concept for this dish so I appreciated it.

Hospitalis Beef Fried Rice
Do not judge its book by its cover but unfortunately this was the exception. Truth be told, its simple look actually align with the flavor: nothing really special. I didn't know how to explain this as I honestly didn't really like it, the fried rice actually tasted very amateur, the keropok was not crispy and crunchy and the cucumber and tomato slices did not look fresh (as you can tell). I wouldn't say that this was crazy disappointing but certainly not my standard when it comes to good.

Virgin Mexican Blood
IDR 31k
This was the most unique drink in Hospitalis as it's being served in this blood transfusion bag. I had doubts about this as I was questioning the hygiene but for some reasons I calmed myself that this was sterile or else it wouldn't be sold to the public. They have two kinds of this drink: the alcohol version and the virgin ones for those who don't drink alcohol like me. I love the idea of presentation but how about the flavor? It was actually pretty good as you could hint lime juice, a little pineapple (if I'm not mistaken) and Grenadine syrup. Nicely balanced sweetness and sour, sure worth your try.

Local Anesthetic
IDR 40k
This was my favorite item of the day! It was presented beautifully and again love the idea of presentation and the usage of syringe as the strawberry juice container. The yellow liquid if you wonder was actually the mix of orange juice, pineapple juice and the mini bubble thing was actually fruity caviar, but didn't taste fruity at all. As in for the overall flavor, I love this one as this was fresh, perfectly balanced sweetness and sour, fruity and there's something popping about this!
As in for the food, I wasn't quite impressed as I thought most of the food was mediocre, but I was quite impressed with the drinks and the whole concept. I recommend you guys going here if you're in for a drink treat! Price wise, most of the food here were pretty affordable, slightly lower than most hip eateries lately.

But hey, thanks Hospitalis for being unique and for coloring the Jakarta's rising F&B scene. I do have high hopes for you, it's just that it takes more than good looks to survive. Best of luck!

Hospitalis Resto and Bar
Jl. K.H. Ahmad Dahlan No. 31 (across HEMA restaurant)
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan 12130
021 - 9782 6123
Opening Hours:
Sun - Thu: 11 AM - 1 AM
Fri - Sat: 11 AM - 2 AM
Price Range: IDR 30 - IDR 200k
WiFi: Yes!


Map for HEMA restaurant

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