W Sentosa Cove, Sentosa Island Singapore

Went to Singapore last month for the grand launching of the new Sentosa Island (which I'm going to blog on the next post) and stayed at the gorgeous W Sentosa Cove!

Flew with Singapore Airlines. Amazing flight but the food was mediocre, nothing beats GA food!
Arrived at the most gorgeous airport in the world for me, Singapore's very own Changi Airport! The airport felt "greener" with the number of plants placed inside.
Wait till you see my car.
I love how they're super attentive with the service and all. Just like W Bali, a luxurious car (always managed the get the luxurious ones, thanks W) transferred me to the airport and inside, there were bottled water, candies, wet towels and fresh green apples to recharge the system!

Singapore was raining heavily but thank goodness the rain toned down to drizzle just a few moments before I arrived. This was the first time for me to actually go to Sentosa Cove and it was kind of far from the main Sentosa gate and RWS, almost isolated but then very exclusive! It was another 10 minutes ride just from Universal Studio. Sentosa Cove was actually more like an elite housing complex (yes you can tell), W stood gracefully there looking luxuriously pretty!
This was the car assigned to pick me up, Audi A8! I hope someday I could afford this goddamn amazing car!

Got dropped off the first floor but the receptionist and lounge were on the second floor but they have stairs and 360 degree elevators. When it comes to hospitality, W got me impressed my dear! The staffs were amazingly polite and really helpful. They helped me with the luggage right away and a staff escorted me to my room to make sure the check in was smooth. In a glance, W Sentosa wasn't as big as W Bali and in a sense, a little more serious and less casual than W Bali with the staffs suited up in uniforms (W Bali's staffs had this "batik" uniform but felt very casual), but they still have this sense of simplicity, homeyness and comfort with quirky cool design.

The lobby was quite large with access to outdoor view from the glass window.
Woobar, and yes it's indoor.

Free complimentary drink for all guests!
I love how the hotel was filled with quirky items but somehow turned out to be very cool, it's just so W!
The room was quite impressive, I would say it's pretty much as big as the rooms in W Bali (don't count the suite). I just love the ambience!!! Wanted to show you the harbour view but the view post the rain wasn't really breathtaking with dark clouds! The room's facilities was also pretty much like W Bali, LED TV, iPod dock (for iPhone 4, but they have the connection for iPhone 5), telephone, bathroom (which by the way quite spacious), large bath tub, mood lighting, music player, couch and some others.

Excuse the untidy bed cover, slept on it before realizing I have to take pics. Tired!
Welcome letter <3.

Printed hotel guides.
Don't you just love how the quirkiest could be the freaking coolest!

Adorably cute butterfly lamps!

Bath robe and another quirky goodness! Here in W Sentosa Cove, they're still using the same Bliss bath products and rubber ducks to accompany your bath tub moment.

Those who stayed in W (or any other hotels in Sentosa) were granted with the free Sentosa pass to save you some money everytime you want to enter Sentosa Island, I think it would save you around S$3.
I didn't like to sleep alone so I asked my buddy Christopher to gorge with me! Met Chris first time last year on bloggers trip to Sheraton Bali and we became good friends ever since! Met him in Orchard to do a little shopping because I had a very very limited time in Singapore (only 3 days trip). Didn't really find anything that captivates me even though I was on the "Singapore Great Sale" momentum. Chris bought a gorgeous Braun Buffel bag for S$600.
The gorgeous W logo during the night. Neon!

When I re-entered my room, I noticed that they also have this awesome light balls, didn't notice it on the afternoon because it was still bright.

DAY 2: woke up to an awesome weather...
The yacht harbour seemed pretty well occupied. So many rich Singaporeans! I love how blue the sky and the water were in contrast with the white colored yachts!

Even though technically I was on the "holiday trip", but since I still had a few things to work on (including more sleep time), I skipped on today's breakfast and let Chris had it, but then was super starving on the afternoon so we proceeded to have lunch at their restaurant: The Kitchen Table! This is where the guests had their breakfast and they serve International (Continental, Asian, Indian, Chinese) buffets and ala-carte.
Yogurt and salad station, they also provide juices but I think it's the orange juice that was freshly squeezed.
The range of the menu was quite impressive and me super love the Sashimi and egg stations! They had quite various egg creations (boiled, omelette, scrambled, sunny side up, pan fried and many more). Wasn't exactly impressed with the dimsum station because the Siewmay and Ha Kao were too soft and mushy, but the noodle station had this mild refreshing soup. They also have sausage stations, and impressive bread and pastries stations.

Their Sashimi was fresh, tender and melt in your mouth!
Ordered an ala-carte dish: Singapore Fried Noodle, it was really delicious with the wok-hei aroma surrounding the dish, and the filling was quite generous, but it's also the most expensive Fried Noodle that I've ever paid for... S$20 for a portion! -.-"
Fresh seafood!
I walked pass the gym and spa centre and they were quite spacious (but for some reasons forgot to snap pics), the gym was absolutely much bigger than the one in W Bali. The gym also had the the jacuzzi and hydrotheraphy pool, steam which were the free complimentary for hotel guests!

The weather was nice hence it's the perfect time to swim!
Well, to be honest I didn't go to swim but Chris did, I was too lazy to jump in, instead, I took pics and play with the water sitting on the side of the pool. The pool was quite huge and was occupied mostly by kids.
The pool area also had private lounge area and they provided lounge chairs, inflatable sofas, hammocks and bean-bags.

Water soooo blue! Say hi to Chris! He was busy texting and playing with his so-called waterproof phone in the water...only to realize that the phone wasn't entirely waterproof and he was left with some wet spots LOL!

Gorgeous view from here <3.
Another quirky item detected: huge ribbon candy located at the center of the mini park! It was again... cool <3.
After a while, it rained again.

Teaser of the next post! The main reason why I was assigned here :).

Staying in W Singapore is one of the things that you should do if you have the chance. Staying here might not be exactly cheap - rate starts from S$380 -, but if you're looking for a sweet escape and a rather more quiet ambiance, this hotel is quite recommended. The funny thing is that this is W, I don't know if I'm too used to W Bali but the crowd was quite sheer, not exactly packed and vibrant like the one in W Bali, but since I was on my no-social mode, I kinda expected it to be honest, in a way, this is a proper family hotel.

The only downside from this hotel is probably the location, but not like downside downside, it's just that since it's located in Sentosa Cove, which I mentioned to be a little isolated and deep inside, if you want to somewhere outside Sentosa and it has to be the "right on the spot" moment, you might find it a little hard because then the only transportation that you could take is the taxi, but if you're not in a rush, they also provide scheduled shuttle bus to Vivo City and ION Orchard, back and forth, just make sure you have the shuttle schedule that they provide in the concierge.

Overall, it was a pleasant stay, thank you W Singapore for your humbleness and hospitality!

W Sentosa Cove Singapore
21 Ocean Way
Sentosa Cove, Sentosa Island
Singapore 098374
+65 6808 7288 // For Indonesians -> 0807 108 8888


Map for W Sentosa Cove

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