BLU at Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta

Just recently, Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta launched a new pop-up social venue called "BLU". Located in what originally was "Satoo Garden", this new restaurant/club/lounge is going to be the 'it' spot for social people.

Well why would I say so? First glance at this place and I got the impression that this place belong to "social people"... in the most elegant and fun way, and besides this so-called "social venue" is the all in entertainment station: you can call it a bar, lounge and club, just typically where most social people would go.

I was fortunate enough to participate in their soft opening times (yes not yet grand opening) and here I am sharing you my experience.

Entrance, you might be familiar with this if you've visited Satoo Garden before.
Oh that Shangri-La pool, wanna take a quick dip hey you? Now this is literally exciting blue.
Before proceeding and getting to the BLU, I was obsessed with Shangri-La's garden, it was just green and I'm obsessed with green things, even more when I returned from my birthday trip. Green is such a pleasure to the eyes, mind and heart <3.

Outdoor seating (right)

I must say that this place looked slightly less elegant during the day, but during the night - along with the bubbling blue lights - the aura of this place suddenly turned a little more expensive, exclusive and intimate, well clearly not that intimate-intimate because this is technically a social venue.

There were several seating areas located indoor and outdoor - technically both outdoor but the indoor one referred to those shielded with roof - but the highlight of the place must be the BEDS! Yes they have beds here, and to be able to sit here, minimum charge of IDR 1,2 mil will be billed to you, just make sure you won't misuse the bed, especially when you're drunk, you're going to pay more for penalties and your shame pride. Remember, beds could be overwhelming *wink*.

BLU is concepted to be restaurant from 5 PM - 7 PM and the initial lounge/club/bar warmed up on 8PM till 12 AM, but please remember (I even bold this), BLU will be available weekly only from Wednesday-Saturday from 5 PM - 12 AM. On my visit, I was served some of their finest cocktails like their signature Daiquiri, Frozen Margarita, wines and champagnes, I am not a big alcohol person, but I must admit their Frozen Margarita was quite refreshing. Started off quite heavy and deep, but faded to this soft aftertaste in a minute. It was sour, tangy sparkling but overall nice! If you love soften tone, then their Daiquiri was also good and less heavy.

Cute glass

Arrived on 5 PM and this was taken around 6, the mood lighting started to pop, gradients of blue and purple.

I also tried some of their capanes and quite liked some of them like the BLU Burger, Smoked Salmon Rocket, Chickey Satay (must try!), Macarons and Eclairs. I didn't manage to snap decent pics because it was so blue and the food didn't look like a goddamn food!!! I recommended those if you want to grab the dinner here. FYI the dinner T&C in BLU also included chef's special set menu, I'm so going back and updated this post with more food info because this post was really heavy on the venue itself (totally realized it).
The guests were also entertained by "fire show" by the talented bartenders.
Mandatory "spitfire" action!
The ambiance felt more alive the later it was, along with flowing cocktails and DJ spinning the jam!
It was a good spot and good experience but I honestly said that they must take care of the air circulation, not to mention there were quite a lotta people and it was just hot, standing ACs should be good solutions please!

Do you need to dress up? Well I must say yes but doesn't have to be extra fancy, tidy casual would do, just remember it's located in such a high class hotel like Shangri-La.

Overall, I think BLU is the new it spot, I can tell the hype is quite good (based on what I see on socmeds too). I'll keep you guys updated with more info of BLU and especially its food, and don't forget to follow my Instagram :).

Feeling BLU is not so bad right? ;).

Disclaimer: this is for you who have been asking about this: the continuation of Satoo Garden is still under consideration so it's still not finalized whether after BLU wraps up there will still be Satoo Garden or BLU will eventually take the permanent spot.

BLU at Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta
Kota BNI Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav. 1
Jakarta Pusat 10220
021 - 2939 9580
Price Range: IDR 100k - IDR 2 mil
Dresscode: Clean and tidy, but not very casual
Wifi: Yes


Map for Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta

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