Seminyak Italian Food Restaurant at Double Six Luxury Hotel Bali

As you know, I just got back from a splendid trip in Bali all thanks to Double Six Luxury Hotel for letting me to experience the best that it has to offer. I had so many stories to share but I'm going to keep you guys very-very excited because first, I am going to be reviewing this restaurant which you can call the current 'it' restaurant in Bali (Seminyak to be exact) and even cooler, the fact that it's actually a part of Double Six Luxury Hotel Seminyak! It's one of the five ventures located in there.

I don't know why but lately I have been feeling the urge to blog, I wouldn't say I got motivated but I just wanted to constantly update and the reason I'm doing this post first instead of the hotel review is because this has way less photos and I always love to write about food so yeah! This post I'm going to be talking about my culinary experience in Seminyak Italian Food starting from the breakfast, lunch to the dinner.

Robert Marchetti is the genius behind those F&B ventures in Double Six Luxury Hotel and he should be thanked hard for his presence and ideas. Besides Seminyak Italian Food, the other F&B outlets are Double Six Rooftop (coming on the next post), Sling Bar, Robert Marchetti The Plantation Grill and Lagoon Bar (the bar located beside the pool). For more detailed info about their F&B outlets, click here.

Seminyak Italian Food is located just above the lobby level and the whole floor's dedicated to the restaurant. There were major wood material application to the interior and exterior of the restaurant making it a little retro but incredibly sophisticated and in a way quirky with the illustrations and paintings. There's something that I can't explain but I love the ambiance of the restaurant, it felt so comfortable and belonging, unexpectedly during the night. Bali was on the coldest that I've ever experienced (literally no sweat!) and during the night you're going to find yourself swept gracefully by the breeze and it happened that the breeze was such a good company while I was enjoying my scrumptious dinner.

Ok nuff yakking... PHOTOS! Only showing you the day interior shots.

Super love the al fresco (outdoor) area of the restaurant with direct access to the view of the beach and the 120m pool.
 Best seat if you're alone or in couple.

Unlike most hotels, Double Six Luxury Hotel is apparently an anti-mainstream. They don't do buffet breakfast and instead they do "made to order" breakfasts and guests are allowed to choose what they want from the printed menu. Guests get to have:
- 2 items from the Cereals, Fruity and Pastry Drive By selections
- 1 savory menu
- Single choice of juice or tea/coffee

Grain Bread, this was fluffy, best served warm with butter or olive oil. I like mine with olive oil and a little pinch of salt.
 Left: salt and pepper container, Right: cute wet tissue to wipe the dirt out before eating.
I decided to go with their "Full Steam Ahead" set (IDR 110k) and on the plate are two organic scrambled eggs, cherry tomatoes, garlic mushrooms, chicken and pork sausage, thicked out grilled bacon and grilled asparagus. Generally this was good! The sausages (especially the pork one) was juicy and tender and the bacon was cooked crispy while still leaving certain parts to be tender. The organic scrambled eggs actually a tad creamier and in a sense, milkier for my liking. Other than that, this was a bliss in the morning.
 Mineral water, they're using Acqua Panna
Had to recharge myself with their "Dragon Fruit Juice" (IDR 55k - left), the juice consist of other mixes such as home made coconut milk, banana and honey. The texture was creamy but in the yummiest way, the overall flavor was really good, perfect sweetness and was just refreshing, I was kinda addicted to be honest. The one on the right was Mango Juice (IDR 35k) and it was nice and fresh like well made mango juices.

In Seminyak Italian Food, the lunch menu was different than the breakfast menu but it's pretty much the same for dinner service. The menu ranges nicely from Carpaccio, Salumi, Antipasto, Mozarella, Bringing Back Bruschetta, Pasta - Risotto, Roman Express (set menu), Secondi, Contorni (side dishes), Dolce, Dolce Piccola, Formaggio and those were a lot! It was tough to choose because everything were described equally yummy but we had to choose eh? If you want to see their menu you can click here.

Couldn't stop munching on these home made breads (complimentary). The stick ones were my favorite! Again, love mine with olive oil, salt and a little black pepper. Yumster! PS I loved that wooden bread basket.
Their cute olive oil bottle

CONTORNI: Crispy Potatoes, Rosemary, Garlic and Lemon Sea Salt 
IDR 60k
The potatoes were cooked beautifully and seasoned very lightly! You had crispy, moist, fragrant all in one plate.

Generally their pastas came in huge portion, it so happens that they're applying the "love-to-share" Italian eating culture, I highly recommend you guys to order some and then share.

Spaghetti Vongole Pasta
IDR 120k
I love the moisture and the consistency of the pasta here in general, well I guess they produced well made homemade pastas! They were generally al dente so they're still a little firm and chewy. For this particular pasta, again, the clams were fresh and the overall seasoning was light but right on the spot.

Fresh Maltagliati
IDR 100k
This wet pasta was one of my favorites of the day. The pasta (Maltagliati) had this random shaped and had this thin Tagliatelle like texture, in a way like wonton but thicker. This consist of peas, shredded chicken with lemon and Thyme sauce dressing. Simply good, humble but delicious.

Spaghetti Marinata Marche Style (wrapped in cooking paper)
IDR 180k
Not sure if the paper they're using is parchment or not but I do love wrapped pasta, even though after you opened it might not be the most photogenic anymore but who cares? The filling was generous: mussels, prawns, fish, clams cooked with garlic, tomato and white wine sauce. I quite like this one except for the fish which I found a litte dry and wasn't on the freshest.

Fettuccine con Bologne
IDR 100k
Okay I gotta love this one. Concept wise, might be the most simple but flavor wise, lovely! The pasta was black pepper infused fettuccine with beef ragu in Bologna style cooking. The beef ragu had this nice savory flavor and the blackpepper pasta (even though I didn't really hint the black pepper flavor) was just perfectly al dente.


Uno Minuti Bistecca
Thin sliced Rib Eye steak with anchovy garlic butter and watercress salad dressing. The meat was marinated beautifully and executed as equal resulting this juicy and tender meat. Again, most of the food here was seasoned lightly but managed to hit that "oh good" state. Since this was the only Secondi served on the lunch, this one was my favorite.

ANTIPASTI: Calamari Fritti
IDR 85k
Excuse me if I insult anybody here but from all the food I had on the breakfast, lunch and dinner, this one stole my heart the most! Technically it's deep fried coated calamari but it's something about the seasoning that really stood out. I mean I love Italian food, but I can't resist that I am Indonesian and I like bolder flavors and this one got me hooked right on the spot.

IDR 80k
This food was actually deep fried cheese with spinach crispy rice balls. There were four kinds of cheese: Gorgonzolla, Feta, Parmesan and Asiatoo. As you guys know I am not a cheese eater but I decided to have this to try out, still pretty much cheesy for me but not how I expected this to be (which was good). This was a good appetizer.

Mozarella Burrata
IDR 140k
Another cheese course but since this is Mozarella - FYI Mozarella is THE ONLY type of cheese I could handle - I decided to man up and try this, and for the first time I would say that cheese is actually quite delicious, but no I am not a freaking convert now but this, with the mint, shallots and lemon salad was a good combination. You had tangy, sour, subtle, mild, fresh on a plate, something that cheese lovers shouldn't skip!

Everything We Have
IDR 120k
Everything We Have set consist of their fresh cold cuts and you could actually see the cutting process. The cold cuts were Salami, Beef Bresaola, Mortadella, Prosciuto . Generally fresh and tasty.

SECONDI: Lance di Pesce
IDR 190k
Excuse the unclear angle but it's actually a grilled seafood skewer, what makes this dish different from any other seafood skewers were the fact that they didn't use wooden stick, and instead they used Rosemary leaves as the skewer! No wonder why this food had this adorable rosemary scent in which it worked best with grilled food! The seasoning was adorable! It's just unfortunate that certain parts of the seafood was overburnt and bitter, and for IDR 190k you only got two skewers, kinda hefty for me.

Ciambelle Bambino
IDR 60k
This was their homemade doughnuts and ZOMG they were really good. Okay I might sound like dessert-biased but seriously you have to try this humble menu! It was so simple but so good!!! The bread was fluffy and soft, especially when you had it together with the Vanilla custard cream! Heaven! OMG WHY DO I HAVE TO WRITE THIS LATE I AM FREAKING HUNGRY! Seriously I would go to this place whenever I'm in Bali just to have this.

IDR 90k
Their Tiramisu was actually very good in both texture and flavor. Creamy with bold consistency and flavor but I just found this to be a tad cheesy and milky for my liking, but from the first scoops, I knew this was good. If only I am more cheese resistant *sigh*.
Okay so there you have it! The scrumptious food I had in Seminyak Italian Food among my stay! Generally the food were good, very fresh, light, delicious. The only negative comment that I could give is the fact that the good was generally good, it lacked this memorable character to it (except the Calamari Fritti). I mean, I love bold flavors and usually those kind of food would stick with me and my mind, and then proceed to make me crave for more.

Okay I admit I am such a dessert-biased now I want their desserts!

The buzz of this restaurant is pretty big right now and I would still happily recommend you to go here and try their food or at least their ambiance, do the trying and let you palate do the talking and decide later for the upcoming. Even when I have the time and happen to be in the Seminyak area, I would love to go back here and have more lunch, there are several menus that I am still curious at when I was browsing through their digital menu which you can read here.

GREAT NEWS FOR THE GORGEOUS LADIES! Currently every Wednesday they're having the Ladies Night promotion, so by the end of your dinner the staff will come to you along with two dices for you to throw, if you're lucky enough to get the "double six", your bill's waived off! In this case, luck matters LOL!

Special thanks to Seminyak Italian Food for hosting this lovely session. It was such a bliss to be able to dine here and stay tuned for the full hotel review. I am working on it, just so many photos to select.

Good night and have delicious dreams treaters! Ciao!

Seminyak Italian Food
Double Six Luxury Hotel, Mezzanine fl.
No. 66, Double Six Beach Road
Seminyak, Bali
0361 734 300
Opening Hours:
Breakfast: 7 AM - 11 AM
Lunch: 12 PM - 4 PM
Spuntini: 4 PM - 5.30 PM
Dinner: 5.30 PM - MIDNIGHT
Price Range: IDR 100 - 300k (IDR 200k/head)
WiFi: Yes
Dresscode: Casual


Map for Double Six Luxury Hotel

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