Kosenda Hotel Jakarta - Hotel Review

For some, the idea of staycation is a little insane and fortune-wasting. I have friends asking me why I love to splurge by staying at hotels in town while you have your own home. I honestly don't know the the exact reason why I love it but I know enough I don't need one, it's just that I like it and I love trying new places which I'll eventually take as "experience". I have been doing quite a few staycations lately but I haven't gotten the chance to blog everything due to the lack of time and I am super duper busy lately, but for you my lovely readers I'm sitting in front of the lappy while becoming a night owl and doing this post! Can I be more dedicated I deserve an award!

Now this hotel might be petite but I must say this hotel's one of the coolest there is when it comes to the design. Located around the Sarinah Thamrin area, this hotel's relatively attractive with its quirky architecture design and illustrations all over the wall making it almost impossible not to look over. Getting here was really easy (aside from the fact that this hotel is near my house and I pass this hotel almost everyday), it's just across the well known Sarinah Mall and if you took the street from Tanah Abang, you just have to turn left from Tanah Abang (but you shouldn't take the underground pass), if you go here using TransJakarta, stop at the Sarinah station and took 5 minutes walk to Wahid Hasyim road.

I have been wanting to stay here ever since it's being introduced to public last year, especially when I hear they're using my favorite brand for bath amenities *.*, keep reading to know which one.

Even the sign board is cool.
Wouldn't call it a "gate" but this one's "gate-like"
Too much shadow porn <3.

Obsessed with the plants located just in front of the lobby entrance, couldn't stop taking pictures, do you think I have weird interest? ;p. - PS: these photo was actually taken the next day.

Even the inside is still very quirky but so bloody cool! The right photo below was on their lobby area.
This was taken near the toilet, the lighting was awesome!
Spiders on the wall! Coolness overload.
The check in was smooth and easy and since I stayed here only for one night I didn't bring so many stuff (what for?). Don't expect that there will be a staff greeting you and escorting you to your room, remember, this is a boutique hotel, not those glamorous luxury city hotels so I was totally aware of that even before actually coming here, but I was glad enough that during my stay, the staffs I met were polite and smiley.

Decided to go with the "COMFORTA" room, it's the second grade room in this hotel and I was occupied on the 7th floor.
My first impression of the room: it was a little more petite that I expected (it was like half of my room at home), especially after I saw the pictures from their website (first world's problems) but despite the space issue, I still found the room to be quite comfortable. I have been staying at several boutique hotels before and so far I have been admiring The Hoxton Hotel in London, the room was petite (but clearly bigger than this one) but graciously proper, super duper comfortable, just how my ideal boutique hotel should look like.

Love the hangers, so cute!

This 18 sqm room basically consist of Lady Americana queen bed, 32 inch LED TV, bathroom space (which I put special love but with very minimum coverage), desk with stationery - I love the fact that they prepared stationery such as ruler, corrector, eraser, scissors -, vintage looking phone, iPhone/iPod deck to charge and amplify the music through the speaker and some other basics like lamps, hair dryers and toiletries. I looked at their website before that people who are staying at the COMFORTA room would receive free complimentary from their very own 127 Cafe but for some reasons, I didn't get one.
Another thing I love about Kosenda, gloriously fast freaking WiFi!!!

It was very nice of them for being generous with the mineral water. They gave each room 4 free complimentaries of 600ml.

Now I love this part. I have been a huge fan of this product and I was beyond happy that Kosenda's using...
I am a big fan of Kiehl's and has been using their products forever...but I never tried this variant before and I love that they're using this Vanilla & Cedarwood variant for the shower gel, shampoo and body lotion, smells so freaking goooood! It had that caramelish scent, a little musky and of course dominated by vanilla but in the most pleasant way. A 65ml is more than enough for a day, especially the shower gel: a little goes along the way!
As in for the toilet, it had very minimum coverage and lotsa exposure so I guess if you came here with someone you truly call "friends", I guess you guys should really figure a way out LOL!
- - -
Hungry as hell and went to the Waha Kitchen to have my super late dinner. Oh I checked in around 9 and had my dinner around 9.30-ish, fatso! I am not going to say much about the food as I will tell you in a different post, it's just that I don't like to do a combined review, separated dining post is mandatory!!! Generally I would say I have mixed impression about the food here.
Waha Kitchen was located on the lobby level and just beside the 127 Cafe. Waha might not be big, remember the hotel's not big on the first place but it was really comfortable. It's just the way they design and layout the whole area to this space where I could be comfortable in enjoying whatever that I was doing and I have to give my thumbs up for them.

Again, as quirky as they could be.

Finally, after being super curious about this place, right after dinner, I proceeded to Awan Lounge, not to sit and had drinks but at least to look at this place because so many people have come and gave mixed thoughts about this. When it comes to me, I must say that I wasn't entirely impressed with Awan Lounge based on what I saw. First, I was expecting this magnificent Jakarta view from this spot but since Kosenda was not exactly high and it's not exactly located in the heart of Jakarta like Monas or HI so the view that I got was kind of minimum, just lights, rooftops and quite a few buildings. There weren't many people when I came in which then made me assume that this place should be a good spot if you want to have a relaxed time with friends or lovers (I did see quite a few couples). My favorite seating gotta be the one next to the bar (photo below) as I think it offered the best view and felt less-isolated. However, since I didn't try any of their food and beverage, I would love to come back for more of what Awan Lounge had to surprise me.

The best seating, the one with the best view!

- - -
GOOD MORNING! I always have amazing sleeps during staycations. FYI I am typing this at 2 AM I couldn't freaking sleep but during staycations I managed to sleep earlier and had quality sleeps FML.

Love the morning light boosting through the window. Instagram material.
They provided the guest with the comment card for us to rate the whole thing.
Adorable ceiling lamps not too far from my room.
 Can't be anymore hipster.
Breakfast at Waha Kitchen, same as the dinner, the details will be on another post. What I could tell you is that I was quite impressed with their coffee, heard they're using Morph.
Right after having my breakfast, I proceeded back to my room and repacking stuff because the check out time was 12 PM. The checkout was even easier and took less than the check in which was good.

You'll be pleaded guilty for not taking the money shots! Look at that shadows <3.
I might sound like a freaking narcissistic but I humbly admit I love my photos on this post but the place itself was such an effortless beauty already.
Okay, let's recap the whole thing. In a nutshell I had a lovely stay lah! Had amazing sleep in their petite room, amazing shower LOL, quite decent food (upcoming), casual polite staffs. Kosenda hotel is a one cool hispter hotel. It literally rings hipster so much I could hear.

I wouldn't say staying here is considered cheap but it's certainly cheaper than most city hotels in town. I spent around IDR 1,7 mil (including the dinner at Waha), the room itself was around IDR 1,3 mil alone (including 21% tax and service). Did I get what I pay for? I would say 85% but I had no regrets, I love the idea of trying and experiencing... again, TRYING and EXPERIENCING. If I was an expat, this is a kind of hotel that I would go along work trip because of its strategic location and decent quality. I heard they also have a gym station but I didn't look around but I actually wonder how would the gym look like.

In the hotel industry, the rates changes through time so you better click here for any rate updates.

Staying at Shangri-La would cost you around IDR 1,8 mil/night for their standard deluxe room with way more things to offer: way more spacious room, delicious buffet breakfast (at Satoo for goodness sake) and for those I would love to spend extra $50 to for Shangri-La, but it's not fair to actually compare this as they're on a completely different class and market, for some reasons just wanted to point this out for consideration.

Stay tuned for the second part of this post and for more staycation experience. Had others but haven't gotten the chance and diligence to blog about them. Okay, getting sleepy now till the next post kthxbye!!! 

Kosenda Hotel
Jl. K.H. Wahid Hasyim No. 127
Tanah Abang, Jakarta Pusat 10240
021 - 3193 6868
Price: $$


Map for Kosenda Hotel

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