Woodpecker Coffee Panglima Polim Jakarta

The coffee shop scene in Jakarta is currently trending than ever, new and new coffee shops are growing rapidly and the numbers are getting stronger, not only that, they're getting more and more...hipster-ish.

Well, if you love hipster-ish coffee shop, then I am more than pleased to welcome you one of the newest coffee shops in town: WOODPECKER!
Woodpecker's located in the Panglima Polim road, exactly beside the well known Holy Gyu - which was the next destination after having a coffee break here, review coming later on - and across Mangia and Taco Local. This coffee shop was petite, but I love the sense of comfort of this place and adore the usage of glass as their window because I am very much obsessed with daylight-bright coffee shops with much access of sunlight, I don't know, there's a little sense of homey, romantic, refreshing and enlightening when coffee meets the day. The feeling is recharging.

There were two separated areas, I guess the one separated with glass door supposed to be for smokers but I didn't see anybody smoke when I was around (which was freaking good), and for the main seating area, it's just so simple but very comfortable and they mostly use earthy elements to decor everything like cement, wood and plants.

A little green wouldn't hurt.
 Hipster magazines for you to read, I wish coffee shops had more Cereal and Kinfolk btw.

I was quite shocked by how cheap (or affordable) the products sold here, the coffee started from IDR 15k - IDR 27k! Normally it hit the "30" or "40". They currently only served Waffle as the "main course" and I of course ordered it! I also ordered their Iced Cappuccino for IDR 27k and their Oreo waffle. They had two variants for their waffle: original and Oreo, both for the same price which is IDR 15k (plain), you can also custom the consistency of the waffle, either you like it dry and crispy or moist and chewy. If you want some more interesting toppings (which I bet you can't resist) like Nutella (+10k) and Banana (+5k), then additional charges would apply.
Mandatory top shot!
I was honestly quite irritated with their paper cup for their cold beverages, because to me, it looked like kids' cheap birthday party paper cups, I highly suggest they use glass for their cold beverages, because honestly, it would match their concept waaaay better!!! As in for the coffee, it was a good cappuccino but not out of the world good, the coffee was actually a little deeper and more acid, I liked something that's a little more subtle and mild, but still rich if you know what I mean. The waffle was also good but I didn't really hint a strong Oreo flavor, but thank God for the Nutella, it lived up the flavor and made everything better! But again, it's the Nutella not the waffle. The banana was also thin sliced, but I was expecting the creamier fluffier type of banana (almost caramelized) and more generous to be honest :), well, at least it's pretty for the photo right?
 Hello pretty!
 Close up of the texture.
Well my visit didn't do all the judgement, I still feel like I need to explore more, but based on my first visit, totally in love with the venue, but not crazy with their coffee, it was just okay good, not "I want to come back and crave" good.

But if you're one of those people who have the need to post new hispterish coffee shop pics to your Instagram, this might be the right place! Plus amazing lighting so I guess your photo should be good... and oh, not to mention they also have amazing fast WiFi! Bet you can spend hours here just by yourself while KPOing your feed!

In the end, thanking this coffee shop for coloring the scene. Lots of luck ahead!!!

Jl. Panglima Polim V No. 23 (beside Holy Gyu)
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan 12160
Opening Hours: 10 AM - 10 PM
Price Range: IDR 15k - IDR 30k
WiFi: Yes


Map for Holy Gyu, Woodpecker's located just beside

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