The following name might be one of the most anticipated restaurants opening in town: RUTH’S CHRIS STEAK HOUSE.
Ruth Chris’ Steak House first came to the scene in 1965 at New Orleans by the founder herself, Ruth Fertel. More than 5 decades later, the vision is still as solid as ever, and the business, well... stronger than ever with outlets located in New Orleans, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and now, Jakarta!

I am a huge fan of steaks, but I don’t eat steaks at random places or at every cafes that serves one. I only eat steaks at places where they claim themselves to be a specialist, or when I am convinced enough to have one, that's because eating good steaks might cost you a little fortune, so I tend to be more careful when choosing my steaks and specifically steaks, and I could be very upset when knowing that I had bad ones, but if you understand the beauty of good quality steak, you will also understand why it’s worth the money. Talk about investment for your palate and tummy, at least for that moment.
Jakarta is the hometown of Ruth’s Chris Steak House’s first outlet in Indonesia, and strategically located at the busy Kuningan area, precisely in the Somerset Residence, next to Ciputra World 1/Lotte Shopping Avenue.
Becoming a fine dining steak house, the concept is supported with such elegant deco, ambiance, neat, classy and professional service, in a sense, that formality of fine-dining attitude. You will see things likes the simple table-setting with white clothing neatly folded, friendly staffs greeting you upon arrival to the moment you're escorted to your table. Metaphor is behind all the design, and for those who are aware of them and their design, you should know how they have this signature design thing where they love to add in a touch of minimalist, mixed with a little industrial, like the caged hanging lamps, and clean overall look.

The restaurant occupies a 120 seating capacities in total, inclusing the VIP rooms for that more private dining experience, there are rooms with capacity of 10 and 20, and so far I heard there’s no minimum charge requirement (well the pricing’s a bit high too), and anyway, boy DO I LOVE the VIP room! So chic with that homey ambiance to it, the dim lighting makes it even more intimate and romantic.

It happens that TONIGHT is the opening of Ruth’s Chris Steak House and I attended the bloggers wine-pairing luncheon just earlier today and here I am sharing my experience with you, just in case you just wanna hop on your car and hop off to this restaurant, they're probably already fully booked as this post is written and published, bad news is that they’re fully booked for tomorrow’s Valentine Day! My God so many excited Jakartans!

They gave each and everyone of us the Mardi Gras beads and the stress cow! Attention to details, the cow has the nippie hippie too :P
Sizzlin’ Blue Crab Cakes - IDR 230k
This was probably the most delicious crab cakes I’ve ever had in life. Unlike most of the crab cakes I’ve had before, their crab cake consist of 100% crab meat cooked in pan-seared style, none of that flour or batter to make the crab cake looking thick and crispy. They only use salt and pepper to season the crab cake, but it was perfect and spot-on, the serving came with beautifully packaged lemon, I tried the before and after lemon and the lemon indeed elevated the flavor, and in the same time balanced out everything. Too bad they only came in appetizer style, I would be more than happy to have it in super large size like one of those Japanese okonomiyaki size. Must try!

Barbequed Shrimp - IDR 360k
Another stunning dish that YOU MUST TRY! The shrimp was fantastic, fresh and juicy and dressed in their New Orleans signature butter sauce, the sauce was just so perfect and orgasmic, it had this hint of garlic and herb flavor to it, but not too much, just perfectly savory. Don’t let the waiters take away the left over sauce, you better get some of that damn breads and start rolling it on the sauce.
Lobster Bisque
The lobster bisque consist of lobster (exactly), pumpkin and cream. I feel like each element really gave balanced out one another, but overall it’s more to the sweeter flavor. It still had that rich lobster flavor with a hint of sweet and altogether subtle aftertaste. This was certainly one of the most balanced ones as I normally dislike lobster bisque for its fishy smell and quirky taste.

Ruth’s Chris Chop Salad - IDR 140k
I did not try the salad, which is unfortunate due to some reasons: I really can’t have blue cheese, and too bad they mentioned about it, but I heard that the salad consist of 15 different ingredients.
Petite Fillet – IDR 570k
So what exactly is the secret to that succulent, sizzling and mouth-watering steaks of Ruth’s Chris? First off, the meat, for the steaks here, they use USDA prime beef (corn-fed), according to  The steaks here are cooked with specially designed broiler only for Ruth’s Chris Steak House, and they even trademarked the design already so you won’t see this anywhere else in the world. They’re cooked in super high temperature: 1800 degree fahrenheit or 980 degree celcius, and the plate itself is heated to 500 degree fahrenheit to keep the steak sizzling hot! Well you better sizzle my nizzle!

When you’re used to having your steaks served with fries and sauce in a single serving, you can enjoy and *ahem* elevate your experience with Ruth’s Chris Steak House where they serve the steak just like that, just that chunky meat and ONLY seasoned with salt and pepper, and they’ve been doing that for more than 50 years! If you get too carried away with all this Valentine’s day thingy and feel like your steak is standing there looking too naked & lonely, you can totally pair it with some of their best selling sides: mashed potato (ultra smooth) almost like a thick cream, asparagus, onion rings and butter cooked mushroom! I honestly will love the mashed potato even more if they have more texture and lump to it, that’s just my personal thing, while the asparagus and mushroom were perfect! The mushroom was chunky and juicy in each bite. Aligning from the fact how the cows are corn-fed, the meat should have that hint of sweet to the flavor.

And yes, the steak was indeed one of the best I’ve had anywhere in Jakarta, perfectly cooked on my request (medium rare), the surface of the beef was cooked to perfection and just more and more tender and juicy all the way to the center. The seasoning was spot-on. I love how the super hot plate and the butter allows the cooking process to stay longer. 230 grams of sex in my palate!
 Asparagus, paired with Hollandase sauce - IDR 140k
 That perfect looking onion rings (IDR 120k)
 Juicy sauteed mushrooms (IDR 120k)! OMG this is seriously so good!
 Reheating the beef on the hot plate, you can totally hear the sizzle!
 The rare part is now cooked.
Cheesecake with Fresh Berries - IDR 150k
I have been telling my readers for numerous times how I am not a big fan of cheese, and as usual, before actually experiencing cheesy food, I always find myself becoming, well not nervous, but this weird emotion how in the same time you’re skeptical and this self-reflect towards cheese, but guess what? This gave me chill!

After that first bite, THIS CHEESECAKE WAS INSTANTLY DA BOMB! It’s cream smooth, topped with sweetened sour cream and perfect crust! It actually didn’t even taste like cheese for me, it’s almost like this salty ice cream with a hint of caramel flavor. A sweet opening that you should have on your table as a closure.

Thank you Ruth’s Chris Steak House for coming, raising the bar of the steakhouse in town, and spreading the sizzling love among us!

Eating at Ruth’s Chris Steak House is not cheap, especially for Jakarta standards, but hey, I guess pricing is a relative thing, and a steakhosue this good will have its market. I have good hopes for Ruth’s Chris Steak House! Welcome and terrific luck!

Ruth's Chris Steak House
Somerset Residence Lobby Level
Jalan Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav. 3-5
Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan 12940
021 - 5221 178
Opening hours:
Lunch: 12 PM-3 PM
Dinner: 5:30 PM-11 PM
Dresscode: business casual
Average spending for two: IDR 2 mil
WiFI: yes


Map for Somerset

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