Not too long ago, one of my favorite Bandung coffee shops chain, Two Hands Full, opened their a new branch of their Two Hands Full brand at Ciumbuleuit following their highly successful branch in Jalan Sukajadi, they call this outlet Two Hands Full Garage for it is located at the 107 Garage Room, a cross brand social space that host some of the coolest local food & fashion establishments under one roof.
THF Garage is way smaller than their Sukajadi outlet, but it's totally brighter with strong minimalist design character, and being a sucker for those, overall I might like the look of this outlet better than their Sukajadi outlet which is always overly packed, luckily on my last visit to Bandung, it rains almost all the time so the weather was a bit cool and I enjoyed chilling at the communal semi-outdoor area where everyone can sit around the wood stairs almost like a mini park.

I might never reviewed their previous outlet on the blog, but if you've been following me on Instagram or Snapchat, I have always raved about how good their coffee and brunch here, so can I just say that generally the coffees that you're seeing here are really good with good amount of body character, aromatic and creamy. Price range for their coffee here is from IDR 30k, but one thing that I NEVER SKIP when coming to THF is definitely their chai latte. THEY SERIOUSLY MAKE THE BEST CHAI LATTE EVER!
Hot cappuccino
BOMB! Iced Chai Latte with Soymilk - IDR 26k. What I love the most about their chai latte is probably because it's not overly milky (I am talking about the non-soy version of it), it's sweet, creamy and I found that the amount of herb is good enough (some might like it stronger), and the soy they're using just elevated the flavor and made it way more delicious to my liking! SO YES TO THA SOY!!!
Nutella Toast
Nothing out of the world special, toast and Nutella should always be safe, but I like how they cook the brioche bread to have this semi-crispy texture and moist in the same time.
Smoothie Bowl
I did not try this as it's my friend's order, but she said it's quite delicious.
Family photo - Bandung Tanpa Judul <3 (only chosen people understand). We had two pics and this one was the "fierce" version (but since we all looked so bloody Chinese we didn't quite get that fierceness NOT RACIST OK!)
Thank you for reading <3


Two Hands Full Garage
Jalan Ciumbuleuit No. 107
Hegarmanah, Cidadap
Bandung, Jawa Barat 40142
Opening hours: 9 AM-9 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 80k
Dresscode: none


Map for 107 Garage Room

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