Kitchenette Jakarta New Creations!

This particular restaurant needs no more introduction, especially the role behind this restaurant which is the Ismaya group, Since its first launched few years back, Kitchenette has been one of the most popular restaurants in Jakarta, if not the most popular out of all Ismaya ventures! Just a while ago, Kitchenette is releasing some new menus which are now available in the market and their outlets, I along with some bloggers got the chance to try out some of the treats on the food tasting panel held in their Senayan City branch.

Moving forward to the meal and done with all the yakkings, here are some of the new courses released by Kitchenette to satisfy your (always) hungry tummy! Prepare to get nom-ed!

Baja Fried Fish Tacos with Avocado and Homemade Salsa
IDR 75k

The fish was cooked beautifully, just properly fried and lightly seasoned, but as in overall, I was expecting more seasoning and more playful flavors, this was just a little plain for me, I was hoping the flavor to be bold and a little tangy and for two pieces, I found 75k to be a little pricy honestly.

Chicken Dobladitas
IDR 69k

If the previous course was a little plain, this one was so much more the opposite, this was for me the pretty decent course! Inside was the Dobladitas (which by the way means “folded”) – folded flour tortillas with shredded chicken, cheese and mayonaisse! The shredded chicken was nicely seasoned and cooked beautifully, it was tender and still juicy, for a more “satisfying” course like this, the price tag was still more reasonable comparing to the previous one.

Southern Fried Chicken Waffle with Chili Butter and Maple Syrup
IDR 89k

This following course is probably the first you could find anywhere in Jakarta and thanks to Kitchenette for bringing this to town, but anyway does it taste as good as I expected?

First things first, gotta appreciate the amount of fried chicken (southern style) given to the portion, it was pretty ge-ne-rous! two cuts, deep fried. For those who were wondering about “WTF is this?” or “What were they thinking?”, wait and listen first, even though it might not be the most common coupling, but actually this was a good course, the sweetness of the crunchy waffle and maple syrup mixed with the savory flavor of the deep fried chicken actually blended quite well, but oh well, I was expecting the waffle to be a little fluffy and softer, but that doesn’t neccesarily translates as bad. Gotta clap for the usage of the chili butter, it was clearly the bomb! It was sweet, fragrant, savory but not spicy at all even though this was technically made of chili. The barbeque sauce was supporting the course but eventually wasn’t an important role, note to Kitchenette, the fried chicken should be a little more juicy and tender, it was tad dry.

Grandma’s Chicken Casserole with Creamy White Wine Cream Sauce
IDR 110k

From all of the main courses served on the dinner, this was probably the winning dish for me. The chicken was appropriately cooked with semi-crispy coating and tender and juicy meat! Gotta salute the taste of the white wine cream sauce, it was clearly everything to the dish, without the sauce, the whole dish was probably just dead plain. Loving the sauteed veges: the Zuchini and carrot which were both cooked beautifully. However, since I noticed they’e using “White Wine” in the sauce, but there wasn’t any hint of white wine anywhere, maybe a little bolder would do.

Rocky Road “Flourless” Cake
IDR 49k

Most of the times, I am pretty much amused by flourless cakes, and this one was not an exception, I was really impressed by this cake, technically this was a simple cake, but the flavor was pretty good and the caramel sauce dressing was just generous (which I really appreciate!). The cake was moist, rich in chocolate, textured (gooey) but that’s the quality of it!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Lava Cake
IDR 69k
Technically the good old Chocolate Lava Cake, only this one was cooked nice and awesomely, gotta love the idea of including the peanut butter to the chocolate, even though honestly the peanut butter flavor was a little dominating, but I guess that’s what made me love this even more! Peanut butter freaking rawks!

Rustic Chocolate Strawberry Cake
IDR 59k
If you had this cake without the strawberry cream, it was just plain, the texture was also a bit dry and the flavor was slightly bitter for me, however, gotta say that the strawberry butter cream was awesome in flavor and consistency. Overall, this was just good but not crazy good and with that hefty price tag, this was a little expensive for a slice.

Homemade Italian Profiteroles
IDR 49k

This was one of my favorites from the desserts presented that night, the profitoles had decent texture and generous amount of chocolate and caramel syrup spread all over! Favorite thing about this dish must the cream! Hands down, the pastry cream was light but it was just good, tasty, sweet but not over sweet... da-yum!

Left: Strawberry Gingerbread, Right: Chocolate Brownie

Strawberry Gingerbread
IDR 45k
This was probably the first time for me to have strawberry along with cinnamon-ish flavor from the ginger bread and found out that it was actually pretty impressive, not only that this beverage is good-looking, the flavor was as impressive as it looks, the cinammon was not overpowering the whole creation, well-balanced.

Chocolate Brownie
IDR 45k
The good old chocolate blended beverage which is good but just a ltitle mainstream I guess and proper-made chocolate drink just could not go wrong. They told me there were brownies inside the beverage but I didn’t feel like experiencing a lot, should put more I guess.

Orange Creamsicle (left)
IDR 45k
Hands down, this was my most favorite beverage among all presented, the flavor was just awesome, I found this wasn’t too milky (thank goodness!)/ The orange zest flavor was very much well-balanced and it didn’t make you feel bloated or noxious - or maybe I was a little due to the amount of food I had that night, massive! This one you should try! More like must!

Red Velvet (right)
IDR 45k
Is it just me or I never found red velvet beverages to be impressive, most of the times I found red velvet flavored beverage to be...strange, this one was probably on the better range of my list but still wasn’t quite THERE yet, the flavor was chocolaty and nutty, the white layer on top (which was probably cream cheese) wasn’t really my thing.

Charcoal Grilled Marinated Octopus with Spanish Paprika Potatoes
IDR 90k

We were granted with one complimentary dish for each one of us but we probably wanted to barf due to the overload amount of food so we decided to share one course! This happened to be the one which I had high expectations for, okay, texture wise, this was good, soft but somehow lost its rubbery texture, wasn’t sure if that’s overcooked or not but that wasn’t a big problem for me eventually, the main problem was the flavor, it was completely bland and lack of seasoning, just a little play of salt would help this dish much I guess.

Those were the courses I had for the night, most of them was pretty good but few of them needs just a little work and improvement based on my personal POV. My personal favorites and must try gotta be the Chicken Dobladitas for appetizer, Grandma’s Casserole for main, Peanut Butter Chocolate Lava Cake for desserts and the Orange Creamsicle for the beverage, this portion is share-able for two.

It was a really fun gathering with my fellow food blogger fellas!!! Don’t you love it when you eat along with the other hungry ‘monsters’? ;).

Senayan City GF Fl. #G-46
Jalan Asia Afrika No. 19
Jakarta Selatan 10270
Opening Hours:
Weekdays: 10 AM - 10 PM
Weekends: 10 AM - 12 AM

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  1. First great photos as always Hans ...

    I gotta agree with you of the price for the appetizer ... 75K?? What ... ?!?!
    And that fried chicken with waffle is a really rare combination, especially with the maple syrup involves in this dish ... Curious to try!!
    But like you said the grandma’s chicken looks the real winner!! From the photo it already looks delicious!! ;-)