Travelling and Feasting with My Lenovo Vibe X!

To be working with a major brand like Lenovo must be one of the biggest highlight in my blogging venture! When Lenovo asked me to be a part of their KOLs for the Lenovo Vibe X, I literally said “YES!” in a high pitched tone! It feels just a little too silly to skip this.

Anyway, I have posted two other blog posts relating to my experience using this Lenovo Vibe X. You can read the PART ONE and PART TWO.
In this post I am going to take you on a virtual-visual tour, luckily, this phone came in time,  just few days before I went to Singapore (I know, blog posts coming soon) and I also took this phone with me to Bali on my recent trip with the fabulous W! FYI the W post is one of the most requested one, I am working on it, there are still tons of photos I have to edit *help*.

Since I run a food blog and you know how much I love to post almost everything to my Instagram, then camera MUST be the real deal, and I found Lenovo Vibe X’s camera to be one of the most pleasant phone cameras, with 13 megapixels rear camera, I could capture almost everything with pretty decent quality.

PS: this post is also a teaser post of my upcoming Singapore and Bali trip posts so I hope this will give you a little picture of what I have for you <3. All photos taken with Lenovo Vibe X!

I did give filters to some photos and trimmed them into various resolutions, but in a few photos I am also giving you the unedited ones (and will point that out!) to give you a clear view of the original camera quality!

First stop, Singapore trip!

I freaking love Singapore! It's the place where I really feel like...myself and I just simply feel like home...only cleaner and tidier. Singapore is just 1,5 hours away from Jakarta and I remember I once had a short spontaneous weekend trip to Singapore just to breathe the new air, not to mention you can find cheap flights to Singapore from low-budget carriers, but now everything feels expensive, the economy's not doing really well, it feels neck-choking even to buy one bottle of mineral water, it's like S$2.80 there (was around IDR 28k converted), here you could get 10!

Tip would be not to convert anything to IDR! #notetoself

Bugis Area, Singapore.

One of the must visit coffee shop in Singapore, Chye Seng Huat Hardware! They have rocking coffees and hipster-ish like place, I am going to post the review soon! You know how 'soon' is my 'soon' hahaha! 

There's an awesome store above Chye Seng Huat Hardware that you must visit if you have that thing for leather items (which I do), it's called Tyrwhitt General Company. They also have leather items creation class where you can create your own wallet with your own custom design! Now that's cool! Chye Seng Huat Hardware is certainly a must visit!!!

I didn't give any filter for this photo so you can see the color! FYI this pork soup outlet was located not far from the CSHH and it's really-really good! The soup was savory, tasty, it had that pork broth essence, just DAEBAK! However the egg was just mediocre. For a treat like this, it cost around S$4.50, man it's pretty cheap for Singaporean meals.

The next day I had a nice quick breakkie at McDonalds! Honestly they have nice breakfast meals, I wish ones in Indonesia tasted like this, the grape jam was the BOMB! WHY U NO HAVE THIS INDO?!
The S$1 (One Dollar) ice cream, it's not Instagram verified if you don't upload this while you're in Singapore -.-".
I went here during the CNY season and since we're in the year of horse, there were horses decoration made from various elements, all pretty good!
The famous ION Orchard! One mall with superb architecture design.
Had a pretty nice dinner at No Menu in Teluk Ayer street, I could take pretty decent picture during the night thanks to the built-in Manual settings, I could increase the brightness and contrast in a swipe!
Had an amazing breakfast-brunch at Wild Honey, this I have posted, you can read HERE!
Tunisian Breakfast (S$19) - breakfast yummy way! Eggs were runny, breads on the side were soft and fragrant, skinny dipping the breads!
Norwegian Breakfast (S$26)
Went to the The Fabulous Baker Boy for some cakes, I ate so many in Singapore my tummy was completely the food bin, almost like a tank with bottomless pit! BTW The Fabulous Baker Boy had super yummy cakes! Their Red Velvet (S$9) was uh-ma-zing! I heard they're closing for a whole month for renovation, so let my picture tortures you @.@.

Chinese inspired decorations in Chinatown to celebrate CNY! The decorations in Jakarta was not this 'alive'.
There's this Mochi (Taiyaki) court in Chinatown called Oyoge Taiyaki! Taiyaki technically had the mochi consistency, only harder, thicker and chewier. The queue was pretty long so I decided to follow the queue and try some of the flavors, the chocolate one was pretty decent. Try try!
Went to the One Altitude in Raffles Place, it's the highest point in Singapore, 62 floors above the land and it's 5 stories avobe the Ku De Ta in Marina Bay Sands! The view was breahtaking, it started opening in 6PM, Singapore's lack of sunset if there was sunset it would be just mightier!
Can you guess what this is?

Okay, gotta tell you this! It was the first time for me to try Laduree, I thought it was just going to be some overrated macarons, but these three that I purchased was actually SLIT-THE-WRIST GOOD! no, don't do that! At least now I understand why so many people are raving over Laduree, the thing is they have just the perfect coating consistency, it's crunchy but once it touched the tounge it melts and the texture was fluffy, chewy and the filling man, gotta say it's freaking top notch! They have the best pistachio filling.

One thing only lack of this: EXPENSIVE!!! LOL. It's around S$3.8/each. FYI I went to the Laduree in Ngee Ann City.

Hi from the top of Singapore! Selfie-ing is surely on my list when I realize I have Lenovo Vibe X with me, 5 mp man! Selfie till your face melts or whatever!

OK enough with the spoilers, if I post more then I would not post any of my SG posts (or maybe I should HAHA).

Next destination, BALI BALI BALI!!!

Guess what? I won't spoil a lot from my recent Bali trip because it was just an awesome holiday that I wanna keep as surprise, going to post the W post this week! Watch out for that!

W Retreat and Spa Bali had those comfy bed-cottage where I could lay on all day with clear ocean view... TERRIFIC!
Don't you wanna stay here?
W Private villa, this is how you spell luxury! Staying at W private villa will cost you $1500!
Seminyak Beach, just in front of W! There were NO sunset on my visit to Bali, according to the locals, sunsets don't really happen in Seminyak area and the weather was not at its best!


Some extra shots that I took with Lenovo Vibe X!

Can you guys guess what I made? This was for a magazine shoot <3. Going to spoil that later on!

This shot I am giving you the macro capability of Lenovo Vibe X's camera! It had a pretty decent bokeh and macro for a phone camera.

and of course..,

Selfie-ing with Ken, I posted photos with him to my Instagram and appearently I gained him some fans hahaha! Did I mention that Lenovo Vibe X front camera is supported with BSI technology to make sure you still managed to selfie-ing on the dark?

It has been two months since I used the phone and so far I am having a great muthafuckin time! The phone has been really helpful, it's FAST, compact, ergonomic, efficient, slim, stylish and simply all you want in a phone!


In the meantime, let's unbox the Lenovo Vibe X together with the one and only Pevita Pearce who is the brand ambassador for Lenovo Vibe X! Click on this link to view the video ->

Lenovo Indonesia is currently on the road for the Lenovo Vibe X roadshows and here are the schedules, come to their events and have fun with the phone!
1. Bandung - Paris Van Java (6-9 Februari 2014)
2. Yogyakarta - Plaza Ambarrukmo (13-16 Februari 2014)
3. Semarang - Paragon Mall (20-23 Februari 2014)
4. Surabaya - Tanjungan Plaza (27 Februari - 2 Maret 2014)
5. Medan - Sun Plaza (6 - 9 Maret 2014)


So easy just follow these simple rules:
2. FOLLOW @LenovoMobileID on Instagram and LIKE their Facebook Page.
3. DO A LOT OF SELFIES AND I MEAN... A LOT and post your selfies on your Instagram, but don't forget to mention @LenovoMobileID and use hashtag #MyVibeX.

Invest your money on a phone with terrific camera! You only young once!


Visit their official website for more complete information -> (also additional terms and conditions), and follow their Twitter timeline for more updates.

*This post is brought to you by Lenovo Indonesia

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