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Got invited for a dinner at Otterhound, special thanks to Sisca from Jittlada group! and yes, Otterhound is another venture from the Jittlada group, as you guys know, Jittlada group is one of the big players when it comes to Thai cuisines in Jakarta, I personally have tried all and I LOVE LOVE LOVE their babies: Jittlada, Chandara (must try!) and White Elephant, haven't got the chance to review those three because it happened that I didn't bring my goddamn camera with me during the visit *sigh*.

Otterhound is located in Lotte Shopping Avenue shopping mall Jakarta and if you have visited those three I've mentioned above, then you'll find this different and I mean 'physicially' and interior wise, Otterhound seemed more youthful, playful, in a way urban, fun and cafe like. Anyway,  in case you didn't know, Otterhound is actually the name for dog's kind and it reflects the owner of Jittlada group, not physicially but I mean it in the behavior wise, it's because Otterhound is a kind of dog that loves to travel.

Most menus served in Otterhound are undoubtedly Thai food, but they also have a little fusion from Italian cuisine which I considered to be more fun because I honestly love food from those both countries. The dinner kicked off with the "Healthy Mocktails" series, got to choose two so I go with their "Pink Journey" (left) - the mixture of strawberry, frozen strawberry, apple and lime juice, it was fresh, light, fruity and it had a great balance in sweetness, more like natural-sugar free kind of flavor. The right one was their "Green Mellow" which consist of green apple, kiwi, green apple juice and mint leaves, this was one refreshing as well, still light but very natural and very appropriate in a good way.

Salmon Carpaccio in Spicy Hot Sauce
IDR 75k
The salmons were presented in thin slices and they were really fresh and just that great smooth-silky texture to it and I freaking love this, the spicy hot sauce actually was not that hot and spicy but it did had amazing play of flavor: I could hint a little basil, that sweet and sour flavor (probably soy and vinegar) that play in your mouth the moment you put the food in, and also the tanginess was pretty addicting. It's sort of hard to explain the Thai food flavor because it's really playful, complex but just smart!

Miss Saigon
IDR 55k
Miss Saigon (lovely name) was a menu that's inspired by the Vietnamese cuilture, it consist of rice vermicelli, grilled chicken, boiled shrimps, fish and shrimp balls and crushed peanuts sprinkles. Okay, ingredient wise actually very very simple but they successfully turned the simple ingredients to a stunning dish, they seasoned everything on a bowl with light seasoning and I tried having it without the sauce and it was already awesome, I could eat it just like that, but the sauce man, freaking liberating! It had that spiciness and sourness but in the same it's also sweet, a little savory (fish), it was just right!!! This dish may not be the good looking one out there but trust me, put this on your visit.

Grilled Chicken Pita Bread Sandwich
IDR 60k
This dish was a sandwich and they're using Pita bread as the wrapping/coating, gotta compliment the thick cut french fries first because as simple as that deep fried common one, it was nicely seasoned, when you noticed a restaurant say it with the french fries already, trust me, their food was about to be good *self experience* and yes this one came to no surprise as another awesome one, the homemade pita bread was just soft and the chicken fillings were generous, it's dressed in Salsa which was fresh, vibrant and playful in flavor and just the perfect match to the chicken slices.

Grilled Angus Sirloin with Spicy Northern Eastern Thai Hot Sauce
IDR 150k
Another thing that I love about Thai food is just the fact that it's actually really simple but the way that they play with the elements, presentation and most essentially, flavor, is just breathtakingly clever. I knew this was going to be good because when it's served on the table, the smell of grilled Angus Sirloin hurt my nose and yes, it was cooked perfectly on a medium well. The meat was still juicy, extremely tender, fragrant, smoky and seasoned really well. The papaya salad was actually good but it's very spicy but not overpowering like those when you got that too-much-pepper aftertaste. It's served with sticky rice, even though personally I wasn't really a big fan of the sticky rice, kind of too sticky and plain for me but this one still overall deserved my thumbs up. Geez so many good food in Otterhound.

Caramel Chocolate Cake
IDR 60k
The awesome dinner ended with this caramel chocolate cake which by the way was truly a feast for the eye! Just look at that goddamn chocolate it was so good, thick and tempting what a freaking feast for the eye, but this one was actually happened to not be 100% what I expected before, the chocolate cake texture was a little dry but when you had it together with the other layers it turned quite good but not out of the world good, and for a 60k it might be a little pricy.
Okay, to cut things short, I had a fabulous visit to Otterhound, the food was beyond good, the kind of simplicity that blew me away and I highly recommend Otterhound. Who knows that Italian + Thailand actually a dynamic duo. It's just the second month of the year but Otterhound is definitely in my "best meals of 2014" list already and yes I'm THAT confident. If you're planning to visit Otterhound, you could order what I had here and I think you're gonna love it like I do <3.

Lotte Shopping Avenue (Ciputra World) GF 18
Jl. Prof Dr. Satrio Kav. 3-5
Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan
021 - 2988 9070

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