Oh La La Jakarta Valentine's Day Set

Valentine's day is just around the corner! So have you decided where to go for a sweet romantic Valentine's day dinner with that special someone or maybe your family? Love is off-limits!

It's still the afternoon and not yet late to decide where to go for dinner, check out my list or you might want to consider this particular restaurant that I am going to talk about here!

Oh La La probably doesn't need anymore introduction, it's the fact that it is one of the longest-surviving F&B brands in town, but since they're smart enough to evaluate and freshen the brand, it still managed to capture the hearts of its costumers, in Jakarta itself, the brand already had some outlets spread in shopping malls like Kelapa Gading, Plaza Indonesia, Kota Kasablanka and the Oh La La Maison in Bellagio Mall which for me is Oh La La's outlet with best interior.

From 8-28 February 2014, Oh La La cafe is having the Valentine's Day promotion set! This set will include the courses starting from: six pieces of appetizers samplers, two main courses and four slices of cakes! (sample sizes).

The appetizers in this set will include: Backed Potato Jacket (left), Gratin Chicken Avocado Taco with Salsa (right) and Deep Fried Mozarella Stick with Marinara Sauce (below). For me those three tasted pretty good, but my favorite one gotta be their Gratin Chicken Avocado Taco with Salsa, it had the richer play of flavor and contrast.

For the main courses selections, you can choose two out of the five offerings: Pan Seared Dory Primavera, Oh La La Beef Weelington, Spaghetti Dory Sambal Matah, Beef Teriyaki and Roasted Chicken Scaloppini Potato and Ratatouille. I got the chance to try out three of the main courses and here they are:

Pan Seared Dory Primavera
One of my favorites of the day! The Dory was cooked to perfection, it still got that smooth-silky texture without the feeling and smell of fishiness. The spaghetti was tossed with basil paste and I guess the usage of Basil (Pesto) must be a fresh genius idea! The tomato sauce was light in both consistency and flavor, I personally was expecting the consistency to be just a level thicker but overall this one is a dish that you should not miss!

Beef Wellington
The Beef Wellington also happens to be one of the highlighted menu, despite its strange look, because technically Beef Wellington usually came in rounded-rectangles but this one looked like a beef pastry. However, the flavor was pretty decent, the mushroom gravy sauce was nice and the potato gratin was also appropriately cooked! I just feel like if they tone down the maturity of the meat to be medium or medium well that would be better.

Roasted Chicken Scaloppini Potato and Ratatouille
From the three that I tasted so far this won my heart the most! Those served on this plate deserved a little clapping (well the Ratatouille was probably a little overcooked), the chicken was roasted beautifully still leaving the meat to be juicy and tender, it was also perfectly seasoned. Again, they are masters in sauce, the sauce was cooked very well with proper seasoning as well, it's like the sauce absorbed nicely inside to the chicken and that's why the chicken's really juicy.

My favorite one hands down their Opera Cake, it was just rich and creamy without overpowering my taste bud except if I had one whole round for myself, the sweetness was controlled nicely and well-balanced, the other two cakes was good but not crazy good comparing to the Opera.

Overall, the food served in Oh La La was pretty good, surprisingly since this is the first time for me to try out these menus, it kinda surpassed my expectations at the beginning, I usually come here for their pastries and cakes which are nice!

So after reading this review, it's either you could be a little more confused or convinced! Go decide, the clock is ticking! Tick tock tick tock!

PS: I went to the one in Kota Kasablanka.

Oh La La
Kota Kasablanka Mall, UG fl. Unit FU-05
Jl. Calablanca Raya Kav. 88
Jakarta Selatan
Opening Hours:
10 AM - 10 PM (weekdays)
10 AM - 12 AM (weekends)

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