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For those of you who are still strangers to this name, WAKUWAKU JAPAN is an entertainment TV channel from Japan that is broadcasting Japanese TV programs starting from TV dramas, blockbuster movies, music programs, Japanese Anime, sports, documentary, culture and so on. WAKUWAKU JAPAN is the result of the awesome collaboration between SKY Perfect JSAT Group and MNC Sky Vision. I have always been obsessed with Japan and the Japanese, I mean there's something so cute about the country and how the Japanese carry themselves, their style could be over the top in certain times, but the way they carry themselves (I'm talking about confidence here) just make their style even more catchy, stylish, funky, colorful but not overdone! Confidence talks.

Funny thing is that some of my friends (and some are not) try to immitate Japanese accent but fail big time, please don't, it's annoying! Japanese are naturally and originally cute, it's just something that they carry with them forever.

When you talk about the vibrant colorful cheerful style of Japanese, WAKUWAKU itself actually means: happiness, vibrant, satisfying and just anything that has to do with spirit-popping in a good way! What's even better is that you don't have to own amazing Japanese language skill because the programs are converted to Bahasa Indonesia! A little piece of Japanese at home, now everyone can watch!

WAKUWAKU JAPAN is going to start broacasting TODAY at 5 PM (7 PM Japan time), and it's going to be available freely for Indovision (#168) and Okevision (#32) costumers! If you haven't subscribed to this cable tvs, I suggest you convert or if possible added a new TV cable portal, I honestly have high expectations for this one!

The reason why I am pretty confident about this is because last week I attended the pre-launch event at JCC Senayan. The pre-launch event's not your typical boring crappy event but it's also a music festival called "WAKUWAKU JAPAN Music Festival". Okay first, the crowd man...FREAKING insane, that was probably my second to attend Japanese themed event beside "Hello Fest" and I am pretty stunned by the number of Japan enthusiasts here in Jakarta and some of the faces actually put me to a surprise *shake heads*. More on that later.
There were hundreds of people lining up to get in, well I bet these are the die hard fans of either Afgan, Bunga Citra Lestari, JKT 48 or Flumpool. I happened to find out that some even wait from the afternoon, now those are true die-hards. Fortunate enough, I was seated in the VIP zone, no queue needed! *waving VIP tag*.

The first performer to perform was Afgan and oh my Gosh he had the golden voice of an angel! If I was a butter I would melt. I have seen his performance in another event and this dude doesn't need any autotune! One hellova true singer. He sang some of his biggest hits like "Dia Dia Dia", "Terima Kasih Cinta", "Jodoh Pasti Bertemu", "Panah Asmara" and Brian McKnight's classic: "One Last Cry".
The second to perform was Bunga Citra Lestari or BCL, for those (my foreign readers) who don't know who she is, she is an Indonesian actress/singer... or simply label her as an "entertainer". This was the first time for me to ever watch her perform live, and honestly, I wasn't expecting her performance to be THAT good, she could really sing...and I mean live singing. She sang some of her famous tunes like: "Sunny" (which happened to be her first single), "Aku dan Dirimu", "Hot", and "Karena Ku Cinta Kau".

What's a Japan music festival without the 'touch' of Japan inspired entertainers, even better if the performer is one originally from Japan.

Clever enough, the WAKUWAKU JAPAN team brought Flumpool to the event! (really appreciate the effort from WAKUWAKU JAPAN *applause*). I could hear girls raving and screaming over the lead singer, Ryuta, probably for his baby face and whenever he spoke in Bahasa, but more to that, he had an amazing vocal, very high-pitched vocal but it's not like someone suffocating you kind of pitch. The line up so far has been good, started off medium with performances from Afgan and BCL, Flumpool turn up the vibe rocking the stage!

One of the most anticipated, or if not THE MOST anticipated performer of the night must be JKT48, ever since their debut almost three years ago, JKT48 has been stealing so many hearts. The 'surprise' thing I talked about earlier was actually JKT48 die hard fans, I thought that JKT48 fans would be cute girls that's very into Japanese and act cutesy but guess what? TOTAL OPPOSITE! Their die hard fans were mostly guys and when I say guys, I mean real normal guys... I was like..."really?!", it was suprisingly shocking but I was mesmerized, I even overheard a conversation from their fans about collecting JKT48 cards or something... it was like this:

BOY A: "Hey I got Melody's card but I didn't have Nabilah's one."
BOY B: "I didn't get Nabilah's one, it was running out of stock on the booth."
ME: *stunned*. - I didn't know where this was going but damnit JKT48 you're also a good business!
Their live performance was pretty entertaining. The guys went wild (of course) and crazy! They even sang the song together or added the background vocals (or more like shouting) in some parts of the song.

Met some other fellow bloggers like Elle and Jess Yamada from ellejess, finally meeting them in person after only communicating via social media and they're very pretty, humble, expressive and...actually real *LOL*.

Say hi to Clara the "Lucedale" girl! I love her vintage style and her photo works, you should visit her blog. Managed to meet other bloggers but didn't manage to take personal shots with them but it was nice meeting you all, I hope we're meeting again in other events!

If you have a free time today, even better if you're married and have kids, feel free to come to Balai Sarbini Jakarta because there will be the Ultraman event happening there, slightly different way to spend your weekend.

WAKUWAKU JAPAN will start airing TODAY, YES IT'S TAHDAY!!! 5 PM (Indonesia time, 7 PM Japan time). This can only be accessed by Indovision (#168) and Okevision (#32) cable TV subscribers. Can't wait to watch the drama series, I think they're good ones!

For more info about WAKUWAKU TV JAPAN, you can click HERE!

Ciao! Have a nice weekend everyone!

*This post is brought to you by WAKUWAKU JAPAN

email: eatandtreatsindo@gmail.com

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  1. hey hans, nice review about wakuwaku japan tv..
    i also joined in that premier launching wakuwaku japan tv..
    hope can talk with you in person and meet you :D
    good luck for you always


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