Mochi Sweets Plaza Indonesia Jakarta

Holy goodness I am so freaking tardy with the blog posts because new F&B ventures keep on coming and coming to town, it's been such struggle even managing myself to write about my recent Singapore and Bali trip, the thing is I don't write short-lame uninformative posts! I love to story-telling everything, but I will try my best to publish them as soon as I can! Next week I promise there will be at least one update from both places! Promise!!!

In this post I am going to be talking about this food (or you can call it "snack") that I think is going to be a hit...or not? Say hi to Mochi Sweets. Truth be told, "Mochi" has been there for quite a while and some brands have been pretty successful in marketing their products, but I found this one to be different than the rest in the market, as you can see from the pictures: size... larger, and these mochis from Mochi Sweets also had more range of variants as their fillings, starting from the good old fruit based, chocolate to the slightly unique ones like "Sakura" or yogurt.

I went to their outlet in Plaza Indonesia, they have another outlet in Senayan City, it was located just next to Dill Gourmet or Fat Burger on the lower-ground floor. They also have outlets spread abroad like in Singapore, Vietnam and Malaysia.

Surprise! Those displayed were actually dummies!

From what I counted from the brochure, they have 19 different variants for the Mochi fillings, I purchased three for myself: Sakura (purple), Mango Yogurt (yellow) and Chocolate Mousse (brown).
Okay, to cut things short, I would say that overall they have nice texture and consistency for the mochi skin, it was rubbery, thick, moist and slightly sticky. The mochi skin was not "powdered" with that much flour like those common ones you see, as for the filling, I must say that the Sakura was pretty good, it was actually tasted red-bean like for me, it has this nutty flavor, gooey texture and fragrant (but very little).

On the other hand, the mango-yogurt eventually was not my most favorite one, even though I honestly kind of expecting more, the texture was not creamy (here meaning liquid-creamy), it was slightly more solid, almost thick butter cream like texture, the mango and the yogurt sauce were actually separated, I thought it was a mango-yogurt cream at first, it had that lack of mango flavor, and more like a sweet-sour cream overall.

The Chocolate Mousse actually tasted the best out of three, the texture of the cream was just how I expected it to be, it had that rich dark cocoa flavor  with great balance of sweetness but then back again, it's chocolate, one material that's probably almost never disappoint me, I was expecting the mango-yogurt to be way than what I tasted to be honest.

Overall, the mochis were pretty good in the skin consistency but as in flavor, not out of the world good, but I could see myself trying some other flavors or maybe back for their Chocolate Mousse. Each of the mochi's sold for different price, starting from IDR 13k for the regular ones to IDR 17k for premium ones, it was pretty pricey for one piece but I was curious so I guess it always comes back as experience.

Mochi Sweets
Plaza Indonesia LB fl. (next to Dill Gourmet Cafe)
Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav. 28-30
Jakarta Pusat 10350

4 komentar:

  1. I like your blog. It's full of pictures and they are very artistic. The pictures make me starve.

  2. I just curious. Is the actual size smaller than the dummies?

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