Sana Sini Restaurant Jakarta by Pullman Jakarta Indonesia

One of my personal most-anticipated buffet restaurant is finally opening! Ladies and gents, here to serve you: Sana Sini Restaurant by Pullman Jakarta Indonesia!

So if you guys are wondering why Pullman named this "Sana Sini"? It's such a catchy name but it's not the most common, first-instinct and exclusive name to be used, but guess what? I freakin' like it! The answer is really simple, it's just that when you enter this restaurant, you'll be surrounded by food, and the "{" and "}" symbols on the logo defines the four stations in this restaurant, simple to say, travelling with world with your taste buds! The four stations in this restaurant are also representing the four regions highlighted: "China", "Japan", "Western" and "Indonesian", and those excluding the dessert station that you just don't want to miss.

Just like any other post of mine, this post is going to be photo-heavy, couldn't decided so many to eliminate so I bomb them all for you!

Sofa in front of the main entrance.

Restaurant's front desk, catchy table.

I love the interior! Didn't have anything negative to say, I loved the ambiance, the interior design, the tables placements, the table setting. Short to say, simple but pretty.

The whole restaurant has the capacity fo 250 people, there are even some separated areas for a more private dining.

Since I know you guys are probably hungry already, let's surf the stations, but before we get to the exact each station, I'm going to take you to the whole general tour. Gotta compliment their fresh seafood! They're really fresh, try some of the seafood like these prawns, crabs and oysters: pleasantly fresh! You just don't want to miss these, especially their freaking Sashimi!

They also have "La Mian" in their Chinese station and there are three noodles to choose from: original, green noodle (made from vegetable extract, available in thin and slightly wider size) and wide noodle, tried the original one and the green one, they were amazing in texture and consistency. 
When you happen to visit Sana Sini, don't miss their Dim Sum stations as they have a few great Dim Sum selections like Chicken dumplings, Siomay, Chicken Bakpao and Chicken & Egg Yolk dumplings (wasn't sure of the naming but that one tasted pretty nice too).

Uber fresh Sashimi! Those salmons were just addicting, as simple as having these with Shoyu was beautiful enough!

Refreshing healthy mocktails!

Enough with the prologues (yes so far been just the prologue), now it's time to get down and dirty with the food! I am going to review some of my favorites from each station so that you can have a sneek-peek of what Sana Sini's food look like.

WARNING: prepare your napkins before watching these food porns, mouthwatering and saliva drops are guaranteed!

Complimentary bread
This one was a pretty generous portion for a complimentary bread, I adore how soft and smooth this bread is, the coating was more a baguette-like texture but chewy and soft inside and also fragrant! You'll notice hazelnuts, raisins and black olive spread all over the bread, simple to say, this was a good opening. 
The Wakame Salad was not my favorite one because apparently it needed a little more seasoning and I guess having this with shoyu wasn't the best fit. On the other hand, the beef slices with seaweed and sesame was the big hit on the Japanese appetizer section, seasoning was great, portion was appropriate for light bites (appetizer).

I must say that their sushi was decent, only that I noticed some sushi with different rice consistency (meaning a little soft and mushy, a little input for Sana Sini to take care), but as for the filling: generous and tasty! Again, don't miss the ones with Sashimi on top! I don't know what's it with their Sashimi but the consistency was slightly softer, smooth, buttery but not literally buttery buttery (wtf) and just melt in your mouth.

One of my favorite stations in Sana Sini must be their Chinese station, I loved their Dim Sum very much you shouldn't miss, it's just that their Dim Sums were tasty, generous in filling and...fresh! I mean, just look at how fat and chunky the Siomays and the Chicken dumplings are!

One of the personal rules of eating Dim Sum is that I need to have them with spicy chili sauce, simply could not go wrong.

Fried Lamian
If I have to label the certain "not to miss" then this would be this particular "Fried Lamian". Technically this wasn't in the menu and I personally asked the chef if he could cook this for me and he accepted the challenge! Anyway, it's also the note for you if you wanted to have this then you should ask the chef to personally cook it for you.

Serve this while it's searing hot and I bet you're gonna love it! I just loved the wokhei-ish aroma combined with the sauces and the scent from paprika and some other ingredients without overpowering the whole dish, and overall this was pretty tasty! Perfect balance of sweet and savory. This was not served with any meat so I guess this will fit more than well for the vegetarians.

Tom Yum Noodle Soup
I was honestly expecting more than this. Noodle wise, the texture and consistency was incredibly good: it's chewy and rubber-like, filling wise, generous but the soup wasn't my favorite one, it tasted more like a spicy ginger soup rather than Tom Yum and the spiciness was a bit overpowering, causing my throat to be a little itchy and hot.

The Indonesian station in Sana Sini also had pretty good range of Indonesian food, I was impressed how they're completed with Soto Mie because I have been dreaming of  a more variative Soto station is a buffet restaurant! The Soto Mie was pretty decent only I need a little more kick from the soup and it'd be better if the soup's always hot because mine was honestly not warm enough.

Interesting fact about the Indonesian station at Sana Sini is that they have a nice range of traditional chili (around 7 kinds), starting from the Sambal Terasi, Sambal Hijau, Sambal Matah, Dabu-Dabu and others, some other must try and highlighted menus from the Indonesian station must be the Kakap Putih and Satays (I believe it's hygienically great, live kitchen man!), they were really good.

When you talk about western station in a buffet restaurant, it's probably one of the always-crowded station, who could say no to pasta and delicious proteins like beef and grilled seafood, well at least for me, western station's going to be one of my most favorites and in Sana Sini is no exception! The food served on the western station was pretty decent!

Dessert Station
Desserts here are just really good and some of these were supplied from Makaron (the patisserie in Pullman Jakarta Indonesia). I love how they have some Indonesian traditional snacks here, to be honest it's the first time that I ever tried half-cooked Kue Cubit and it was just foodgasming in the mouth, especially the little chunks of chocolate they added to the Kue Cubit. Major yumster as I would say!

Homemade gelatos and sorbets: DO NOT MISS! Their Pistachio gelato was beyond good.

I must say that overall I was impressed with Sana Sini, starting from the range of food to the terrific service, it won me over! I am completely aware that it's not an easy task for a buffet restaurant to release all-amazing courses but I am brave enough to say that 80% of the food here surpassed my standards, another flattering news, it instantly made its way to the top range of my favorite buffet restaurants in Jakarta! Say what?! Not to mention that for a hotel buffet, the price here was relatively cheap! IDR 250k++ for lunch and IDR 280k++ for dinner. Not bad at all! Probably that's why it's pretty packed for lunch.

I honestly think that the great quality control of the food is simply because Sana Sini hired one executive chef for each station, and the executive chefs originally came from their origin land, nice thought for that!

I don't really have complaints or negative thing to say for Sana Sini, I just hope that they could maintain the quality control of the food and service.

Thank you for the nice lunch! Good luck!

Sana Sini
Pullman Jakarta Indonesia Hotel
Jl. M.H. Thamrin 59
Jakarta Pusat 10350
021 - 3192 1111
Opening Hours: Lunch (11.30 AM - 2.30 PM) and Dinner (6 PM - 10.30 PM)
Seating Capacity: 250

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