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Before I get tardy and backdated with my photos let's start getting into the Bandung posts!

As you know, I got invited for bloggers trip to Bandung sponsored and hosted by Hilton Bandung but this time I won't be talking about it and keep it for the upcoming posts instead! I want to show you this decent coffee shop that we went to during our last day. This particular coffee shop is relatively new, if not the newest joint in Bandung and it takes just "Two Cents" to brew your coffees!

Two Cents Brew Believer is located in Cimanuk street, in Riau and around R.E. Martadinata area, it's not very far from the famous Summit Factory Outlet, walking distance will take around 15 minutes. The fact that Two Cents is located in a neighborhood brought along the cozy and homey sense to it, the venue's not exactly spacious but the ambiance was nice, the only thing missing about the interior was the fact that it got pretty hot during the day SUN MUCH?

I brought along Canon 7D to this trip and this is the first time I uploaded my blog series with 7D pictures and was very very satisfied with the quality of the picture! It's really nice and if you're looking for a semi pro camera, this one would be perfect!

Lately I've been noticing a lot of coffee shops with this kind of logo.

Two Cents is offering two kinds of brewing method: Bewitched and Awakening blend. The Bewitched tasted a little more chocolaty with bold flavor while the Awakening tasted more floral, fruity and citrussy. The coffee beans are selected carefully and mostly imported from the regions that produce great beans like Bali (Kintamani), Flores and some others.

Say hi to Adi Taroepratjeka! A coffee enthusiast, barista and the store supervisor! He made nice coffees!

Here are the drinks we ordered during our visit here!

BTW I think my photos on this particular blog post are a little more hipsterish Kinfolk editing style and the editing man... spend few hours on the goddamn photoshop! Whoever says that 'professional' photo editing to look really nice took only a while your photos are probably doomed. 'Professional' here refers to experimenting on the vintage mood for your photos NOT basic enhancing like brightening, contrast or saturation.

Caramel Macchiato
IDR 30k
They're using 15 grams of caramel sauce to this creation and that's a hellotta caramel sauce! The coffee was light and overall sort of milkier than any other Caramel Macchiato I've tried before, probably because the character of caramel which is naturally milky.

IDR 30k
If the Caramel Macchiato had an overall light flavor then this one was more awakening and in a way...stronger but still on the medium state! I personally think this is more of my coffee preference: medium to strong intensity. This one I recommend.

Orange Honey Latte Macchiato
IDR 30k
Orange flavor infused to this coffee giving a little orange zest flavor but not overpowering, a nice example of a decent execution of coffee + orange with subtle mild aftertaste.

Basil Espressotini
IDR 29k
NEVER in a million years I imagined mixing coffee with basil but this one was seriously very very good! The medium intensity of the coffee (with fruity character) blended with the basil extract and carefully fading together resulting a light, refreshing and sparkling aftertaste! Very much in love with this and I really recommend this one for you to try cause you're gonna love it!
Nice artsy illustration all over the wall!

Right when I visited Two Cents I realized that the coffees in Jakarta are expensive, a friend told me that in Bandung you could get a flat-white with decent quality only for IDR 15k! Gosh I should really go back to Bandung and explore more of their coffee scene! Seems fun!

OMG I have a story to tell you guys! So basically visiting Bandung especially Two Cents brought along a rather unique experience because why? FOR THE VERY FIRST time ever, we got confronted by a customer who was feeling annoyed with what we're doing. Five food bloggers were invited to this trip and we went everywhere together, since we blog about food (and beverage) and we NEED to take pictures right, apparently one female customer (assuming to be a 30 year old something woman) was not feeling very pleased with us taking photos of the coffee and venue.

I didn't know what kind of epileptic mammoth getting in her, but she, not only once but TWICE raised her voice saying: "These people are annoying!" first one nobody listened but the second one, her voice was louder and trying to say it in our face and then went to Adi to report us, but the thing is, I was not 'on set' when it occurred because I was in the different area of the coffee shop 'secretly' taking pictures. I honestly didn't think we (especially me) disturb anybody's comfort zone and especially her because I know the boundaries exactly and how to put myself as a costumer and as well as a costumer who loves taking pictures! Sometimes when I dine somewhere and I noticed that the place was a bit packed, I decided better NOT taking pictures of the environment because I didn't want to be the center of attention looking like a villager coming to a certain place for the very first time (even if a villager wants to take picture so what?!) or maybe 'secretly' taking pictures later or whatever that I could think of that won't bother others, so I think that woman was seriously overreacting, but seriously it's it wasn't funny then, isn't funny now! *rolls eyes*

But good thing we made that as a joke and we use the term "annoying" A LOT along the trip! MWAHAHA!

In a nutshell, Two Cents is a new coffee shop with awesome potential and with a quality like this, this particular coffee shop could make good things and win a lot of hearts! Keep the coffees brewed because I believe in you! GOOD LUCK!

Two Cents Brew Believer
Jl. Cimanuk No. 2
Riau - R.E. Martadinata
Bandung, Jawa Barat
021 - 426 1336
Opening Hours:
Sun - Fri: 7 AM - 11 PM
Sat: 7 AM - 12 AM

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  1. You were actually in front of the lady hans, hahahaha ... Three of you were there, but you guys didn't notice when she raised her voice.. I heard that and looked at her, whaaaat??! Makin kenceng aja suaranya "makin lama annoying deh!!" katanya, hahahaha... Barangkali doi galau mo ikut foto2 tapi gak ada kamera.. :D *peace out*

  2. whaooo you're so lucky to be served by adi taroepratjeka himself hans :) he's an awesome coffee master. this place is a must visit definitely.

  3. I visited Bandung as a sidetrip and totally fell in love at first sight with Two Cents. This is a great review.

  4. gila keren banget artikelnya aku bener2 suka coffe nih kebetulan dari photonya juga udah ngundang banget buat nongkrong ^_^ kayanya pas banget buat tongkrongan apalagi ngopi sebari ngemusik,pokonya keren deh ini artikelnya ,o iya ka ini aku mau reccomend tentang HOSTEL MURAH DI BANDUNG COCOK UNTUK BACKPACKER aku reccomed banget nih buat yang bingung cari penginapan di daerah bandung ..