Ismaya Catering Co. Jakarta

Got invited to try out some of Ismaya Catering Co's newly launched menu and this post is going to be the respond to the meals! *heartbeat*. As you can probably tell from the name and in case you're wondering... YES IT IS one of many Ismaya group's ventures. The concept of the dining here is pretty much more casual, more humble and in a sense more affordable if you compare it to Kitchenette or Pizza E Birra.

Enough yakking: PHOTOS!

Just like any other case of the indoor dinner: yellowish photos! Took more time editing the photos rather than writing the whole entry -.-".

Nachos with Beef Chili Con Carne
IDR 45k
This particular meal is one of the new joints to the appetizer family, overall I was pretty fond of the flavor, the nachos were still crispy, the beef chili sauce was pretty generous and pretty spicy but not biting hot! The serving came with three dipping sauces: Guacamole, Sour Cream and Salsa. My favorite one gotta be the Salsa because it was pretty decent with proper sourness while the Guacamole needed a little work on the texture and the seasoning (a little too puree for me) and the Sour Cream was just okay.

Mexican Cheese Quesadilla
IDR 48k
Frankly speaking, I wasn't expecting the flavor to be sensational or even anywhere near 'great' because of the plain look but surpisingly this came as suprise, it was pretty good and...addicting! The Quesadillas were pretty good in texture and consistency, the filling was also quite generous, inside you'll find melting cheese, mushrooms, onions and paprika. Paired this with the Salsa sauce and it was even better, it got that kick of sourness.

Nasi Goreng Kecombrang
IDR 45k
Kecombrang or "Torch Ginger Flower" is a flower plant that's mostly being used as perfume to the ingredients and meals. It's also being used in Indonesian traditional dishes like Gado-Gado. I thought the amount of Kecombrang given to the rice was perfect already, personally I don't like a stronger kick that what I had on the night, only I found the rice to be soggy and mushy, long grain rice would probably be a better kind for this particular fried rice (also condering the flavor character). However, this was served spicy but overall seasoning was pretty good.

Sunny Side Up with runny center! Dayum!

Soto Tangkar with Jasmine Rice
IDR 45k
One sip of the soup and I noticed that the soup was just a little salty for my liking but I know one cure: SWEET SOY SAUCE! Gave a little plus additional chili, then voila... a nice portion of Soto Tangkar for myself! The soup was on a nice state of consistency, not overwhelming creamy and thick but not too watery either, just nice. The beef slices were pretty generous and tender.
This kind of rice was a better match for soup courses instead of 'fried rice'.

Molten Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream
IDR 40k
The good old chocolate lava cake, pretty good, but honestly, I didn't find this as anything special, it's just the common dessert, for new menu launching, I think Ismaya should find and create creations braver, unique but with more character than this.

Virgin Apple Mojito
IDR 35k
Ironically, even though this was as simple as an apple mojito, but I found this to be really good and refreshing. The sourness and the sweetness blended perfectly, one good old with impressive taste.

Red Melon Berry Refresher
IDR 35k
It was slightly more unique than the Virgin Apple Mojito, but I guess the watermelon flavor happened to dominate the whole drink, yes it's fruity but I think a more proper flavor balance from the two fruits could potentially made this nicer.

Overall, most of the courses presented were pretty good, especially the appetizers! Had a great dinner and chit chat with some other fellow bloggers! I love hanging out with people who share the same sins (read: fats), and unforgivably share the love for eating!


Shoo for now, me goin to bed!

Ismaya Catering Co.
Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall, 5th fl, unit ED2-12A
West Mall, (beside Ron's Laboratory)
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 1
Jakarta Pusat 
021 - 2358 1157

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