Fitzroy Gastrobar Jakarta

My oh my, the Gunawarman street has been seriously busy and packed with new joints! One of the newest is this restaurant located on the 3rd floor of The Gunawarman No. 30 building called Fitzroy, what an urban hipster-ish name.

Fitzroy itself is a name of a suburb area in Melbourne and I heard from some peeps that the owner of Fitzroy are some Indonesians who used to study in Melbourne and this restaurant is their 'memoir' of the glorious days back in Melbourne. Before you even step out of the elevator - when you reach the third floor, the scene of Fitzroy is what you'll have behind those glass elevator doors. The overall area was not exactly spacious but they turn the area to a pretty comfortable dining area, again very urban and in a way artsy and stylish with the usage of wood furnitures, you'll notice the hand drawn deer illustrations on the wall (photo below, and by the way the 'deer' is their logogram), I happened to see the live drawing on my visit and the artist was just very keen, patient and of course talented! I am very into this kind of illustration, probably my favorite style. They also have a Gastrobar located at the center of the restaurant.

Outdoor seating with only two tables.

LOVING the pattern of the sofa, bohemian vintage alert!

MY FAVORITE ZONE! If you want to take some decent selfies, you HAVE to sit at this area located at the back (the one separated by the cabinet), there's this one particular area with frames attached on the walls, it was very vintage but in a way modern but absolutely beautiful, I even managed to take a few decent shots of *ahem* MYSELF here <3.

Major love for beautiful vintages!

The place was just beautiful I couldn't stop taking photos!

Okay, now moving on to the part you've probably been waiting for: F&B! The menu is mostly consisting of Western cuisines and some with a touch of Mediterranean and Asian fusion.

For the drinks, we (forgot to tell you I went here with my friends) ordered one jug of mineral water for IDR 50k which I personally found a little pricy for mineral water MINUS the tax and one iced tea (IDR 17k).

Chicken Karma Parma
IDR 58k + 15k
Presentation wise, this came beautifully colorful. I honestly don't know how to explain this dish so let me cut it short: I FREAKING LOVE IT!!! The deep fried chicken reminds me of chicken piccata or katsu with the breaded coating but the chicken meat was absolutely tender and juicy, the tomato sauce fit like a glove along with its awesome balance of sourness and savory and the melted mozarella cheese just made everything nicer like a cherry on top of banana split. To end this, a repetant: I FREAKING LOVE IT!!! Everything on the plate was serious joy!

 One suggestion: they probably could give a bolder dressing to the salad.

Supper Inn Baked Rice with additional sunny side up
IDR 48k + 15k
Honestly, the concept of this following meal was really simple, just rice topped with semi fried chicken cuts, white mushroom sauce and melted cheese, but there's something about the seasoning of the chicken that makes this REALLY SPECIAL. I was so impressed by simple things that could go beyond my expectation, the chicken was guiltily tender and juicy, the melted mozarella was generous and the egg was just perfectly runny. One very recommended dish! To be brutally honest, I think charging IDR 15k for an extra egg was a little pricy.

Mr. Moo's Gyu Tan Don
IDR 58k
Fitroy's "Gyu Tan" or "Ox Tounge" dishes happened to be the most popular, as well as most recommended and best seller here so I guess let's go with the society and gave ourself a try. Again, their menus were mostly had things coordinated with rice and this one was again, materially simple, but they're just masters in the flavor! This one was not a disappointment afterall, even though I thought majority it was dominated by the sweetness of the soysauce. The Gyu Tan was quite tender, maybe if they could make this a little softer, this would be really-really good!
My visit to Fitzroy was such a nice one. The food was fantastic, the service was really impeccable, loving the casual friendly service but in a way still very polite, the waiters were really helpful when it came to helping us selecting the food and they happened to recommend the right ones. So I guess I could tell you freely to order what I ordered here including the Gyu Tan if you're freaking wondering how it tasted.

I have this picture that Fitzroy will be this uh-mazing place to dine in and hangout if they could keep the food and quality service to be this good or better and if they could arrange a more comfortable area for the non-smokers! I never went to Melbourne before and honestly didn't know how the food there tasted like, but if you're an ex-Melbournian or having your breaks here, who knows this could come as a sweet surprise!


Fitzroy Gastrobar
Jl. Gunawarman No. 30
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan 12110
0821 1111 2410
Opening Hours: 11 AM - 10 PM

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  1. I'm in love with ur pict <3


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  3. love your pic and how honest you are!

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