WOOBAR at W Retreat and Spa Bali Seminyak Bali

Continuing the memoir of my glorious days in Bali is this post. By the way if you skipped the previous post about W Retreat and Spa Bali, you can read it HERE!

Most of the media trips that I have attended so far with beach surroundings spoil me with the sunset cocktails! Same thing happening to my previous trip to Bali with Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort with that spectacular view and refreshing cocktails! By the way did you know that Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort and W Retreat and Spa Bali Seminyak is under the same group which is Starwood Hotels? That’s why I am free enough to mention Sheraton Bali in this post, prove that I am not completely silly!

...and W Retreat and Spa has the perfect little bar: it's WOOBAR baby!

Bali was seriously humid during my visit and HAS BEEN! My sweat was drizzling everytime I took a walk even to the beach which was like only 20 metres away plus I freaking sweat easily! In a way I feel a lot healthier because I finally sweat, something that I certainly don't bother to release in Jakarta (talking 'bout sports here).

Incase you're wondering, the photos on the W series were taken with Nikon D3000 and Canon 500D, I borrowed my friend's 500D because I am too lazy to bring the heavyass prof. DSLR along to this trip. I wanna relax!!!

Sky so blue and the plants so green!

I spend extra time to edit these photos because I wanna have the mood of the vintage and retro tone, some kind of those old post cards look, and if you care, I edited the photos on Photoshop.

Woobar is open both for public and the in-house guests and it’s offering a relaxing venue to have your selected beverages along with pleasure and just a cocktail away from having Seminyak beach as your view. Seminyak beach was really clean and blue during the day but they might not have the best sunset (nature’s first problem) but it’s not completely dreadful, the cocktails here were what??? FREAKING AMAZING!!! Even a social drinker like me could stumble upon theirs!

I am totally not a drinker, everytime I drink just a little, even cocktails (I DON'T DRINK PURE ALCOHOL), I started to get rash on my body (mostly on my chest area) and they're VERY ITCHY! I remembered once I got back from an event, got so sleepy after having a few drinks and went straight to bed, woke up in the midst of my sleep because it was really itchy I couldn't stop scratching! but I drink on special social occasions like this and believe me, I had cocktails everyday while I was in Bali for lunch and dinner, I won’t let the chance of having a great time passed me by and again, thank you Aini for spoiling me with two Ls (love and lux!) and truth is, surpisingly I was totally rash-free!

There are two areas for you to choose when you're here, the indoor or outdoor seating. The indoor seating is located in the building and  it's up to you to choose anywhere you want to sit (or stand) among the two floors, but usually the lower ground is where the events are mostly held like the famous "Silent Disco", the interior was designed beautifully earthy and minimal, but still leaving the impression of homey and cozy, but I definitely love to sit outdoor to enjoy the sunset time while enjoying the fresh breeze of Bali. You can choose between cozy sofas or private 'bed' sofa for yourself while sipping on your fancy beverages! Jet set much!!!

The beverages here were created by the head bartender Yudi Hendarsyah who's not only sensible but very humble as well! By the way, you can read Ian's post of Woobar, when it comes to (only) cocktails, gotta admit that he's really good at acknowledging it because he's very into cocktails!

Aini ordered us four cocktails, each was unique and segmented.

The W2 Tini
Aini told us that this following beverage was created on the 2nd anniversary celebration, this didn't have that strong alcohol intensity to it, the term "women's drink" might be for this one: sweet, refreshing and subtle.

Strawberry Champagne
This one was one of my personal favorites, since I didn't really like strong beverages then this one might be the right fit for me. The presentation of this beverage was really unique with cotton candy, unfortunately the waiter poured the beverage too quickly so I couldn't snap any picture. This one is highly recommended.

Mandarin Sour
Numero uno personal favorites! Again, if you love the lighter beverages with less hint of alcohol then betcha gonna love this one! The foam is the bomb infused with the Earl Grey tea, the flavor is orange-tangy with a hint of zest, citrus, sweet but nicely measured.

W Iced Lemon Tea
The name of this particular beverage might not sound anywhere near intimidating, but from the four I tried, it had the strongest intensity of alcohol and very beautiful as well.... COCKTAILS SERIOUSLY HAS THE BEST COLORS! Ocean blue color with rocks, this one's a little more bitter than the rest too.

Told ya the cocktails here were really really good and I still couldn’t get myself over that Earl Grey (Mandarin Sour), it’s very refreshing, probably the one with the least strength and alcohol intensity and total worth to try!

If you happen to be in Bali and around Seminyak area, I can guarantee you (as what I have experienced myself) a complete joy blended with luxury and vibrant times in W Retreat and Spa Bali and of course, refreshing cocktails at the WOOBAR! Just blend with the moment, forget works, you deserve a freaking rest!

Stay tuned for more posts about Bali because this diary is not ending anytime soon, still going to write some more pages about W Bali!

W Retreat and Spa Bali
Jl. Petitenget 
Seminyak, Bali 80361
+62 361 - 473 8106

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  1. W Ice Lemon Tea warna nya bagus....

  2. I really love the atmosphere :D


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