Umabo Jakarta

I am so ungloriously tardy with my pictures I forgot I've been here before but (almost) forgot to blog this.

Went lunching at this sort-of new restaurant in the Wijaya neighborhood called Umabo! Umabo itself stands for Umami-bowl which was actually one of the name of the main courses here. Umabo offers selections of rice bowl with various toppings as their highlight menu but the excitement doesn't stop there, they also come with some other choices like burger (Uma-Burger), sandwiches (Uma-Sandwich), some appetizers (Uma-Sides), desserts (Uma-Sweets) and drinks (Uma-Chug).

Finding Umabo was not challenging, not only it's located at the connecting Wijaya street, it's also not significantly far-away from the famous Pand'or, just stores away and it had this pretty big signboard (see above) and if you see that means the mark of your arrival!

The venue was not spacious, it was just medium-spaced restaurant with proper function, not much decoration but overall comfy enough for a quick dining. Best time going here would probably lunch, especially if you care about taking decent pictures like me... night wouldn't do because it would be hideously dark.

Tried some of their menu starting from appetizer to dessert. Monster Fries (IDR 26k) was clearly on the list because it looked really appetizing on the iPad (yes, no printed menu, iPad to tap and order). It's technically deep fried french fries topped with melted cheese, beef, caramelized onion and Jalapeno. It was honestly pretty good, even though I expected the ingredients to somehow blend and absorb a little more to the fries which then would make it top notch! Portion? standard for two.

Ribs Me Up
IDR 60k
Ribs Me Up was claimed to be one of their best sellers according to the waiter there so I guess it's just silly to skip this. My expectation was pretty high until we realized the fact that the rice was seriously undercooked for the two rice bowls we ordered, luckily the staffs were really attentive and replace the rice with the better-cooked one, and that sort of cleared out everything. The seasoning and the sauce dressing was pretty good and generous, maybe if they tone down the mayo sauce then it would be better. The ribs were just on the right punch! Properly generous for one bowl portion and they were tender, juicy, savory, sweet and the runny egg was such a joy!

Chicken Wings Bowl
IDR 46k
Frankly speaking, this was below my expectation. Forget about the undercooked rice, The main problem was the sauce dressing, they should've put a little more to match the ratio of the rice given, it was just slightly dry overall - the sweet and savory sauce was actually pretty good (tried a little) tho - However, despite the lack of sauce, the chicken wings were adorable!!! Very very nicely cooked, I can say it proudly that the chicken wings were cooked with class and impressive skills!

Steroid Burger
IDR 65k
Hands down for this one as it's honestly ONE OF THE FREAKING BEST BURGERS I'VE HAD SO FAR! The buns were soft as capital F, the beef patty was perfectly cooked and beautifully seasoned and it got that kick to it that makes you go 'wanting more!'. The egg, well couldn't say no to a nice sunny side up with runny center, the caramelized onion, the sauce and the seasoning were just perfect. I want Umabo to keep the burger quality to stay this good or else I'll be embarassed and my review will sound overrated!

Umabo Snickers Bar
IDR 13k
Deep fried Snickers bar with caramel sauce dressing, I didn't find this particular dessert to be anywhere near 'great' because I thought this was something that could be done by most of you. Umabo should have nicer range of desserts to tone up the menu.

Overall, I had a pleasant visit!!! The food was potential enough to be really good and me love the range of main courses they're having, I love restaurants like this you know, it's just that they know what they want to serve and they focus on it instead of wasting time and energy to make list of crappy food! Maybe a little minus here and there but they were really acceptable. I was expecting nicer dessert creations from Umabo tho. Best of luck! Will come back for more rice bowls for sure!!!

Jl. Wijaya 1 No. 22
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan
021 - 722 2063
Opening Hours:
Sun - Thu: 11 AM - 10 PM
Fri - Sat: 11 AM - 11 PM

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