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Couple of weeks ago, I went to Stockroom, it was a sudden visit because me and some other bloggers were wondering where to go after Dapur Solo, and then the name Stockroom came up and since Kemang and Panglima Polim was not a thousand miles away, we decided to pay a visit before having diner at HYDE, and yes, those three were accomplished in one freaking day, such ambitious bloggers.

I noticed that Stockroom was not only an eatery, but it's also a trading place (easily described: a distro) located on the upper floor and they sold leather items (LOVE!) and some fashionable items which were mostly high fashion but hipster-ish IMO, didn't take any picture because I thought it's not allowed but it was around the same width as the eatery below, the eatery itself was not very spacious but the ambiance was perfect. Loving their usage of earthy materials, reminded me of those cafes in Melbourne.

We ordered some of their treats on the menu and share everything! We went by having their Fish and Chips and Roasted Chicken for main courses and tried some of their beverages such as:

Iced Lychee Tea
IDR 25k
They have selections of flavored ice teas such as this one, peach and strawberry. This was pretty refreshing even though nothing really special.

Fruit Loops Milkshake
IDR 45k
If you happen to visit Stockroom, make sure you tried their milkshare series as it's what they're best known for and recommended. This Fruit Loops Milkshake was pretty good with awesome balance of sweetness, nothing very fragrant and the not so overpowering milk flavor (thank goodness). This surely worth your try.

Iced Caramel Machiato
IDR 32k
I had high expectations for their coffees but too bad the coffees were total meh, it's almost like drinking a coffee-water, it didn't have the coffee kick, too plain, too light, it was just wrong, told this to the manager and he explained that Stockroom wasn't specialized in coffee, a little unfortunate honestly because Stockroom actually looked like a place that serves decent coffees, they should really work on their coffees because I could imagine my self hanging out here for one or two cups of coffee while doing my works. I didn't give a damn about latte art because I personally think latte art was not the super essential part of coffee, it's just making the appearance of the latte to look prettier, but flavor must be good!

Fish and Chips
IDR 78k
Aside from the not so pleasant coffees, their food was freaking amazing, they reflected food which were made by professionals. Loving this Fish and Chips, it had that pleasant flavor, the skin coating might not be extra crispy but that's certainly not a problem. As simple as their fries were really good and nicely seasoned. The Dory fish meat was still on the smooth and silky texture. Must try!

Roasted Chicken
IDR 68k
Pleasure didn't stop on the previous main course, their take on roasted chicken deserved my thumbs up! Loving how they executed the cooking process for this roasted chicken, it was nicely roasted (must be on a decent temperature!), lightly seasoned and it had strong scent from the rosemary leaves that risen my sense of appetite. The baby potatoes were also nice both texture and seasoning.

To be honest, when I first stepped in to Stockroom, I wasn't expecting the food to be that good, I thought the coffees were the bombs but the thing is it was the exact opposite. Not recommending you to have your coffee time here but the food was really really good, and as well as their ambiance. Please please improve the coffee at least for me!!!

Stockroom: Trade and Dishes
Jl. Kemang Selatan VIII #55A (Belle Point)
Kemang, Jakarta Selatan 12730
Opening Hours: 12 AM - 10 PM (everyday)

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  2. Bon app├ętit! Maybe could be a good recommendation for you to find another interesting culinary destinations in Indonesia :)