Dessert Company, Pantai Indah Kapuk.

This time I'm going to make a post about one very good place to have your desserts, I noticed that Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK) is very lack of good places to have your desserts, maybe some of them have desserts but it's not fully concentrated on desserts so I wasn't really moved. Luckily this place called "Dessert Company" joined the list of the awesome PIK foodwalk.

I love the ambience of the place, it's like modern, retro, minimalist but cozy at the same time, still proper for people to enjoy their desserts.

Let me take you to the indoor session of the venue. I honestly prefer eating inside because it's more cozy and well air conditioned, but for this visit, I sat in front because my sister wants to sit at the board swing, but it doesn't matter, it's your choice to sit wherever you want to.

The black and yellow colors just match and I do love the branding, I am so impressed by the fact that most restaurants in PIK has very good branding, and that obviously means great competition because all is competing to win our hearts.

Let me take you outdoor, this is where I sat during my visit, it's not bad to be outside, but I just like the cooler atmosphere, especially during the day when it tends to get very hot.

 Hands down for the toilet, love it.

Okay, enough with the venue, I know you've been craving about the food and beverages that I was having because some of my readers who happen to follow my instagram have been questioning me about the location of the sneekpeeks, I uploaded a photo of the yummy chocolate lava and creme brulee.

Iced Lemon Tea
IDR 12.000 (+tax)
This is obviously one of the drinks that I recommend you to have here during your visit, especially if you're really having the desserts, maybe some of you will be questioning: "why a glass of regular iced lemon tea?", "it's just a lemon tea?!", well I would say the desserts here are very sweet, both look and the taste, what's a sour beverage with a little attutide? just awesome. The lemon tea is fresh, mostly common but the tea's a bit stronger but the sweetness and sour just a click.

Cherry Kiss
IDR 22.000 (+tax)
This is my choice of drink, I love cherries and this just matches me, and I also want a touch of sourness in my drink so this gives you a little glimpse of it, but technically it's soda with red syrup and cherries.

Watermelon Sunset
IDR 22.000 (+tax)
If you are a fan of watermelon then you'll probably love this drink, it has a medium level of sweetness, but you can obviously feel the watermelon, that's crucial because sometimes when you order a drink but mostly just water and syrup and it's lost the concept of the original ingredients, but this one worths the try ;).

Archipelago Banana Milk
IDR 22.000 (+tax)
Probably the best I've had here, but obviously you'll love it if you love bananas too, I think this is just fresh, rich in bananas and milk...almost creamy like, but it didn't end up making me feel noxious so it means a good thing. This is also the recommended beverage from this restaurant and me too recommends this to you.

DC Island
IDR 30.000 (+tax)
Technicaly, the name of this drink if the softer way to say "soda with one scoop of vanilla ice cream on top of it.", I wonder why this beverage is the most expensive of all. I was expecting something else fancier and more surprising.


Cowboy Potato Wedges
IDR 18.000 (+tax)
Best deal ever, aside from the disappointed I had from DC island, this totally cures everything, for IDR 18.000+ you get a pretty generous portion of potato wedges, I would say this is homemade, because if you have it for your own, it doesn't look like the common potatoo wedges, well it doesn't look as good as the market potato wedges, but the taste is obviously a total kappow!

Southern Style Chicken Pop
IDR 25.000 (+tax)
I also love this one, but when I hear of "pop" I imagined a dish with smaller cuts and more finger bites like, but maybe it's just how DC deals with it, the taste is gooooood, it's well-seasoned and also worth your try.

Ma Ma Mia Kalamari
IDR 30.000 (+tax)
Yes it's written with a K, and this dish is also OK, this photo below is the presentation and the exact amount of the calamari, I think it's just nicer to have more because it tastes so good that you can't have only a little.

DC Choco Lava Cake
IDR 32.000 (+tax)
LOVE THIS ONE! This is obviously the recommended menu from this restaurant, and I give my thumbs up for the unique presentation, if you look carefully at the bottom surface, a thin pallete of (I don't know what is it), it's rock like but it's marmer like, and it's on a black color. It's just adorable. How about the taste? Well I love the moment when I use my spoon to break the surface and you see the awesome smoke coming out the glass, it's truly a chocolate lava, the texture is creamy and the taste is probably a little too sweet, but I'm still going to put this as my top recommendation menu. By the way, I love the ice-cream :). Yumster!

Creme Brulee
IDR 25.000 (+tax)
Oh My God! I just love this creme brulee! Yes with another impressive presentation, simple but classy expensive, and DC knows best that people's sense of taste might be different, some like sweet thing, some like it sweeter, or less, thanks for the awesome lime side dessert you'll be having everytime you're ordering this awesome creme brulee. It's creamy, soft, and just fabolous yumster. I want you to have this too guys :).

I also had their pannacota but sadly, my camera was running out of battery and I just don't want to ruin this beautiful post by posting a bad quality picture from my phone camera, technically it's not that bad but it's just not as good these above, but if you follow my Instagram and Facebook, you'll obviously find it because I uploaded it there <3. Pannacotta = IDR 25.000 (+tax)

We spent around IDR 330.300 after tax (final), good deal as you can see how much I've had right :). I personally think this is obviously a great place where you can have affordable desserts, enjoy your moments with your loved ones, also a nice place to work on your projects or whatever you want to do. Make sure to visit and try my recommended menus. Thanks a lot guys! Have a great lovely desserts!

because DESSERTS is STRESSED spelled backwards.

Photography and editing done by me.

Dessert Company
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Jalan Marina Raya, Rukan Crown Golf Blok B Unit 3
Muara Penjaringan, Jakarta Utara
(021) - 2942 4880

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  1. I beg to differ. Had the Choco Lava Cake, and I suppose they forget that it supposed to be a cake with lava, instead of lava with a cake. Might as well call itu Choco Soup. The wedges looks alright though for that kind of price. Were they fried or oven grilled?

  2. Biarkan saya membawa anda ke sesi dalaman tempat. Saya jujur suka makan di dalam kerana ia lebih selesa dan berhawa dingin, tetapi untuk lawatan ini, saya duduk di hadapan kerana kakak saya ingin duduk di papan swing, tetapi tidak mengapa, itu adalah situs prediksi bola pilihan anda untuk duduk di mana sahaja anda mahu .