Ding Tea, Pantai Indah Kapuk

I've posted so many posts related to Pantai Indah Kapuk, but don't blame me because there indeed are a lot of great places to have your bubble drinks, your meal, beverages and desserts while chilling by yourself or with your loved ones, PIK actually reminds me of cafes in Clarke Quay or ones I watched in American Movies, Beverly Hills like.

If you're not aware with this brand, let me introduce you to one of the best bubble drink I've ever tasted, I think it's probably the newest one in PIK, Ding Tea!

As usual, let me take you to surf the venue.
Ding Tea is located in Pantai Indah Kapuk, to be exact, the Rukan Garden House Blok A, exactly across Ikkudo Ichi, you'see this this sign, brake your vehicles and sip.
They don't have a large venue, enough for 20 maybe but there are seats in front for maybe another 16, but in general, Bubble Tea venues are not always big, it's because some costumers prefer to take away their drinks or if they choose to stay, it won't take so long, I find the venue to be pretty comfy, I always always check the toilets of wherever restaurants I'm visiting because I care about hygiene, and this one is also nice, but I don't always take pictures of the closet, what for.

I ordered the original bubble tea with oolong (black tea) as the main tea, that's how I judge the taste because I always stay with the original but somehow each and every bubble tea has their unique touch of the originals, either it's a little or a lot of differences, I will always stick with the originals first, then their specials..
and how do I respond?

YUMSTER! The word 'yumster' is like a signature word for this blog, use it a lot of times and sorry if it annoys you LOL. I feel like this is probably one of the best bubble milk teas that I've ever tasted, I LOVE the pearls they're sweet like maybe mixed with honey during the cooking process and the milk tea is light, the milk doesn't really take over the whole ideal milk tea (my personal taste), LOVE it!

Of course you need to try it guys :).

Don't forget because tomorrow is their last day of promotion, you'll only have to pay the second cup 50% OFF whenever you purchase a cup of all drinks, valid for 1 transaction.

Trust me, you can hold my words, their bubble teas are so nice.
and oh yeah, there is also another drink purchased, it's the green tea milk with egg pudding, but sadly when I'm about to take the photos of it, my friend broke the cover and sip it about one third of it, doesn't look too good for photos anymore, sorry for that, but I gotta tell you it also tasted so good. Worth your time and money to try these.

I'm working on my research of the top 5 best bubble drinks I've ever tasted, I already listed almost 20 brands of bubble teas, I'm judging from the original bubble tea (yes, the good old classic) and to be honest, after I acknowledge this brand, I think I need to update my list.

Many of you have been leaving comments asking me how to take decent food pictures, maybe one day I'll make a blogpost related to your questions and I'll probably giving you a tutorial for it. Look guys! How much I love you all, I'm spoiling my dirty little secret hahaha!

Ding Tea
Rukan Garden Blok A No. 10
Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta Utara
Ph: 021-29033716