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So as what I've promised you, this post will be about Ichidaigen, and I feel so thankful for the food testing invitation, well I would even call it PRE-FOOD PUBLISH TESTING. I got to taste the food even before it's published and I got the chance to give my comments about the food, so maybe the food you'll be tasting at Ichidaigen when you drive by and eat there is somehow mixed with my comments and they improved it, but I gotta tell you, the ramens are VERY GOOD!

What I love about Ichidaigen is the concept of the restaurant, when I arrived there like a month ago, the building was not even ready, it's just a soft opening for some medias and close relatives and to be honest I'm proud to be a part of the soft opening, I feel honored and special (LOL). The owner told me that the first floor will be used for the bakery outlet while the rest of the floors are going to be used as the restaurants area. I love the open kitchen concept and oh yeah, the owner even showed me the interior design straight from his laptop and even the menu design and everything, well I've given my comments, I haven't seen the final results after its grand opening on 12-12-12.

and also...ICHIDAIGEN is the first to ever declare 100% HALAL! Everyone can finally experiences the beautiful taste of ramen. NOMNOM!

During the food testing session, we got like EVERYTHING. We got to taste most of the ramens (of course the chef recommendations), the cakes (like each and everyone of it) and the drinks. The chef is japanese, so I think you wouldn't have to be afraid of the taste, well I've tried it and I wasn't even REGRETTING ANY OF IT.

So are you ready to experience the foodgasm? Here are the pictures!

DISCLAIMER: just for your info that the ramen and cake photos in this blog are not the final presentation, it's the food testing serving presentation.

Kobushi Tsukemen
Let's start with the beautiful ramens! This one is called Kobushi Tsukemen and the serving is unique because the chef recommends the serving to be 'dip and eat', so you don't eat this like the common ramen servings,  another great thing I love about Ichidaigen is the soup itself! it's made of eggs and beef, the meat they're using is also prime beef  :). This one is best for you who love spicy flavor.

and remember! Ichidaigen is HALAL. 100%.

I asked the owner about the noodle, this one is slightly unique because later you'll see other variants and this one is served with different noodles, the bigger one, it's Ichidaigen custom made and it's yummy and elastic in a good way.

Yoichi Ramen

If you love ramens with minced beef, spicy flavor and full of delights from the whole serving and the soup, then this is the righteous choice! I love this one :).

Shoyu Ramen

This ramen variant is another way to say I love the good old yummy ramen with a touch of excellence and halal! I love this one, I think this is my order because I always come to be surprised with the originals, it's like knowing that there are a lot of restaurants but they always have something to stand out and that's why I love to judge from the most common and this one passes my standard! LOVE THIS. I think I'm going to put this on my recommendation list :).

LOVE THE EGGS! I love the fact that the eggs are not greasy, they're just soft and tender.

Not only the ramens, but we're given the chance to have the taste of the delicious cakes and breads. As you can see from the picture below, those are the amount of cakes, almost infinity to the stomach but of course I'm not that crazy to eat them all, some is more than enough but at the same time, too much is not enough! The owner Peter, seems to know us very well (lol), the owner also gave us some take away goodies of these beautiful cakes. I finished them all when I got home.

Choco Caramel Cake
Peter claimed that most of the cakes are his grandmother original recipes and personally I think his grandmother is a genious, the cakes are just great, I have always been a fan of a well-balanced food, well I think everybody does, this one is just it. I recommend this to you my lovely readers for dine-in or a sweet takeaway for your loved ones at home.

Peanut Roll Cake
I can't criticize anything because everything served is basically super nice, and this one is included. Well, I think if you eat this peanut roll cake with choco caramel cake (above), you'll find that the flavor is not that much different, that's because two of the great cakes use nuts as the ingredients or either garnish.
Blueberry Buttercream Cake
I am so not a big fan of buttercream cakes, but I don't know how they managed to make a butter cream cake but ended up tasting like whipped-cream cakes. I love cakes with whipped cream, they taste lighter and yummier. This is obviously yummy and I really recommend this blueberry cake! You got the sweet and sour, it's so creamy and fluffy.
I zoomed in to capture the sugar icing that they're using. So pretty!

Left to right:
- Blueberry Vanilla cupcake
- (mid) Coffee almond cupcake
- Coffee bun

LOVE LOVE LOVE! My personal favorite is the coffee bun, it's the good old coffee bun and it's just perfect that you serve it with a cup of hot cappucinno or a cup of hot chocolate.

I'm having this moment when I'm writing this blogpost and I can't believe that I've been eating all those, I'm growing happy fats in me, you can always work hard and stay skinny, but when you decide to be happy, that's all your choice! Get as much happiness as you can in your life. Leave whatever makes you sad.

To conclude this post, I just want to say that The existence of Ichidaigen is a serious thread to the others (hahaha).

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Food photography and editing taken by me.

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Ichidaigen Ramen
Jalan Radio Dalam Raya No. 20
Jakarta Selatan

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  1. Kelihatannya enak yaa...slurrrpp, esok meluncur ke lokasi, ah. thank infonya yaa

    1. you're welcome :), it's indeed very delicious and of course, Halal! :). Worth your trial.

  2. Sooo tempting!! :9 What about the price?

  3. Saya suka konsep dapur terbuka dan oh ya, pemiliknya bahkan memperlihatkan saya reka bentuk dalaman lurus dari komputer ribanya dan juga reka bentuk menu dan segala-galanya, saya telah memberikan komen saya, situs prediksi bola saya tidak melihat hasil akhir selepas pembukaannya yang besar pada 12-12-12.