Fook Yew Bubble Tea, Gandaria City!

Fook Yew is another Ismaya group culinary invention and I always get the chill everytime I know Ismaya is behind all this, it must be great! Actually this restaurant/bubble tea lab has already been a while there in Gandaria City Mall, I've always been looking forward to having my bubble drink experience there and fortunately I happened to visit this gorgeous decorated restaurant/bubble tea lab few moments ago.

My eyes went straight to the hung lampions, they are just drop dead gorgeous! I think Ismaya's restaurant always ring classy, vintage, classic and always there's something special that really represents that restaurant (you do know if you happen to visit and aware that the venues are Ismaya's). Fook Yew offers you great choices of chinese culinary, but for now I'm going to focus on the bubble drinks. Let me tell you something; you'll go crazy for this bubble drink at the very first sip.

I came with my sister (right) and her friend, Crysti.
me :)

Fook Yew bubble teas are divided into two categories: the alcohol and the non-alcohol. We gave shots at the non-alcohol ones. The drinks that we ordered were (from left to right):
- Kung Fu Hustle (thai milk tea with tapioca balls)
- Once Upon a Time in China (green tea and kum quat with tapioca balls)
- Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (classic milk tea with tapioca balls/grass jelly)

Wondering about the price? each cost me IDR. 39.000 (before tax). Surely the most expensive bubble drink I've ever tried and it only came in one size only: medium.

But if you ever heard the phrase 'you get what you paid', this is surely for me a great example of it, the bubble tea is totally addictive, and to be honest I'm having a mouth watering moment because I want this again again and again, I really recommend you guys the classic Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (classic milk tea with tapioca balls), from these three, that is my favorite one.

As a short conclusion, Ismaya is the champion for bringing the bubble drink experience to the next level, I can warn the competitors to really watch out. LOL. Classic example where quality really becomes a priority.

Too bad I didn't have the chance to taste the alcohol ones because we didn't want to get ourselves very full since I have another food tasting invitation at that moment :'). By the way, the alcohol bubble drinks will cost you IDR 69k (before tax).

In conclusion, these bubble drinks are super worth to try, it worths your 40k+, you'll fall in love.

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Fook Yew
Gandaria City Mall
Jalan Sultan Iskandar Muda
Jakarta Selatan