Food Diary: Dreamy Rainbow Cake

Consider this a fun post, moments ago, my very close relative had her birthday and apparently, this cake was given to her on her birthday as surprise, and as what I heard, this is self-made. Making rainbow cake should not be that hard, because frankly speaking, it's just layers of colored sponge cake, I've made this once, even though I was not completely satisfied with the final result, the mistake was very stupid, that I forgot to put in the baking powder (I know that's so silly). I used the internet reference in making this rainbow cake and I remembered that the recipe told me to mix my dough with sprite/soda.

Well, I've tried lots and lots of rainbow cakes and of course, each and everyone of it has its own uniqueness, so far I still can't decide which rainbow cake is the best, because each of them is unique and they got their own plus and minus.

Let's put the comparison on the side and focus on this beautiful rainbow cake waiting to be exposed (0.0).

I just love the colors, isn't it so pretty?

Here are the photos!

Consider this another birthday present for you, my dear.
I exposed your birthday cake. LOL.

People often asked me the techniques of photo taking and editing. I seriously don't know how to answer this kind of questions because I always go with how I feel about something that caught my eye and just wanna take the most beautiful pictures, it's just like 80% sense, 20% techniques, and the editing should go with how you feel the atmosphere of the object you took and you try to emphasize its beauty :).

I believe when people has their own signature style of taking photos and editing, it's just better.

Photography and editing done by me.