Brunch and Food Tasting at BonChon: Blogger Gathering (16/02/2013)

Hello my lovely readers, welcome to another post on eatandtreats :).

This time I'm going to blog about the brunch and food blogger gathering held by BonChon Indonesia last Wednesday As you all know (and those who don't), BonChon is a korean themed restaurant and their main product is chicken, they're so famous for their chicken bites and fried chickens, but let me tell you upfront, their fried chickens are not your average fried chickens or probably close to what you have in mind...right now.

The purpose of this brunch is for BonChon to pre-promote their new menu which will be available on March. They're going to come up with their new invention, what's that? Here it is!

YES! It's the MYUN, they're going to release the MYUN series on March and we got the exclusive chance to pre-tasting the food. Thank you, BonChon.

I love this kind of gathering, and this is actually my very first time attending a food blogger gathering, I got some invitations to attend food blogger gathering but sadly and unfortunately I have to turn them down because it's just not on a good timing, the last time I think because I was in the middle of my final exam :(, so yeah...I need to choose.

BonChon emailed me and actually asked me to fill out a form attached, it was the menu for the brunch and obviously I'm going to show you guys what I had in a moment. That day I got accompanied by my lovely sister Vania, because later that afternoon I'm going to have a reunion with my high school fellas, and that meeting actually allows me to have posts for you guys :), just be patient and wait for the reviews :).

Let's start off with a glass of fresh iced lemon tea.
Well, I'm pretty sure you know what iced lemon tea tastes like, but let's just be fair, I'm still going to talk about it, I think their lemon tea has a decent taste, I prefer lemon teas which is a little more sour and don't taste cheap.

Kim Chi Soup.
The advantage of bringing your sister with you is you're not stuck on your choices, most of the choices are two optionals, so we just tick the boxes and choose everything, so this is the Kim Chi Soup, it's obviously sour and spicy because Kim Chi tastes that way, I actually kinda like this soup, it's unique and it does bring and adapt the sense of korea based on the concept of the restaurant.

Chicken Soup
Chicken soup is more general, general as in a lot of restaurant have adapted this food on their menus, but how's with BonChon's? Well, I personally think that the soup is a little salty, but my sister said it was ok, yeah we have different tounges and sometimes we do argue on the taste. I love the blocks of the chicken, it's tasty. If you ask me whether to choose the kimchi or the chicken soup, I think I would more recommend you guys to pick the chicken soup, I just think that it's more how I like it, when it comes to the main course, as in the myuns, I would say this starter fits the main course.

Classic Myun
We're finally getting to the main course, this is the menus that they're going to serve you guys on March. Excited? Here's my review about the food.

I personally like the taste of the classic myun, I feel like eating bolognaise pasta only with different noodle, different meat and spicier, but somehow to be honest I and some bloggers wonder why the boneless cutlet tasted a bit bland, I actually thought it would be a lot crunchier, but maybe they're just making a little mistake while cooking the chicken because mine's not that crunchy, tasted a bit bland and I kinda wish the sauce will be thicker, this is just a feedback from us.

For the myun itself, I absolutely like how it tastes and the texture, good point for that.

Spicy Myun

Okay, I really recommend this to you whom loving the spicy taste for your dish, and I actually go with this one as if you wonder what I'm choosing and recommending you guys, this dish is not spicy spicy, but it's spicy, yeah hopefully you'll understand how I describe the spicy level with one word of 'spicy' The minced meat at this dish is smaller and almost mixed in with the sauce, you can definitely see the texture of the meat from the classic one from here it looks mixed and more sauce like, and this is the comparison of what I've been talking about.

Left: Spicy Myun, Right: Classic Myun
Can you see how the boneless cutlet cooked differently? The left one also tasted yummier and more well seasoned.

Mixed Mochi (Vanilla, Mocha, Strawberry)

I'm not giving long comments about these mochis... THEY ARE CRAZY! I just fell in love with them, it's so yummy, tasty and I just love them so so much. You need to try out yourself, when I'm lost for words, that just means so goooood.

Strawberry Snowflakes
Is it a sin to fall in love with the desserts more than the main course? This is totally something that I would recommend you guys having when you pass by and eat at BonChon. OMG how the flakes, the red beans and the ice blends and create this amazing taste in your mouth is just priceless.

Special thanks to BonChon for inviting me to try their new menu, I'm just hoping the best of luck and I think it definitely will be a hit because the new main course is just tasty, you need to try both of it guys :).

and special thanks for this!

It's nice to meet you guys :).

Photography and editing done by me :).

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