B-Side Wakai Cafe

B-Side Wakai Cafe is another still-fresh newcomer in Plaza Indonesia (been there since October) and from the moment I looked at the cafe, I fell in love with the interior, maybe another reason is because when you walk and pass by Wakai shoes store (which happened to locate exactly beside B-Side Wakai Cafe) you'll experience this strong scent which reminds me of traditional chinese ancient...Nevermind, I still like the scent tho.

No joking that I love the interior, it's not a big cafe, but inside you'll find a slightly neat urban like interior, completed with wooden furniture, imitation trees and again, the scent.

I'll take you to have a little tour of the interior.


What do you guys think? I just feel like this is a perfect space for me when I want to do my business, just me in front of my laptop completed with good food they served here, well...are they really "good" gooodddd? I'm going to give my review based on two recommended menus from this restaurant, and they are...

Nutella Baked Mochi
IDR 25.000
I don't want to say that I'm disappointed with this dish, it's just they're not like what I've expected, when I heard of the word "baked", I imagined that it would be served fresh from the oven, searing hot that when I try to open it I'll see beautiful smoke flowing out, but sadly, I didn't experience one, it's just cold and it doesn't have that sticky mochi texture that I've been fantasizing about, Nutella Baked Mini Pao will be a better title for this dish, and that's when I can consider it good, the thing that saves the most is obviously the chocolate, lovin it!

Nutella Ninja Crepes
IDR 28.000

Nutella back to back! but this one I gotta give a plus point, I love the yummy moist chocolate crepe used for this dish, it's just delicious! Instead of using ice cream, they use a huge amount of whipped cream as the filler (to be honest I think two scoops of vanilla ice cream will be good),  I've always been a fan of chocolate and banana together, they're just sometimes meant to be together, so in this case, this dish is a success. Thank the holy chocolate syrup as the garnish, yumster to the total.

The ambience is another plus point of this restaurant, when you're tired of accompanying your loved one looking at the slightly trending Wakai shoes, this is a place for you to relax, take your moment to enjoy nice desserts here, it's a cool place to visit.

B-Side Wakai Cafe
plaza Indonesia 4th Fl. Blok D06
Jalan MH Thamrin Kac, 28-30
Ph: 021-2992 3907