Marche, Grand Indonesia

I and one friend went hunting for dinner at Grand Indonesia, but I wanna try different things, something where I can eat my gorgeous meal, and in the same time having great atmosphere to feel good. Marche was the name that popped out! and yeah, I went there to have my sweet comfortable dinner and I like it when it's not that crowded.

Thank God I went to Marche during the weekdays because on weekend, this restaurant is kinda busy and crowded.

If you're not familiar with this restaurant, Marche has been there in Grand Indonesia for almost three years and its first restaurant is at Plaza Senayan. As far as I know, Marche is the switzerland/france word for 'market', the open market is the concept of this restaurant and I love how the managed to design the restaurant so beautifully without looking messy and dirty. Probably one of the best interior design of restaurant I've ever seen.

So, what's for dinner?
I had a nice portion of roasted chicken leg with baked potato as the additional.
I have always been a fan of food with a nice looking presentation, they always became a great point to my judgement of the food, well but still the taste says everything. If you're looking for something with the medium portion, this is what I recommend to you, FYI the chicken leg and the baked potato is sold differently, I need to add another IDR 15k for the baked potato, and you can also have this chicken leg with mashed potato, too! but no worries for the extra charge, I wanted to have a beautiful meal that night, and a piece of chicken leg just looks boring to me. For the sauce, they gave me the mushroom sauce.
Beef pizza!
This is super yum, I just want you guys to try it. Enough said.
Garlic bread
How do you like your bread? Crunchy? or medium crunchy? Both are nice.
I tried for the crunchy one because I've never eaten a crunchy garlic bread, I'm usual to the fluffier one. (Is the word 'fluffier' exists?) hahaha!

Pan seared vegetables, you are allowed to choose what vegetables you're going to have, and the cook will cook and serve it right to you. I love the ingedients they're using here, this is absolutely not disappointing. I also had this with risotto.
 Soup of the day! Marche mushroom soup.
 Two glasses of ice lemon tea. Nice.

and ass for dessert, I'm having this super duper yum slice of Vanilla Almond cake, add a little maple syrup and you'll die.

We both spent around IDR 600k, frankly speaking, you need to prepare for extra cash, everything is super tempting here, you almost can't stand not purchasing the meal. If it's your first visit, I will recommend you their famous roasted chicken leg, just like what I had that night, the mushroom soup and one drink. That's a generous amount and you're going to feel full enough, the system of payment is using the card, whatever you purchase, they will input the transaction into your card and never try to lose it because you'll be fined IDR 1 million. Even much more expensive than your own food.

Will definitely revisiting this Switzerland restaurant over and over again. I'm in love.

Marche Switzerland Restaurant
Grand Indonesia 5th floor (beside Yoshinoya and the fountain show lobby)
Jakarta Pusat