Opus Cafe, Plaza Indonesia

I had another reunion with my high school bestfriends and we went eating at this beautiful restaurant named 'Opus Cafe', well technically, obviously this is not your typical cafe, this is obviously more restaurant and bistro like, but sometimes I love the idea of naming a venue with cafe, that just sounds vintage but appetiting at the same time :).

I just love the decorations and how they deco the place, that's why I keep taking photos at the same area.

I don't know why but I just love the branding :).

Yes, they're using TWG tea!
Okay, this is obviously the part that you've been waiting for... what did we get to eat. Originally, we're craving for pastas and we haven't tried this restaurant so we decided to give a shot, how's it turn?

Bolognaise Spaghetti
I would say this is obviously the good old bolognaise spaghetti, rich in tomato sauce and minced meat. It was good for me.

Mushroom Aglio Olio Spaghetti
This one is recommended, I do love this and I think you guys should also try this one, it's just delicious, well-balanced and for you mushroom lovers, this is so good, but beware it's so spicy.

Chicken Stroganoff Fettucinne
This has a huge hint of paprika, but since I've no problem with it then I'm totlaly fine, this one is also a delicious dish worth trying, chicken and mushroom are always bestfriends to one another.

Fish and Chips
This is also a good dish, only I wish the skin can be a little more crunchier, than it's perfect, I love the mayonaisse sauce they're using here.

To conclude my culinary experience here, I think you do need to try this restaurant...it's classy, yet homey and I think the price is still reasonable, the pasta starts from 50+ and most food here starts from it to 100+.

I recommend you sitting inside the restaurant, well mostly it's smoking area but I'm sure you can handle that since it's not that insane.

You know me, I play "whatever it is." :).

Opus Cafe
Plaza Indonesia 1st floor
Jakarta Pusat

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  1. eedetik.com apa yang kita dapat makan. Pada asalnya, kami suka ke pasta dan kami belum mencuba restoran ini jadi kami memutuskan untuk memberikan pukulan, bagaimana ia berubah?