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If you happen to be a loyal follower of my Instagram, you must have known that I made an announcement a few days ago about this segment that I'd love to keep you guys updated each and every week, and that's why I'm introducing you guys to...


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So it's going to be weekly and what makes it different is that it's not going to be a full review of a venue, but it's going to be a weekly review of what food that I happened to be having in seven days, and it's going to be published in this blog every Sunday night

There are some reasons why I'm doing this:
1. We eat everyday
This is a true statement, I, you, he, she, they, everyone eats every single day, and most of you are probably having your meal right this time while reading my blogpost and this fact leads us to the second reason...

2. I'm not a food blogger, I don't have a camera, but I want to know new places and delicious food.
Yeah yeah yeah and that is absolutely why I want to make this segment, there are times when I just can't bring my camera around, but I always have my phone with me because I just can't live without it, and I do revisiting places that I've been before but I'm dying to re-having the meal because I happen to crave for it.

3. I love you
The best I can do to show how much I love my readers is to keep your guys updated with a lot of foodporns pictures and continuing my mission to make you guys hungry...even hung-reh!

So let's start our journey...
Saturday (February 23rd 2013) - Sunday (March 3rd 2013)

Photos below are sorted based on the dates.
Saturday (February 23rd 2013)
Me and my lovely high school friends gave a little surprise our birthday girl named Dinda, the cupcakes are bought from The Sugarcup, Pantai Indah Kapuk. Planning to have a full review of the restaurant, they have nice cupcakes, I recommend the Nutella Cupcake, Red Velvet and Cookies and Cream.
 Excuse me that some of the cupcakes are not aesthetically good looking because you know what happen during surprises, kept them a little long inside the car, been avoiding Dinda at Plaza Indonesia, blame ourselves for that, but still, the taste of the cupcakes were YUM!

The surprised leads us to having our lunch at Zenbu, it was Dinda's treat <3.
I had this Large bowl of Zenbu Ramen, the fills are beef, chicken and ebi (tempura). I love the soup, it's not thick, it's more liquidy and watery :).
IDR 65.000 (before tax)
Trying this famous Chicken Mozaru, large portion with dynamite cheese. Gosh.
IDR 58.000 (before tax)

Second round of Dinda's treat is the night hangout at Pantai Indah Kapuk, we went to Pan & Barrell and I had these gorgeous meals to fill my belly.
Coco Berry Waffle
I like the waffle, they smell so good you can't wait to have it in your mouth.
IDR 28.000 (before tax)
French Fries
The common french fries you're usually having. Nothing really stands out or different, we were full so we had finger foods.
IDR 20.000 (before tax)

Sunday (February 24th 2013)
Happy CAP GO MEH dinner!
My mom cooked a lot of nice food and this is obviously my favorite for a long time, fried GoHiong, it's minced pork stuffed and rooled inside a tofu sheet.

Ordered this whole round of First Love Pattiserie original crepes cake, probably one of the best cakes I've ever had in my life. (One whole round + delivery fee) IDR 340.000.
Second round of dinner, my best friend, Riyan is leaving for Ning Bo to continue his study so we always have this tradition to go hangout one day before the departure just to fill our bellies as great luck LOL. We had nice steak at Joni Steak, Pasar Baroe. They have nice cheap steaks but somehow I need to criticize the servings because they had my friend's order wrong (and they repeated the order FYI) but maybe since the costumers were so floated, they're a bit confused, but for the taste, I think they have nice lovely steaks...and of course, affordable :).
Rib Eye Steak, IDR 44.000 (before tax)

Monday (February 25th 2013)
Went to Serpong to meet my supervisor for internship and taking care of some official letters etc. and meet up with my super lovely friends at Starbucks SMS.
Chocolate Croissant. IDR 16.500

Tuesday (February 26th 2013)

Went to Penang Restaurant to grab a lovely dinner with my family and I'm going to make a review of the restaurant in  a few days (I have like 10 restaurants in line to be reviewed, yeah indeed pretty busy).
Chicken Satay - IDR 28.000 (before tax).

Wednesday (February 27th 2013)

Having a date with my junior high school mates, we went eating at Sushi Tei Central Park. While I was waiting for them, I had a tall size of Iced Spearmint Green Tea at Starbucks.

Chicken Katsu Curry
Famous and delicious, not many words for this one. Yumster!
IDR 55.000 (before tax)
Chicken Teriyaki.
IDR 46.000 (before tax)
Beef Teriyaki
IDR 46.000 (before tax)

Thursday (March 1st 2013)
It's Thursday and the next day is the day  my best friend, Erik to go back to Malaysia to finish his last semester and therefore, we went eating at Holycow Steak (going to have a full review) and picture above is Rib Eye Wagyu (IDR 122.000 before tax). It's was superb, I asked for the medium well.

Sunday (March 3rd 2013)
Just a few hours ago I had a lovely dinner with my great great high school friends, we went eating at Pizza e Birra (wait for the restaurant review).

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